Listen: German Army – Millerite Masai


The Italian army has turned into the German Army, as they march in line together. With an amassed amount of albums released on various labels, this German Army returns with another piece of dank esoteric otherworldly piece of music. Their rather sluggish approach takes a toll when they mix the rhythmic delight of kraut-rock, blended together with various psychedelic elements that make a certain masque on the sound itself. These different samples, ghastly as they might be in some ways, provide a monotonic shell for the outer dub to rumble away undisturbed. Everything is layer upon layer of goodness, as you experience the most experimentalist trip you’d ever wanna take. Churning out an even more massive amount of albums in the year of 2013, they make sure to shorten their tracks and leave a lot to the mind of the listener. His interpretation is what rules, because if you can make this into nothingness by being scared away by the oblique sound – make sure you strap yourself in, because this kind of music gets to you brain. You could call it an intellectual barrage, or you could call it gibberish. It’s all up to you. But these uniquely differing vibrations make your body turn in a way it shouldn’t, and in a way it should. Look for the sublime in this music, and you shall find. Yerevan Tapes are kind enough to be releasing their album “Millerite Masai“, a staunch look into the worldliness of music, applying every different ethnic vibe together with the harsh reality that we live in. Brace yourself, because 2014 might also belong to German Army. Because they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. Stream their album down below and enjoy the weirdness, freak out over their repetitive notion, move your body to the overt rhythm.

Exclusive Premiere: Nový Svět – Yo No.


Take a trip in retrospect to Austria, have a look around and view the beauty of their architecture, or simply enjoy their traditional customs. But a piece of the puzzle is missing. If you’d ever think of Austria as industrial, you’d be somewhat right. Maybe folk music would be a proper term to throw at them, or maybe world music – then we’re getting even closer. No, what I’m thinking of is simply one of the pioneering groups from that particular region. It is not a political group, it is not a group with more than two members. A proper word to use would be “duo“, since they are “a duo“. Starting with their first album, and self-titled; “Nový Svět“. A proper industrial etiquette that couldn’t and shouldn’t be attached to them, considering how they’ve traversed through multiple genres throughout the years. Yes, the time is nigh for introducing Nový Svět to Invisible Guy, an honor that can be bestowed upon us by Kill Shaman Records. It’s a rather informal introduction, since I’m aware – and have listened to – multiple songs and albums of theirs, since way back. I would call it a sonic introduction, as they about a month ago, released their latest album “Doce“.

In that album, they travel back in time and forth again, as it is as much of a retrospective album – as it is a new one. Featuring tracks recorded in Vienna, Barcelona and Hamburg from 1998 through 2010. Twelve years, and a cascade of different tracks. This fluid collection dates back to, amongst other times, the Hau Ruck! era, as Albin Julius had them released on that label – as one of the very first projects. From 1998 too 2001, and an offshoot with Foresta Di Ferro and Dernière Volonté, Nový Svět were a part of the Hau Ruck!-roster. What’s interesting about them is the fact that they’ve tried a multitude of genres, a never-ending stream that would come in handy, at least if you’d want a fluid and non-identifiable mixture of just about everything from industrial, to folk and everything in between. Well, enough about the historic value that this duo has provided the European soul with, and on with what we’ve got to offer to you.

As you know, this album was released about a month ago. Therefore, we’ve decided to go with it anyway, since we find Nový Svět to be a remarkable jewel of a duo. In a collaboration with Kill Shaman Records, we’ve decided to give you a haunting piece of music from “Doce“, namely the track “Yo No.“, which takes you into the introspection of them as a band – whilst they deliver a grainy combination of the most mystical folk-y world music, sung to you in Spanish. You can scroll down and stream this track exclusively from Invisible Guy. Just click the button and enjoy this complete metamorphosis of sound, as it ventures through whatever sound-system you’re using. This album was released on the 21st of January on Kill Shaman Records. Now, it’s just been put up on the Kill Shaman-shop, go here to buy the LP for 13 dollars.

Label: Kill Shaman Records – Cat#: KSR58 – Artist: Nový Svět

Exclusive Song: Yo No. – Title: Doce – Format: LP

Spotlight: Electric Voice Records – Sand Beach.!


Summer is soon coming to an end, with the month of August slowly going into September. But wait! We’re not there yet, so why not enjoy a “Sand Beach.“? Electric Voice Records let Sean McBride of Martial Canterel/Xeno & Oaklander curate an 8-tracked compilation. It features unreleased tracks from artists around the globe, representing Hungary, Italy, France, Germany and USA, with Martial Canterel, Staccato du Mal, Silent Signals, Epee Du Bois, Új Látásmód Fúzió, Void Vision, Merci La Nuit and Spettro Family. All of them being established artists, or upcoming wonders. I must say, you might have never even heard of them. For this special occasion, you can either buy a digitally downloadable version of this compilation, or a cassette limited to 100 units. Or, if you want to, you can stream the entire compilation here on Invisible Guy. Featuring everything from the most modernistic, to the more traditional, the wondrous, and the exaggerated. Yes, everything is allowed, everything is there.

Review: High Wolf – A Guide To Healing (2011)

R-2775689-1300497702Spiritual and tribal psychedelic, bordering on an experimentalists delight. Beginning with the song ”Free Your Energy Field”, it certainly makes a moniker out of its own name. However, the song sounds like a combination of electronic music, almost bordering to some harder form of electronic, amidst a bumping baseline that engages from below. As the tribalism resound within a grandiose perspective of psychedelia, a sithar of some sort – subliminally engages the sound-scape and reveals its musical field of vision. For the untrained ear, it sounds a little bit dopey, but when you delve into it on your own premises, you’ll find that closing your eyes as you listen to it makes a whole lot of difference. For a start, it sounds remarkably close to any preconceived notion of what the country India is about. But instead of swallowing it whole, High Wolf embarks on an infused journey in both sound and perception. The trajectory of experimentalism and acid rock makes itself noticeable, but almost in a way that is subliminally altered. There’s something freaky about it, as it evokes feelings of distress but at the same time sheds a light on the calmness of itself, just to keep you from falling of the musical adventure you’re invited to.

A sound of flowing water, or an echo of bottles being partially or fully drenched in water, is a common denominator for the intro of the song “Swallow Pills With Ganga River Water”. As a soothing, more ethereal stance to the music blends with the nicest dimensions of fluttering, but angelic sounds. The wonderfully and almost acoustic sounds blend with more organic ones, forming a wall of sound not easily broken through. Feel as if you float in between rivers, as the water dances upon your body and as you embrace yourself in an even more exhaustible spiritual journey. As you get further into the song, the tempo accelerates slowly, as even more of the watery “flow” is being poured out and into your eardrums. It almost feels like the journey is about to end then and now, but instead continues to intrigue and make the experimentalist nature of it reveal itself during the process. Surely, a fascinating artifact that enthralls you, the more you delve into it. Being of the more satisfying releases from 2011, it deserves both a mention for its subliminality and spiritual clinging, but also for its sheer originality.

You can buy it over at Bathetic Records.