Premiere: The West – It was Disco and it’s Over [Music-Video]

The West have been a band that has been featured here before, namely with their album “In Low Light“, which was and still is a great album. Now, it’s gone a lot of time, and they’ve been readying up a music-video for the song “It was Disco and it’s Over“, which seems to be a flirt with the late 70’s disco-era that ended pretty quickly. Not that weird, considering that they have a disco influence within their music. Anyway, the video for this mellowed out song was shot on location in Seattle and Bellingham, by All Mod Cons and Hand Crank Films. It was directed by Jordan Albertsen, and choreographed by Gabrielle Schutz. Below, band member Anthony Darnell shares his own thoughts related to both the video itself and other things:

We couldn’t have made it happen without the support of local dancers and all the others who donated their time, cars, and un-burnt skin to the making of this video. We’re also indebted to Everyday Music, Melrose Vinyl Market, Oddfellows, Super Mario’s, and many more businesses for lending their scenic locales to us. The West has an upcoming show at Columbia City Theatre on Sat. Aug. 10th w/ Nude Pop and Yevtushenko. In late August, we’ll be going on tour to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vegas, Phoenix, Missoula, and more.
You can listen to their album down below, after you’ve checked out their music-video above. It can also be found online on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. If you want more information, be sure to check out their official website.

Showcase [#2]: The West, Mark Irrlicht and Yellow Milk!

1291396452-1Oh, are you in for a treat today! The alternative rock, disco and post-punk outfit The West released their first whole album, titled “In Low Light“. With the almost over the top, anthemic, disco feeling. Even though the vocals alone might not be the best you’ve heard, the back-up provided surely makes it worthwhile. Also, the suggestiveness of the sound-scape, together with those funky rhythms make it unbearable not to spend some time moving your hiney. At times they remind me of the more successful combinations of electronic and non-electronic music, which they execute to near perfection. It’s their first album, which is also self-released, earning them even more points since the sound you’re about to get is going to blow your mind. As we support totally D.I.Y, it feels good to have one on the top. Featuring songs ranging from “It was Disco and it’s Over” to “In Low Light“.

1745664885-1I might not be a big fan of drony landscapes, but if it’s something that’s being done right, it’s Mark Irrlicht and his experimental combination of minimalism, krautrock and psychedelic electronic landscapes. With his album titled “The Beyond“. Even though the first thing that comes to mind is the Swedish label, but this man has proven himself to carry that torch along. His landscapes are whirlwinds of sounds that caress your mind, that make you flinch one time to see – what cannot be unseen. The sheer awesomeness of these songs, which are all over ten minutes, is enough for it to be showcased here. The creeping feeling that you’re getting, when something is not right, but that little something isn’t wrong either. A sense of fulfillment as you gaze upon your own shadow, walking with it through deserted landscapes. Preferably the moon, for all I know, but also the desert. This release also seems to be totally D.I.Y. Featuring songs like “Spaceman“, “Kurzschluß“, “Omega Nebula” and “Ecstacy“.

3333324428-1While I try to showcase things that are as new as possible, there’s also one or another that slips in between. This time Yellow Milk did just that and it’s amazing that his stuff is recorded by himself in a bedroom. It’s got some of the anti-music that no-wave constitutes, blending those arrhythmic topics together with more rock’n’roll then you can handle. Or, yeah, it might not be an experience in that category – but the grunge together with some rock-vibes on the more unglamorous side make up for the loss. There’s also a lot of psychedelia going on, and since I’m going to showcase two albums that he’s made, I must say that his first one titled “KITE” is more on the experimental side. It might not be as tight as it would’ve if you’d have a whole band, but there’s something vividly amazing about it anyway. If not his voice, then his utilization of the baseline and the percussion as we make it through his own world. Worth checking out is also his “second” album “Navigator Smile” which constitute more songs from what the KITE sessions. Super-duper D.I.Y., ranging from songs like “Potpurri Beak” to the title-track of the first album, namely “Kite“.