Review: Various Artists – A Tale Of Rotten Orange (2010) (Part I)

tale-of-roten-orange-LPA compilation with some undiscovered tracks and great punk acts from the US. First song is by the band Druglords of the Avenues, which is titled “This is a Pig“. Which feature some of the well-known punk-elements that deserve to be in the foreground, with rapid drums and an interesting anthemic touch to it. Reminding about the sorely missed days of the earlier punk eras of mainly the end of the 80’s and the beginning, but also middle of the 90’s. The drums are absolutely ravaging the sound-scape as it gives you an adrenaline injection in an instant. Some of it is nostalgic, but the singing blokes in this song heighten it and make it a great track for starters. Which makes the need for a continuing punk-overdose even more thought about. Next up is the band Disguster with the song “My Kick“, which doesn’t escalate in such frightful tempos as the first one. But it certainly doesn’t lack the original punk-sound of the beginning of the end for the 70’s, coming off with a more rock-oriented phase of the punk rock sound. The singer’s voice may not hold up such a sound-scape, but he at least has the ambition to drive it further and the sound-scape doesn’t lack anything that it should’ve needed. But sometimes you feel a need to wake the singer up a little bit more and tune him up a notch, but it is all fine in the end, because its a pretty good song overall.

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Review: The Hitchhikers – A Little More Time 7¨

Reviews2012(13 TheHitchhikers)Melodic punk with the intention of being in your face. Their first song on this 7¨ is “Brand New Girl” and recants a time where I wasn’t around, musically. It sounds like a throwback of the best melodic punk from the 90’s, mixed with their own intention and mischievous attitude. There’s a lot of things coming out at the same time, but it isn’t confusing, it just keeps the slick melodies locked and loaded for the listeners pleasure. It’s also got a lot of rock-vibes which is pretty uncommon when it comes to the more melodic side of punk, whereas there always seems to be an easy set of chords coming in your face. Even though I haven’t listened to much melodic punk lately, I think this makes up for the loss of music that I’ve had to put up with myself within that genre. The vocals are an absolute charm and the solo in the song is mind-numbing in a good way. I’d surely want to take this song down the highway, it will be my first priority when I get a driver’s license. This song is an ultimate mix of the best with what rock’n’roll can be and the fierce punk that should’ve been.

As I finish listening I step the gas and listen to the B-side and the song “A Little More Time”. It’s got the typical intro of a hardcore punk song, but goes straight into the regular punk-mood. Since I love the pressure that the baseline puts on the sound-scape, it becomes painfully obvious how this song is an extension of the first song. But in one way or another, I learned to appreciate this song more. It’s got more of that energy that can sometimes be lacking in punk and the variation is enormously important as well. I don’t find anything that I would be missing that this song doesn’t contain, it’s purely an even better song than the one on the A-side of this 7¨. Really loving the combination of the different instrumentation and the nostalgic vibe it reeks of. What we’re in dire need of these days is a melodic punk band that can kick ass at the same time and keep the melody going strong, which isn’t that easy to find actually. The Hitchhikers demonstrate that they’re something you should consider, but instead of cutting the slack, they cut the whole beef. Definitely something that should be heard by you and I can recommend that you should get it.

You can buy it from Orange Fight Records.

Released: 2012

Label: Orange Fight Records


1. Brand New Girl

2. A Little More Time