Exclusive Stream: ‹‹ʘ›› – I’m Not Done (feat. Nijah)


Maybe you’d like a little bit of scaled experimental, or an avant-garde sense of perception. If you’re a fan of Karin Dreijers solo-project Fever Ray, you might be engulfed by the concrete ambition of re-discovering them in a different sense. The sound-scape is ambiguous in one sense, under produced in another. As ‹‹ʘ››, also known by the Japanese name of Kurogokegum (meaning ‘Black Widow’) – is the moniker of polish-born Nigel Kills. Originally, his music was intended to be inaugurated in the now more fashionable witch house genre, which arrived in late 2008 and early 2009. His outfit is also part of never being seen, never being heard and to mask himself from the eye of the public.

Since this has been the case for a long time, I decided to contact him and write about his music. Though this wasn’t only the case, two songs from his forthcoming acoustic mini-album; “The Wolf: Acoustic Sessions” – will be released on Invisible Guy. Today you’ll get the opportunity to listen to the song “I’m Not Done (feat. Nijah)“, which is an even more scaled cover, of another Fever Ray song called “I’m Not Done“. This is the last song being premiered and you now have an opportunity to stream it, exclusively, here at Invisible Guy.

Proper Showcase [#6]: Kamikaze Scotsmen, Mount Salem, Radio Days, Fuka Lata, Wooly & the Mammoth, Mild Peril and Force Publique!

1463049814-1An interesting voyage into the realms of Budapest. Or no, I mean, into the realms of art rock meets electronica. These guys chose to name themselves Kamikaze Scotsmen, which is a funny name when you see where they’re from (Budapest). Their latest album “ARK” had its premiere today. Anyhow, I don’t care really, because the name is pretty suitable. Probably something I couldn’t have come up with myself. However, this music sounds like a metamorphosis of the wicked 70’s psychedelic era and the more “up to the sky” kind of philosophy, whereas holding a piece of land isn’t enough, since you need to transcend beyond the ground. The strange “full-of-motion” music, but at the same time motionless music, makes your head twirl around, for 360 degrees before it finally stops and re-iterates some strangely familiar vocals. Like someone seducing you with their voice, simply by understanding the pattern of the brain in that moment. I don’t even want to talk about the lyrics, they’re good as they are, but as confusing as this blend of art rock and the aforementioned stuff that I couldn’t really bargain for. This is probably one of the strangest releases I’ve ever experienced, but it’s original and that’s mainly what I’m after in Showcase. Sometimes I’m after other things too, but the originality of this piece frightened me so much that I had to include it. All kidding aside, some pretty psychedelic music here. Featuring the four tracks “Chapter II“, “Rising (Inhale Me)“, “Minsk” and “Slaves“. You can buy it down below if you think this is something you’d enjoy listening to.

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Interview with Curxes!

Curxes consist of two ambitious musicmakers named Roberta Fidora and Macaulay Hopwood, whom according to themselves play something named “doom-pop“. Up until now they’ve released two singles named Creatures/Jaws and The Constructor. When they released the song Haunted Gold with a precision ridden stop-motion movie, everyone was in awe – not only because of the pretty visuals but because of Fidoras singing and the general feel to the song. I got the opportunity to interview these two wonderful human beings about their past escapades, what decade of music they prefer, what they’ve got in store for the near future and much more. Don’t miss this one, it’s going to be a good ride!

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Recension: Zola Jesus – Conatus

Om Siouxsie från Siouxsie & The Banshees hade valt att sadla om till sångare i bandet Coctaeu Twins, samtidigt som The Knife hade tagit kontroll över den instrumentala delen av musiken – hade resultatet varit Zola Jesus. Det nya albumet som har släppts rör sig däremot ifrån det ursprungliga soundet, men utvecklar det för att kunna vara bestående. Samtidigt som detta sker, kommer även den nya approachen väl till hands. Hon är tillräckligt udda för att stå ut, men tillräckligt kommersiell för att sälja. Att lyckas med denna blandning, och ändå få utlopp för sin kreativitet är en svår balansakt. Låten “Vessel” är drömliknande på distans, men så närvarande man kan vara. Ett kvitto på en annorlunda men suverän blandning, som på sitt sätt, vägrar att släppa taget om en. Mer än redo att utmana dina sinnen och känslor, men även din inställning till musik. Det du saknar i det oändliga hav av musik, är det bästa – som sorteras bort. Dyker du under ytan så finner du Conatus.