Hungarian lo-fi band Zombie Girlfriend presents two new EPs!

After months of waiting, Zombie Girlfriend now proudly presents two brand new EPs: PINK AND BLUE and GRAY. If you’d like to support the band you can download the EPs from Bandcamp for a pathetically low amount of money:

– if you wanna skip the “pay” part you can download both records for free here:

Zombie Girlfriend was founded by Hungarian singer-songwriter Benedek Szabo and soon gained recognition with debut album *The Great Plain*. A review in the 405 described his music as “dreamy reverb-drenched garage pop songs, lush euphoric instrumentation and witty, Stephin Merritt-esque vocal sensibilities with sunshine-pop melodies.” Szabo then gathered a bunch of musicians and started touring. After the rocking second album (Music For Porn) these two EPs mark a return to the sound of the early material.

Interview with Piresian Beach!

Piresian Beach is the alterego of Zsófia Németh, an hungarian artist that is somewhere in between lo-fi, garage and psychedelia. She’s been active since 2010 and have played live a few times too. She has self-released everything she’s ever made and her latest album was Alle Falle, which was well-received by the underground blogs but also some bigger papers in Hungary. I took the time to interview her about the music she makes, her latest album Alle Falle, what influences her and much more. I’ve also reviewed her latest album over att Mö Check this one out!

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