Premiere: The Pocket Rockets – The Pocket Rockets


Since they released two singles “Somewhere We Can Be Alone” and “Summer Girl“, the band The Pocket Rockets have finally released their first album. A self-titled one which collects these singles and a couple of new tracks by the names of “No Control“, “Who We Are” and “MDNGHT“. Jon Siebels (Eve 6) have produced this album for them, and as they say in the first song: “nothing can stop us now“. That’s how it should feel when you’re a new band that is continually making progress. With their good kitsch indie-rock themed songs, early rock’n’roll vibe, mixed together with post-punk vibes. This  gives them a rather more interesting shape of what their indie-rock should be about, rather than the same old, same old that a lot of indie-rock bands seem to be doing. As they’ve created their own version of what it should be, the careless riffs and on point drumming is a joy to be heard. Even though a lot of their lyricism derives from the simple, it’s catchy and good together with the rest of the music. Nothing can be done more than to bob your head to this fine piece of indie-rock, feeling that summer is ahead of me – but closer then ever. We’re giving you a premiere of their self-titled album “The Pocket Rockets“, so you can listen to and take in this band on your own. Because they’ve been with us since some time now. Stream it from their bandcamp and enjoy.

Premiere: The Pocket Rockets – Somewhere We Can Be Alone


Yes, one of my dear bands have released another string of music. No, I’m not in this band, it’s just that I liked them a lot a while ago. Therefore, their newest material (and single) “Somewhere We Can Be Alone“, takes me back to where I was. Indie rock met new-wave and had a child that turned out to be The Pocket Rockets. Miss-mashing in between brother shoegaze, and sister post-punk. Yet another reminder of how awfully great summer can be, because that’s where we are right now. Recorded in a bedroom, in East Los Angeles between Spring and Summer, where the singer resides. It was mastered by Jon Siebels (ex- Monsters Are Waiting, EVE 6). The happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the song is stunningly beautiful, in all its simplicity. I wouldn’t say that it’s generic, just because the melodies and rhythms are rather basic, because the catchiness of it is something beyond just that. Sometimes you just don’t need anything else, just because you want to shake your hips to a song about summer and love. Everything’s fine, as the baseline roots the sound a little bit deeper, catapulting with the energy of the band as a whole. Steadily waddling forward, with baby-steps, together with the percussion of the almost psychedelia-like surroundings. First and foremost, you should listen to it, because it will be worth it. It might also end up being the song you’d associate with Summer.

Spotlight: Ancient Animals – Ruins


By popular demand, or rather, by The Pocket Rockets – I delve into the world of Ancient Animals. Which is weird, because I see no animals around here. Oh, wait, there they are! Last year, they released an EP titled “Ruins”. This macabre duo, consisting of Dan Reyes and Andres Freyre, will make sure you’re in for a peculiar trip. A description might not be enough, but think of a sickly drone, trying to catch its last breath. Dirty, gritty and troublesome, eclectic to the fullest extent possible. Which makes them focus a lot on the general atmosphere, which is somewhere in between a manufacturing plant and an electricians everyday business. Sometimes upbeat, uptight and with the absolute audacity – to punch you in the gut, and then pour you a raining serenade of dirty riffs. Rock’n’roll to the core, at least when it comes to the values. They are crushingly stubborn, gazing through a smoky haze of white powder, maximum hedonism and apathetic ballads. Perfect, since it was a boring Sunday hours ago. Listen to their music down below.

Prelight: The Pocket Rockets – Golden Gloves 1902 EP


The Pocket Rockets are a peculiar band. Not like everyone else, but at the same time lending their hand out to everyone. Their practical blend of new-wave, post-punk and indie rock come across as melodic and emotional. When you’re having your first taste, you’re hooked by each beat and as the uncanny sound-scape draws you in. It’s gritty and unbelieving, but still manages to transgress beyond those borders. As far as you go into it yourself, you’ll find a companion with their music as their guide you through it. There’s also somewhat of a 90’s vibe that lines itself up against the wall and watches you as you proceed through. Every song adds up in its own regard, lending some from our indie pop superheroes The Radio Dept., without them knowing it. I would say that they’re like the stepbrother of that band, retaking Americana each step of the way, but influencing you to take that trip with them. It’s also the perfect music to listen to if you’ve been having a hard time, because they’re understanding to the core. Music for lively people with lifelessness, a hint of hopefulness – in an (un)living world. The Pocket Rockets are Ralph Blanco, Lyndon Millon and Chris Magallon.