Article: Stop the Culturcide w/ interview with Henrik Björkk!


Help stop this culturcide“, those are the lines that are the main lyrical feature in the latest Pouppée Fabrikk digital single “Bring Back The Ways Of Old“. This was their first release since 2001, after being on a longer hiatus, working on other projects. The explanation for this statement were the following, from their label Alfa-Matrix: “Bring Back The Ways Of Old” is more than a slogan shouted by Henrik Björkk on this new POUPPEE FABRIKK digital single, it’s a provocative statement pushing us back to the source, encouraging us looking back to the roots“. So, it seems like there’s a primal yell for a return to the ways of old, as Henrik Björkk puts it in his brutal vocal approach. It was on this occasion, that the single got remixed by various acts that they deemed suitable. Including the Swedish hardliners Spetsnaz, whom have been involved with different EBM-projects throughout the years. To the American sound and music designer Justin McGrath, who goes by the name of Polyfuse. Finally, stopping with a treatment from Autodafeh, another Swedish wonder that hold anhalt EBM close to their hearts.

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