Free Download: TAOLWGO – Relationships


Whilst moving closer to the sound of maniacal industrial, with electronic undertones, The Amount Of Light We Give Off moved in a totally different direction from their demo, with their newly released album “LIST“. The seldom combination of utter destructive electronica and the non-electronic base of post-punk, that they stand upon, this duo has harnessed as much of their development from their first release – as they’ve done with their recent. It’s a combination of the harsh atmospheres given away from the demo, as it is with their development into a colder territory of cold wave. Which their lyrical content can contest, and which their vocals are shouting out. There is also the punk-attitude of a juvenile, soundly giving you the finger whilst standing upon the throne of modern decadence. Anyhow, their image is blackened and it shall remain so, as their sound-scape gradually shifts into a more contemplative and ethereal domain. You could thank their natural pathway into shoegaze and post-rock for that. We’ll be giving you the track “Relationships” from the recently released album “LIST“. You can download it for free down below.



The band with one of the longer bandnames, namely The Amount Of Light We Give Off from Germany, have recently released their first EP. We featured them earlier with free downloads of their tracks from their demo, but now they’ve completed a fully-fledged release. Their demo was more rough and raw, as it is suitable for what a demo can and will be, but this release is where I thought they would be heading. Even though the roughness is still there, they’ve sharpened it even more. A darkened approach, filled to the brink with influences of dark wave, which wasn’t really the case when you listened to the demo. It was more electronically post-punkish. I would like to say that they’re the darker cousin of The Foreign Resort, with an overtone of the more classical dark wave which has been sorely missed out by virtually everyone. They really got the same outlook on things and keep the energy flowing. I’m in love with this duo, because they’ve got some unique things going for them. No more overtly melodious crap, no more cackling generic garbage – it’s more food for thought and afterthought. Probably one of the best things coming out of Germany right now. We feel like they’ve outdone themselves. This is really the way they should’ve headed towards, and they’ve really done that. So stream away down below and listen to this. Do also support them by buying it digitally.

Premiere: TAOLWGO – At the Vertex of Nothing! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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I got an interesting mail a few weeks ago, submitted by The Amount Of Light We Give Off, yet another new band within the post-punk sphere. This mysterious duo from Germany create what they themselves call “electronic post-punk“. Imagine yourself gazing into the belly of the new wave of post-punk, excitingly hearing an offshoot between post-rock and wonderfully elegant, noisy – post-punk directness. Well, here they are for everyone of you to listen to, and heed their call. A part of this elegance of theirs lies in their utilization of a noise-driven landscape of sound, equated by dreamy synthesizers that screech in between their interesting outlays of vocally out-sprouting wickedness. They released a three-tracked demo not too long ago and wanted to share their sound with a wider audience. Well, this is an oxymoron, as this blog actually is one of the more obscure ones out there and have remained that way until this year. So, we’ll give you the track “At the Vertex of Nothing” as a free download for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully it will reach a lot more people and make them take heed of this band, because from what I hear from their demo – they’ve got a lot of things that could definitely interest people within alternative genres – and labels as well.