Exclusive Premiere: Alles – Fala


Unhinged to the utmost degree, fumbling in the dark to connect the dots. From a viable option to a crazed mixture, you couldn’t imagine how it would be if electro-pop was turned upside down and channeled through minimal synth. With the uncompromising duo Alles – comprised of Marcin Regucki and Paweł Strzelec – anything goes. Include a vision beyond a communist society, post-communism if you will, infused with modern society’s delusional consumerism and empty-handed materialism and you’ve got the fuse to set things off. Enhanced beats waddle through a decayed interior, an urban environment that is almost claustrophobic. With the help of different genres like cold-wave, synthwave and every other electronic sub-genre you could think of – everything’s already post-something. These two men create an invitation for both a linguistic invitation to basic Polish – to a more international touch of English, entering the digital age of errors with “404” – getting to the middle-ground with technical ingeniousness with “GPS“. If there would be any need for a red line, just follow their sound-scape and try understanding the meaning of their lyrics and the titles for their tracks. As much as they give hints to what’s going on, they might also mislead you into thinking something else – the ambivalent quality which is; their cunningness.

This is their debut-album that lies in front of your eyes anew. It’s not the physical version, but their digital packaging that you’re viewing. As forthright as their intentions are, there’s no doubt why the name of this album is “Post“. Six months ago they had a cassette which constituted the original form of their debut – now they’re re-mastered, re-packaged – officially launched on vinyl. Don’t be mistaken, the foundation they stand upon is the same and their intentions also seem to be intact. Only one thing has changed besides what have already been written and that is; this time around they have a brand new track which goes with the purchase of the vinyl. This vinyl-edition is limited to 500 copies and comes as a transparent vinyl, together with “Fala” (Wave) – the exception which confirms the rule – an anomaly which showcases their musical ambivalence. Repartiseraren have been lucky enough to receive the honor of exclusively premiering “Fala“, as we collaborate with Mecanica Records whom are releasing the vinyl. Stream this song exclusively down below and pre-order a limited vinyl, shipping on the 25th of October. Or if you don’t have the patience to wait that long, order the digital version which is out on the 15th of October. Here comes the wave that will flood your gates.

If you want to see this duo perform, their next date(s) will be 18/10 on Klubokawiarnia Chlodina in Warsaw, 31/10 on Urban Spree (Sinewaves) in Berlin, and 28/11 on C.R.K (Return To The Batcave) in Wroclaw.


Mini-interview with Rougemarine!


Marina LaCroix have created what seems to be a blend between many “waves“, as she’d like to call it. I’m not sure how to interpret these waves, but they seem to come into play when I listen to her music. Recently, she released “White Ocean“, a two-tracked release which featured her original track and a remix by Mondwest. Earlier, she’s been in different bands, utilizing her talents in different ways. There’s no doubt about it that Rougemarine is musical to the core, which can also be heard in her different releases – but especially in “White Ocean“. Coming from an electronic perspective, delving into what seems to be trip-hop, changing into a more experimental approach. Needless to say, she’s got a lot going for herself and I wanted to ask her a few questions about her project as such – and what she sees in her own music, but also what her perspective on music and life could be. So check out this mini-interview!

In 2009, you left your previous band to embark upon a solo-project under the name of “Rougemarine”. Why did you do that and how did you come up with Rougemarine?

– Before Rougemarine I was a band member of 3 bands: as a drummer, a frontwoman, and as a keyboardist. It was such different genres, but it was what I needed at that time. I worked with perfect musicians who gave me the perception to actualize myself in one project, so now I feel that it’s time for Rougemarine.

So, what makes Rougemarine any different?

– Everything and nothing. I can’t only be a songs creator, but a creator of sound. It’s seems like I’m expressing myself when I’m turning the knobs and pressing the keys, moving faders, but it just seems like that. I’m looking for a sound of what’s touching me inside. And there are not that many projects around, in all genres – which make you want to feel something and meditate.

Speaking about your sound, you’ve got a unique take on electronica as such. You define yourself as doing “experimental electronica”, which seems to fit the bill very well. When you begin searching for what touches you inside, some of it might well be shamanistic and spiritual. Where are you normally looking? Or are you simply an explorer, which take things as they come?

– True art only appears, when you begin to see yourself from inside, and whilst not trying to make something similar to everything else – or just trying to make something better than anyone. In that case guys usually say: “Hey! You’ve got something to say!” My track-work consists from 3 parts. At the beginning I must try to get rid off absolutely all the thoughts in my head, and stay face-to-face with the instruments. You can only hear yourself when you’ve gotten rid of your thoughts. So, this is the base of the sound. Afterwards, I start to structure up the track. At the end I’m putting my thoughts into the lyrics, and then to the song. So, as you can see: my tracks are not just an experimental collection of sounds. I named it ‘experimental’ because of the fact that people, who weren’t accustomed to my music, would know it – before they’d press “play”. I don’t wanna think about any stages for the time being, I just want to create music and gradually evolve. And eventually someday, you will know who I am in my ‘normal’ setting.

When did you begin to translate this into songs as Rougemarine? How do you go by when you do it?

– I began to produce music for Rougemarine when I decided to escape from any influences. Influences are a big problem for many good artists, it’s just that they fail to recognize it. So now I feel what can be called; freedom. Freedom is really what’s people need, but they consciously build up walls, in fear of actually gaining it. The result of this is total decay, or ‘death’ as I would say.

What do people that listen to your music think of it? How have the reactions been to what you do?

–  I have different moods of listeners for the same track, for example: White Ocean. Last time I looked into the eyes of random guys in the moment of listening, it was like death came for them, and at the same time another my mate sat near and danced with smile. Everything is just our perception. Also, all people have opinions about life, but sometimes these opinions are simply derived out of social falseness. I just wanna show people that they need to be closer to death, and then life will suddenly feel more joyous.

You’ve recently released your vinyl “White Ocean”. What kind of aspirations did you have when you were making it? Did you want it to be reachable for many, or just a personal record for fewer listeners?

– I want to be reachable for everyone who can find interest in it. It doesn’t matter when. Today, tomorrow – or in 20 years.

Alright, thank you for your answers. What do you want to say, as a final answer?

– I wished everyone would stop trying to be anything other than themselves. Be yourself, relax and keep your ‘wave’.

Listen to the two tracks from White Ocean, down below. You can buy the limited edition 12¨ from her bandcamp, as well.

Exclusive Stream: Popsimonova – Danas Si Slab


Yet again, we bring you an exclusive stream of an forthcoming track from a coming release. This time, we’re honored to be pushing for a Gooiland Elektrorelease, which is a sub-label for Enfant Terrible – a much revered Netherlander label. We’re going to bring you another exclusive in a couple of days, from the same label. But until then, you’ll have to wait. The Croatian wonder Popsimonova is releasing her 12¨ on Gooiland Elektro before August ends, so in an attempt to give you a little bit more from that perspective, we’re streaming the exclusive track “Danas Si Slab“, from the B-side of this release. Expect heavy cold electro, pushed in by a lot of waves. A full-on assault of minimalism, coldness, and rigorous vigor for over four minutes. With soothing, but uncanny rhythms, you hear the dark undertones of behind the former iron curtain. You can stream the track down below, but you can also pre-order the 12¨ from here. Come back in a few days, because there’ll be another goodie from Gooiland Elektro to be streamed. In the meantime, enjoy!

Exclusive Stream: Crystal Soda Cream – Shot By Both Sides


There is much to be told, between the new and the old. Invisible Guy has received the opportunity to exclusively stream the track “Shot By Both Sides“, from the forthcoming album “Escape From Vienna“, constructed by the band Crystal Soda Cream. With nuts and bolt, they are the engineers of a transcendental cold-wave and post-punk experience. Levitating in between the cold harshness and the shady presence of sincere punk, titubanting into a ‘classical’ state of mind. Always steady, fearless, consequential – but somewhat apathetic. In the shades of the minimalist, to his joy, their ode is fulfilled to a degree of noteworthiness. Now, you get the possibility to stream the track from here. The album itself will be released on the 20th of April by Totally Wired Records.

Recension: Superjam Presents: Upper Layer Cruisers – Rush Consequence

333Även en del utav Svart Städhjälp, men denna gången inom ett soloprojekt, är Martin Nilsson som kallar sig själv för Superjam Presents: Upper Layer Cruisers. Första låten på detta släpp är “Directions Through The Midnight Maze“, som påminner väldigt mycket om äldre TV-spelssoundtracks. Där ljudet på ett långsamt men säkert sätt letar sig fram mellan de olika vrår de kommit ifrån. Introt skulle mycket väl kunna simulera någon avlägsen djungelfärd in i djupaste Amazonas, där lekfylldheten hos synthpartierna letar sig in mellan tribalistiska trumslag och avslagna ljud. Retro är bara förnamnet när den minst sagt experimentella bakgrunden synar sin inte alltför avlägsna melodiska kusin. När man kommer längre in i ljudlandskapet så är manipulation A och O, då Martin på ett nästan hänsynslöst sätt utnyttjar sin potential till att vrida och förändra karaktären hos synthslingorna, på det mest bisarra vis hittills. Allting känns som om det kommer utmynna i något större, vilket det till en stor del gör, då en domedagssynth får för sig att komma in när man minst anar det.

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