World Premiere: Mlada Fronta – Strict Dress Code


Originally a group, now a solo-project. The French electronica-group Mlada Fronta, originating from Cannes, have had a rich history which has left a huge impact on techno, electro, EBM and industrial foremost, but also on ambient and IDM. Before entering the well-deserved limelight, the group released “My Visions“, “Illusory Time” and “Tribal Apocalyptic Dance” – one debut-album, three albums – spanning from darkwave, to industrial and electronic body music. Suggesstive undertones, hypnotizing atmospheres that make way for you to enter a bizarre tunnel of sound which have swept over you before you even know it. Undeservedly underlooked albums that might’ve been the collective form that molded their critically acclaimed breakthrough “High Tension” – an album that was as varied in terms of genres – as was the sound. No room for any clichés, only a space reserved for a palette of different but equally intriguing tracks, strengthened by the crossover itself – not swallowed whole. The track “XB-33” went on to be a banger in the clubs and could be heard everywhere – in 1999. We’ve taken a liking to the title-track itself because of the harsh sound, but “XB-33” surely packs a rhythm that will even make you flail your arms around as if you didn’t have a pair.

Taking the step from Tribal Productions, which almost exclusively released Mlada Fronta’s albums – the German label Flatline Records cut their piece of the cake with “High Tension” – first album to be released by a label other than their own, or at least their first deservable spot on a whole other roster. When the 1990’s were over, it seems like Rémy Pelleschi of the group took his own route with the moniker and released “Fe₂O₃” on the French label M-Tronic. With the earlier albums they had been a collective, a group of people working closely with Rémy on earlier albums before the 2000’s, including: Gilles Saïssi (My Visions, Illusory Time, High Tension), Jan-Louy (My Visions) and Philippe Croq (My Visions). With the album on M-Tronic, Rémy took to a more experimental side, mainly laying his focus on rhythmic noise as an overlaying sheet – taking to account all other genres he’d visited and re-visited during his earlier albums.

In 2002 an album titled “Oxydes” surfaced on Rémy Pelleschi’s own imprint Parametric. It included both the original album and remixes by a number of artists such as: Gom, Tarmvred, Milligramme, Dither, Mimetic and Data Raper. He even went so far as to remix one of his own songs. There was also a limited edition release of “Oxydes + Remixes” which included live performances from 2001 in Liege, Bordeaux, Lyon and Cannes. In 2005 a DVD was created and made under the name of “Dioxydes”, featuring unreleased material in an exclusive metal box, including twelve postcards, stickers, bonus material, photos, a live video from Maschinenfest in 2004, Le Cycle Du Soleil – and a radio-documentary called “The Shaker”. During these years, from 2001-2005, Rémy gained even more fame through bigger magazines picking up on his creative outburst which flourished during this time – as it did before, but with another goal and another sound in mind – so versitale as an artist and uncompromising.


Let’s not write a whole biography here. There’s other labels who picked up on what he was doing, including Sounds Of Industry who released compilations of unreleased material, like “Contrast 2005-2011 Unreleased And Rare Tracks” and “Contrast 1998-2004 “Unreleased And Rare Tracks“, together with digital releases of “Dioxydes“, and “Le Cycle Du Soleil” – two different versions, one as an album and the other as an EP. The torch was then passed on to Artoffact Records, whom did an ambitious project collecting copious amounts of tracks which carried virtually (almost) every release that Mlada Fronta had put out – re-mastered and re-packaged into a 10xCD Box Set, in 2013. Now they have gotten the honor that it actually is to put out his comeback, an insane album that showcases the talents he still has and reminds a lot about “High Tension” – but actually carries the executed electronic body music and industrial sound – into another dimension including IDM and Techno among the main perpetrators.


Repartiseraren is a really tiny blog-zine. We could not in our own imagination even fathom that we’d have anything to do with Rémy Pelleschi and Mlada Fronta – ever. But since Artoffact Records will release his forthcoming album (and return) “Polygon” now on the 4th of November, we’ve gotten the rare opportunity to exclusively premiere a track from this album. It is a rather anthemic and harsh electronic body-influenced track with techno smashed into it, titled “Strict Dress Code“. We’re the first to be showcasing his material now when he’s returned. This is a world premiere only available from Repartiseraren for you to stream exclusively. We’re proud and thankful for this opportunity. Please do it justice and listen to it loudly, then go over and order what ever version of “Polygon” you want at Storming the Base. When you think about ordering it, “Night Run” will be the “companion” vinyl-release to this forthcoming one.

World Premiere: Cape Noire – Avalanche


With monumental influences taken from black metal aesthetics, it’s weird to realize how trip-hop can be thrown in to make it something completely different. Hailing from Paris, this collective of nocturnal souls make up Cape Noire – an outfit that flourishes in the catacombs. With their catchy trip-hop sound and their atmosphere lent from darkwave and other electronic genres, they fuse soulful vocals with different aesthetics. You could honestly say that “Fire” – their only publicly available track – have a musical ground available in more commercial music. Although that song is more of an anthemic introductory to this collective, it’s nice to see how you actually can stray away into darker melodies, ambitious vocals and still keep some kind of artistry connected to more widely attractive genres. But it’s good that all clichés are swept under the rug and that they develop their own sound, because that’s ultimately what gives the listener a more steadfast connection to their music.


Repartiseraren have gotten the honor to premiere another piece of music from the strictly limited CD-release put out by Cape Noire on the 11th of October. This item will probably be a collectible, so you’d better hurry and buy one because they’re limited to thirty copies, handmade all matte black and silver ink buffered package. Their aesthetics revolve a lot around the mystery of who might be the actors behind the moniker of Cape Noire – in turn fueling the relevance of their music – besides it being masterfully crafted for your listening pleasure. Now you get to listen to another track from that release, namely: “Avalanche“, which gives you an insight into how versitale they seem to be. You can sense some dark cabaret influences that move their way through a more carefully laden atmosphere, but with utmost sincerity the trip-hop beats are laden in perfect conjunction to the marvelous vocals. Listen to the track down below. Buy the CD from them here.

World Premiere: Believer/Law – Ashes


The former duo Believer/Law has since their epiphany been an interesting act since way back in 2012, when Erik Proft and Michael Berdan got their first two tracks released on Cae-Sur-A. Since then, a lot has happened. The enigmatic duo changed from two to four, included a half of Pure Ground, namely; Greh Holger, but also Sean Ragon of Cult Of Youth. So that they could muster an even larger force, making themselves something to be recognized, for real. “Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand” were the tracks that spawned an entirely new following amidst the originally rather mysterious, at least at a first glance, group. This rather unique (in a sense) concoction of the harshest elements, but most concentrated EBM available, shot through the roof together with the uncanny combination with industrial. A post-apocalyptic vision channeled through viciously distorted vocals, following the pattern of a rather sublime atmosphere, and an obvious assault of heavy beats – all in differentiating rhythms.  They garnered a lot of attention from Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork – and many other sources which handle alternative music. Whilst these tracks set the premise for what would be a greater task at hand, “War Story” was the track that blew them through the roof. A track that was later on streamed on Pitchfork, taken from the forthcoming four-tracked release “Matters Of Life And Death“, which was supposed to be released the same year on Chondritic Sound. Unfortunately, things got in the way, and it never saw a day of light in 2013. Having released two cassettes in 2012, it was probably time for them to do something bigger.

Now, in 2014, their forthcoming release is just around the corner. “Matters Of Life And Death” is in the spotlight once again, as it is being put out on Chondritic Sound on the 4th of March. This release includes the rather popular track (by now) “War Story“, as the second track of four. Together with “Ashes” as the first, “The Task At Hand” from the 2012-release “Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand” as the third, and finally “Contrition” as the last track and fourth one – taken from the release with the same name: “Contrition“, which was put out by the label Robert & Leopold the same year. As people have been waiting a long time for something new from Believer/Law, Invisible Guy can present to you – the world premiere – of the track “Ashes” from this release. Since it’s around the corner, you’re getting the whole track to stream, so you don’t have to wait until it is released. This is a completely new track that you haven’t heard yet, and should listen to. Imagine yourself swept away by the hypnotizing waves of the synthesizers rather mellow but sublime melodies, when paradise is lost in between this and the industrially-driven machine that tear up your eardrums. Unearth the true character of their sound, as you slowly descend into oblivion. This track feels like a representation of what they’re all about. Stream it down below and look out for the release on the 4th of March of “Matters Of Life And Death“. Support your local dealer Chondritic Sound.


Label: Chondritic Sound

Artist: Believer/Law

Tracks: Ashes – War Story – The Task At Hand – Contrition

Exclusive Track: Ashes

Title: Matters Of Life And Death

Format: 12¨ Vinyl

When: 4th March

Exklusiv Premiär: L’obscurité – Are You With Us? (7¨EP)

omslag ep  7,25x14,5

Tidigare så har L’obscurité varit omskrivna både här på Invisible Guy, men även på en mängd andra ställen. Det var i samband med när de hade släppt sitt första alster “In Silence” på etiketten Ljudkassett!, som de passande nog även fick skina i rampljuset för en stund. Vilket de definitivt har varit väl värda. Tidigare så bestod denna grupp utav duon Tess Törner (Kamikatze, Black Feet) och Richard Folke (Boygirlme), men denna duo har utökats med en trummis, som de verkligen ansåg sig själv behöva. Denne trummis var ingen mindre än Fredrik Berglund, från The Scrags; det Stockholmska psykedeliska folkrockbandet. Denna rekryteringen gjordes eftersom att de ansåg sig vara i behov utav ett större ljud, och detta kunde därefter åtgärdas av denne man. Som bekant så “slog” de igenom med sitt första släpp och har sedan dess spelat live otaliga gånger, så det känns inte mer än rätt att de släpper nytt. Denna gång så har de bestämt sig för att göra det på sin egna, nyskapta etikett, vid namn Svart Ljud Rekords. Släppet ifråga är “Are You With Us?“, och kommer att släppas som en vinyl-sjua nu i Mars. Alla låtar på plattan skrevs utav dem själva år 2013, och de har även mastrat och mixat dessa låtar helt själva. Omslagsbilden som sådan har fotograferats utav Alexander Palm.

De som läser detta blogg-zine kommer därför ha den exklusiva möjligheten att ta del utav hela deras EP innan släpp, och där ingår titelspåret “Are You With Us?“, tillsammans med de tre andra låtarna “Memories“, “In Silence” och “Day & Night“. Deras intressanta blandning utav synthwave och garage rock har gett upphov till vad de själva vill beteckna som “garagewave“. En genre som jag åtminstone inte bekantat mig själv med, men som med deras totala apati utvecklas till en kraft att räkna med. Mörkret har bara tagit sig in över Sverige och landat i L’obscurité, som mycket gärna tar hand om denna onda kraft och använder det i form av häxkonster istället, då de melankoliska partierna fasas in med de energiska syntharna. Helt klart en grupp som man borde ha hållit ögonen på mycket tidigare, men för den som ännu är sömndrucken och inte vill slita sig från sin kaffekopp, så kan jag meddela till er att detta är mycket bättre än koffein. Det är en frisk fläkt, en injektion av något nytt i den annars så tafatta miljö som band likt dessa måste slita sig ur, från första början. Nåväl, nog om det, helt enkelt. Ni kan lyssna till alla låtar här nedanför, exklusivt på Invisible Guy. Köp även sjuan när den kommer ut, så håll utkik på deras hemsida.

1. Are You With Us? 2. Memories 3. In Silence 4. Day & Night

Skivbolag: Svart Ljud Rekords

Format: 7¨ EP

Släpps: Mars

Antal: 250 ex

Exclusive Premiere: Grand Mal x – Units


Psychotic electronica, gloomy minimalism, sample-based havoc. Three inherently different meanings, three different points of view, three different influences. An arsenal of stockpiled ammunition for a post-apocalyptic world, as Beläten is for the post-apocalyptic avant-garde pop. Feel how the paranoia is grasping your senses. As the Invisible Guy guides you into unknown territory, into a uniquely shaped atmosphere for your mind’s delight and fright. You should be on your guard, as Grand Mal x have learned the tricks of his trade. His mark has been left by the Shadow Rite, his mark has been accomplished in it, as “Tricks Of A Trade” was his first manifestation. Leaving you scarred, but wanting of more – a grandiose vision – which was the aim of his first assault.

As the charred, ancient remainder, of Beläten, sharpen the hooves and clubs – the second manifestation takes form. In a part of a greater scheme, the deliverance of “Life EP“, which is the title given to the work of Grand Mal x – the manifestation seems blurry, but becomes clearer for each second that goes us by. Channeling the might of the Anglo-Saxon futhorc, this rune is symbolized as “” (Eihwaz), which in the Proto-Germanic language is a description of “yew” – which in latin is; “Taxus baccata” – a form of tree native to “western, central and southern Europe, northwest Africa, northern Iran and southwest Asia“.

This runic inscription births life to amongst other tracks, one track that is certain to be the second manifestation. Charging the depths in the atmosphere of electro, harnessing minimal electronics and the complexity of structure as to the opposite of minimalism, this grandiose but minimal track is shaped as “Units“. Since they come unified, in units, for their overtaking of your mind. You can stream this track exclusively from Invisible Guy and take part in the channeling of a future being – not unbeknownst to us – but to you. So sharpen your minds, head into the mystique that will with all certainty in the world, engulf you. It will be out on Beläten in the shape of a cassette, namely the C36, for your listening delight – up for pre-ordering on the 31st of January.

Label: Beläten

Cat#: Eihwaz

Artist: Grand Mal x

Exclusive Song: “Unit”

Title: Life EP

Format: C36


You’d be forgiven for thinking of Coil when you listen to Grand Mal x. It’s not the sound and style in itself—GMx offers a kind of motorik driven take on minimal electronics, coupled with influences from the darker tangents of electro. The similarities are on a far more esoteric level, investigating the same currents of the physical and the psychical aspects of life.

There is an ineffable undercurrent of magick and ritual to these songs, even a slightly sinister presence in them. They conjure up images of demon-possessed youth writhing and contorting on a dirty bunker dance floor. It’s sweaty, physical, and sexual music, but it never loses touch with the sublime qualities that turn simply »good music« into a truly revelatory experience. Grand Mal x are here to go. Deeper.

The wise words from the conjurer of Beläten!

Beläten and Invisible Guy presents: Shadow Rite – A Beläten Mixtape!


Beläten have long been a proponent of Invisible Guy, or at least as long as we’ve been collaborating with each other. Thomas Ekelund is the head of this gargantuan Swedish label. It seems larger then it is, but it actually is what it seems. Invisible Guy have been a proponent of Beläten, since it’s one of the best and most exquisite labels today. It also makes me proud that it comes out of Sweden, my homestead. Earlier, he’s mixed the mixtape “Visions and Light“. This mixtape is the second one in these unofficial “series“. With 50% forthcoming material that’s going out on Beläten later this year, mixed with the majestic wonders of aufnahme + wiedergabe, La Forme Lente, Malignant Records and Avant!. With a great feature, which you’ll enjoy – a world premiere for a Trepaneringsritualen track, which will be out on Malignant Records later this year. Dance in the flaming pyre, embrace the rites of power, thrown into barren landscapes – is your ego being annihilated, in the Shadow Rite.

Invisible Guy and Beläten constitute some of the most powerful forces coming out of Sweden as we speak. Which brings me to introduce this collaboration with Beläten to you people, so that you can enjoy some exclusive songs from forthcoming releases. But do also enjoy those other songs that have been carefully selected to be featured in this mixtape. His legacy returns to my sphere once again, as his selection empowers the slumbering soul of the awaited Autumn. You will find the tracklist down below, links to Beläten and what ever you can and will find.

Shadow Rite – A Beläten Mixtape

01. Blitzkrieg Baby — Half Pig Half Man (Beläten, Forthcoming)
02. Feuerbahn — Triumphwagen (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
03. Dmitry Distant — System Control (Beläten, Forthcoming)
04. Michael Idehall — Snake Messiah [Distel Remix] (Beläten, Forthcoming)
05. L’Avenir — Falling Like The Snow II (Beläten, Forthcoming)
06. Makina GirGir — Oedipus Fin (La Forme Lente)
07. Női Kabát — Make Room! Make Room! (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
08. Grand Mal x — Tricks Of A Trade (Beläten, Forthcoming)
09. Sebastian Melmoth — Skurwysyn (Self-released, Beläten cassette forthcoming)
10. Distel — White Soldier (Beläten, Forthcoming)
11. Veil Of Light — Light (Beläten)
12. Lebabon Hanover — Gallowdance (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
13. Lakes — The Oldest Place (Avant!)
14. Trepaneringsritualen — Åkallan: Mímir (Excerpt) (Malignant, Forthcoming)
15. Carrion Sunflower — Wish For Death (Beläten, Forthcoming)

Beläten is looking forward to a hectic fall with great releases from Sutekh Hexen, Nordvall/Vainio, Grand Mal x, Dmitry Distant, Blitzkrieg Baby, Johan G. Winther, Distel, L’Avenir and Sebastian Melmoth, with even more epic plans for the year of 2014 e.v. |