Spotlight: Eternal Crimes – Dream Gag


Once in a while, it feels like post-punk should be at the center of the universe. Unfortunately, there aren’t really many great post-punk bands out there. If there are, they’re usually getting more praise than they deserve, if you take away the roots they aren’t really standing on in the first place. Yes, most of them don’t really go full-on with inspiration from the roots of this great genre. There’s such a sensationalistic approach to it, as they try to modernize it beyond belief. But, there’s a band called Eternal Crimes whom have recorded their debut-album “Dream Gag“, which really takes you back to the time of our lives. It sounds like the primitive sound of 80’s post-punk, the sound which you enjoy throughout. Recognizable, in terms of the primitive and primal surge of baselines soaring through the landscape of smitten lives. Slow, but catchy riffs in a reverberated notion of a heavy and atmospheric baseline. Judging from their sound, they derive much from what’s been the best with post-punk as long as I’ve listened to the genre. I also realize that they’re modernistic in their approach, but their aim is not to stray away from the core – which many bands tend to do. When you slice a bit of the musical cake, you do also find a slab of new-wave goodness, amongst other things like their totally punched out crash-course in post-punk 101. Another thing that is good, is their experimental notion, which sends them into the avant-garde section of the genre as a whole. Incorporating a dark & noir feeling, but keeping the shadowy edges a little bit tidy, collapsing in on itself in an avalanche of sound that is lashed upon the greatness that is them. Do also throw in some slick indie pop-ish splendor, and you’ll have a weird family tree. Finally, something that can at least be considered worthwhile, when it comes to the general sound of an album. The lyrics are interesting and are at best a reminder of the wonderful eccentrics of Virgin Prunes, and the grandiose setting of Theatre of Hate, with The Birthday Party‘s total madnesscombined into a wonderful, triple symbiosis. No, they’re not the same, but you’re reminded once more of how much of a revitalization this genre needed to have. Eternal Crimes instantly fix this disparity and uphold the morality of what needs to be done – is to keep the core, but move in the outskirts of the territory. To never remove themselves completely from that particular region. Their album feature eight songs, and was released on the 6th of May by Bad Archer Records.

Nr. 001: Katzenjammer är numera KatzKab!


Välkommen till SLÄPP MIG! Ett slags avgörande slag i både text men utan bild. Eftersom att det bäst lämpar sig i text, så kommer det att förbli så. Med hjälp utav den digitala världen, en språngbräda och lite tid, så kommer detta att urarta till syvende och sist. Från början var det tänkt att bli ett ambitiöst projekt i podcastform, men på grund av strulande teknik så blev så inte fallet. Det här är tänkt att vara ett undersökande projekt, som mest kan liknas vid ett zine, fast på internet istället för i verklig form. Om man dessutom har lite mer tid över, så kan det även innehålla de mest grundläggande musikreportagen och de mest (o)ambitiösa recensionerna. Förutom detta kommer det förmodligen även att innehålla längre intervjuer, samspråk, utveckling och allmän livslust. Eftersom att det inte verkar finnas särskilt mycket konkurrens, så är det bara att slå upp portarna och välkomna oss. Kanske ses vi här i framtiden, kanske ses vi inte alls. Allting kan hända och det är mellan himmel och jord som det utspelar sig. I den första vändan av SLÄPP MIG! kommer ni att få recensioner och kanske en artikelbaserad krönika eller liknande, där den som är värd för tillfället, spyr ur sig vad vederbörande tycker hör hemma där. Det här är Nr. 001 i storleksordningen, som går under namnet “Katzenjammer är numera KatzKab!“. Innan vi börjar att spänna musklerna ordentligt, så mjukstartar vi med bland annat KatzKab, Safewords, entertainment for the braindead, So So Modern, Tiffany, Death And Vanilla, Fatal Nostalgia, Aga Wilk/Marburg och Violetness. Denna gång är det dock dags att recensera “Objet No. 1“, vilket är fullängdaren som KatzKab släppte i Januari detta år.

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Invisible Guy recommends: 80s Post-Punk – 1982 (Part II)

I’ve been through with you in the 80′s now in about six parts, four parts were about new wave and two parts were about minimal wave. Now, because of popular demand (not really), I’ve decided to unleash the post-punk monster. It will feature six different parts, whereas each one of them will concentrate on important years. I will walk you through a decade of important music, I could almost call it the golden years of post-punk. The parts will go on like this: Part I, 1980-1981. Part II, 1982. Part III, 1983-1984. Part IV, 1985. Part V, 1986-1987. And finally: Part VI, 1988-1989. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this madness, featuring (mostly) obscure or unknown bands in this sphere. New for this recommendation will be that I have different commentaries under each video, some of them are humorous and others are not. It will cover the basic aspect of each video or text. Enjoy this one.

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