Spotlight: Vundabar – Antics


Sometimes, it’s hard to come by a really quirky but serious band. Sometimes, you’ll simply have to fish in a sea – empty of fish. I threw a grenade down into the sea and up came a jolly fellow. Their name is Vundabar, a band from Boston, consisting of the duo Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald. Their debutalbum goes by the name of “Antics“, which is a neatly packaged and at times, tricky concoction of both electronic influences in their almost exclusively non-electronic music. Feel the vibes of dance(eable) garage rock, with nothing but soft-spoken – and at times; ridiculous lyrical content. Imagine the mightily, and accentuated eccentrics from The Pixies, meeting a whole range of both unemotional and emotional contemptuous gadfly, surfing in with higher speed and energy. Fused with the soft-outspokenness of acoustic splendor. We’re certainly caught in their spiderweb, in the midst of their working shift, where they produce tracks with the swift motion of their hands. Surely, if you’re looking for a duo – you’ll probably hear an orchestra. They sound much larger than they should, since they’re only two people. Technically, there’s nothing you could complain about. Sometimes they venture into rare surf rock territories, with the eccentric overlook of a more outlandish attack on your freakishly generic brain – which craves generic garage rock. But you’ll get something completely different. Probably one of the more enthusiastic and bright-minded music I’ve heard for a while. The optimism, but also snarky cynicism shines through their hallow casket. For now, it’s up there in the top with some of the releases that I’m anticipating in the near future. You’ve outdone yourselves, bright boys – with your snickering smiles and uniquely diverse music. Conquer my heart and I’ll lock you in for at least a short time in my continuum, which is more than anyone else can bargain for, ever. There are eleven tracks on this wonderful album and it was released by themselves on the 24th of April.

Valentine’s Day Showcase [#3]: Salem Rages, The Respondents and Jarz!

2098897630-1A totally new track by the lovers of new romantic, namely Salem Rages. In this track, “Love Is Alive“, they display where they come from and it’s a perfect get-go for Valentine’s Day. Showing off the perfect blend of old-school goth, new-wave and new romanticism which takes its toll. Coming straight out of Liverpool, of all places, this gem is one of the best I’ve found recently. The gloomy atmosphere, in combination with fast and steady riffs, combined with the singer’s energetic voice makes for trouble. Not really trouble in the way you’d see it, but trouble in the love department. There’s also a big hint of hardcore punk in the mix, which will satisfy those of you longing for that. Happy Valentine’s to all you hopeless lovers, but do get some of Salem Rages before you go out to search for the one. Casket Records will steer them from the shore and release it under their catalog of 004, but you’ll have to download it for free down below.

1046252255-1Time for another pretty unorthodox combination of genres, at least if you compare. The band The Respondents released their latest album today, which is titled “Exploded View“. In which we get to follow them through the peculiar world of surf-punk, a little bit of horror movie scenery musically, and of course a touch of post-punk. If you bring out the punk to play with the surf, you’re going to get something like this. But it’s eccentric, something I’ve never even heard to be close, more than in a few cases. It’s like if you blend Hawaii with a more sinister Count Dracula-esque Romania of the past. Lord Vlad is all over the place, despite some of the riffs taking you to more exotic places than that. All I can see is rain pouring down on my screen, whilst I wait out in the darkness and when I pass a house I hear this music. Kind of the experience you get, but it’s not bad at all, no – it’s ghoulishly good. For all you undead lovers out there, take a seat and enjoy the ride. Featuring tracks from “Kill Screen” to “Red Flags“. It seems like Wrong Hands is the label to go to, if you’d want it.

2467632350-1So, if you need to slow it down a notch, I have the perfect solution. Nothing more than Jarz and his newly released album “A Story With A Touch“, which resembles your ordinary day-to-day life. The experimentalism surely takes advantage of the sampling that is given to you if you’d be going through crowded places, trying to find the light. With “the light“, I mean, trying to find a way out there. He’s got a hectic tempo at times, but there’s still an angelic sound pulsating through the sound-scape from beginning to end. As you hear the different melodies and the rhythmic arrhythmic cling together, you suddenly have nowhere to go and find yourself stuck in a maze. I’d like to say that this is both for you that would love to take some time off and just relax, but at the same time his quirky instrumentation and feeling for experimentation surely takes it to a whole other level, which cannot be calm, but reeks of longevity. This is something you’d play in the background if you’re working and it’s something you’d spend hours with your brain trying to analyze. So forgive me, for I was wrong, but it’s much calmer than punk. Tracks that are featured on this release are “Belarus“, “A Story With A Touch“, “Its Not What It Seems To Be“, “Belarus (Revy Remix)” and “Random Stems Remix (Fabio Papa)“. Released by Wondermachine Music.