Exclusive Premiere: Les Jumeaux Discordants – Betrayed Bride / The White Room


This is the continuation of the last post, where Les Jumeaux Discordants were kind enough to grant me access to their world – through their music. Providing me with a careful selection of tracks that might already be out there in some way or another, but mostly whom are restricted to this blog-zine as such – and their limited CDr-releases. The whole purpose of this was to grant people who may be interested in their music, something to listen to if they weren’t that quick to have bought their releases in the first place. These two tracks that I’m about to present to you, were featured on their first and only self-titled release “Les Jumeaux Discordants” – which was released by Misty Circles, in the format of a CDr limited to 100 copies. Alongside four other tracks. Displaying their underestimated experimentalism, as their first release. Engaging into more unknown territory, in comparison with the later releases. Honing what was to become a modern classical masterpiece, lending their thoughts deeper into their own imaginative state with this particular release. You can certainly hear the difference, albeit it’s sublimity. Venturing in between martial-industrialism, dark ambient and a more grandiose landscape of sound changing into the morbidity of the under-dwelling feelings, the suppressed and dark thoughts caught in the moment of them slowly being released into the world, with absolutely no embellishing filters.

We give to you, here on Invisible Guy, the two tracks “Betrayed Bride” and “The White Room” – for your pleasurable streaming experience. One of the tracks are already out there more or less, but “The White Room” features a ‘ghost track’, also. You can stream these two tracks exclusively on Invisible Guy, with the approval of themselves. I would like to thank Roberto Del Vecchio and Aimaproject for giving me this opportunity, to share with you the sound of a greatly under-appreciated duo. So do check it out.

Exclusive Premiere: Dmitry Distant – System Control (Ekman Remix)


The clash of two greater artists is the clash of minimal synth and dark electro. This time, there is no room for an original track, but room for a remix. Two artists that have gained control, two artists that have some thing in common, and some things that are uncommon. As the lavishly created spasmic rhythms that follow a trail emblazoned by the most minimalistic of synth you’d ever lay your hands upon, but at the same time delivering the chaotic atmosphere of electro. Yes, electro was infused in the original version of “System Control“, but it’s even more infused with Ekman‘s style of electro, which has a muddy layer of atmospheric delight – to infect your senses with. There may be similarities between the two, but they’re in no way so similar that it wouldn’t make any difference if he (Ekman) lent a hand to the production. No, he has not produced the track itself, but his analogue remixing has been a similarity to be reckoned with.

When there’s a choice, you’re surely enough berated by Beläten, whom is the master of decision in this case, too. But from the choices he gives you, you must choose wisely. Therefore, even though there’s a rough enforcement from he who’s holding the strings, you can’t help but enjoy yourself. This remix is a part of a bigger picture, of Dmitry Distant’s contribution to the world as such, through his forthcoming release on the label – namely “Le Dérivé De L’Amour“. A four-tracked EP that gives you two original tracks and two remixes. Part of the Beläten-catalog as Jera, referring to the rune Jēran symbolized as the j-rune “” of the Elder Futhark. The meaning of this rune is “season” or “harvest“, and you bet we’ve harvested the best for you, through our options.

So we’re proud to give you the remix by Ekman of the track “System Control“, created by Dmitry Distant. Prepare for the signature influences that only Ekman can deliver, which makes this track a little bit darker, but also more passive. There is something lurking in the dark, and the only way you’re going to find out is by listening to it. This is the first remix that we’re setting free for your listening pleasure, which makes this occasion all the more special to us – and to you. The Netherlands is calling, and they’re infiltrating your sound-scape as we speak. Stream this whole track and remix exclusively from Invisible Guy, until you buy the physical edition of this release, which comes in the shape of a cassette (C18). The release itself will be up for pre-order on the 31st of January.

Label: Beläten

Cat#: Jera

Artist: Dmitry Distant

Exclusive Song: System Control (Ekman Remix)

Title: Le Dérivé De L’Amour

Format: C18


From Moscow comes Dmitry Distant with four tracks of mesmerizing analog worship electro. It’s minimal and it’s dark, but underneath the cold melancholy bubbles unbridled passion: passion for the rhythm, passion for the deep bass resonances, passion for the hooks that will continue to ring in your ears for days on end. Le Dérivé De L’Amour is nicely rounded off by two remixes of the track System Control by Beläten favourite Ekman and The Exaltics respectively.

Like all Beläten releases, this cassette comes with a complimentary download version on a dropcard.

The words of the system controller of Beläten

Exclusive Premiere: Grand Mal x – Units


Psychotic electronica, gloomy minimalism, sample-based havoc. Three inherently different meanings, three different points of view, three different influences. An arsenal of stockpiled ammunition for a post-apocalyptic world, as Beläten is for the post-apocalyptic avant-garde pop. Feel how the paranoia is grasping your senses. As the Invisible Guy guides you into unknown territory, into a uniquely shaped atmosphere for your mind’s delight and fright. You should be on your guard, as Grand Mal x have learned the tricks of his trade. His mark has been left by the Shadow Rite, his mark has been accomplished in it, as “Tricks Of A Trade” was his first manifestation. Leaving you scarred, but wanting of more – a grandiose vision – which was the aim of his first assault.

As the charred, ancient remainder, of Beläten, sharpen the hooves and clubs – the second manifestation takes form. In a part of a greater scheme, the deliverance of “Life EP“, which is the title given to the work of Grand Mal x – the manifestation seems blurry, but becomes clearer for each second that goes us by. Channeling the might of the Anglo-Saxon futhorc, this rune is symbolized as “” (Eihwaz), which in the Proto-Germanic language is a description of “yew” – which in latin is; “Taxus baccata” – a form of tree native to “western, central and southern Europe, northwest Africa, northern Iran and southwest Asia“.

This runic inscription births life to amongst other tracks, one track that is certain to be the second manifestation. Charging the depths in the atmosphere of electro, harnessing minimal electronics and the complexity of structure as to the opposite of minimalism, this grandiose but minimal track is shaped as “Units“. Since they come unified, in units, for their overtaking of your mind. You can stream this track exclusively from Invisible Guy and take part in the channeling of a future being – not unbeknownst to us – but to you. So sharpen your minds, head into the mystique that will with all certainty in the world, engulf you. It will be out on Beläten in the shape of a cassette, namely the C36, for your listening delight – up for pre-ordering on the 31st of January.

Label: Beläten

Cat#: Eihwaz

Artist: Grand Mal x

Exclusive Song: “Unit”

Title: Life EP

Format: C36


You’d be forgiven for thinking of Coil when you listen to Grand Mal x. It’s not the sound and style in itself—GMx offers a kind of motorik driven take on minimal electronics, coupled with influences from the darker tangents of electro. The similarities are on a far more esoteric level, investigating the same currents of the physical and the psychical aspects of life.

There is an ineffable undercurrent of magick and ritual to these songs, even a slightly sinister presence in them. They conjure up images of demon-possessed youth writhing and contorting on a dirty bunker dance floor. It’s sweaty, physical, and sexual music, but it never loses touch with the sublime qualities that turn simply »good music« into a truly revelatory experience. Grand Mal x are here to go. Deeper.

The wise words from the conjurer of Beläten!

Exklusiv Premiär: Other People – Still Worth A Lot To Someone/The Ventriloquist/Fumbling In The Dark/Coda!


Pianomusiken skulle kunna sägas vara en del av många genrer, men den instrumentella pianomusiken är helt klart en del av en klassisk genre. Klassiskt pianospelande handlar dock inte det här om, när Jakob Lindhagen, under sitt alterego Other People – ohämmat släpper lös en minimalistiskt uppbyggd version utav den klassiska pianomusiken. Det kanske kan kallas för kontemporärt, det kan också mycket väl kallas för något helt annat. Men minimalismen är det som för in en, medan den atmosfär han bygger upp fångar in en och sveper upp en – långt ovanför ens egna ambitioner, men inom ramen för vad man egentligen vill uppnå. Han leker med fantasin på ett sätt som endast en skicklig musiker kan göra, för man tas bort från där man är och kommer in i en slags föreställning, där det finaste man vet uppenbarar sig. Från den första tangenttryckningen till den sista, så är allting så simpelt på något sätt, men intentionen med det är mer komplext än så. Detta skulle mycket väl kunna klassas som filmmusik också, då det instrumentala ger upphov till sådana associationer, och att man ofta i känslomässiga (och komplexa) filmer hör sådan musik. Eftersom att Invisible Guy intresserar sig för allt mellan himmel och jord, med tyngdpunkten på musik som intresserar mig i första hand och läsaren i andra hand, så kan man säga att Other People har en plats här. Fokuset ligger dock på vilken kvalité som upphovsmannen har på den musik som skapas. Så därför tänker jag erbjuda er fyra låtar från det kommande släppet “Somewhere Far Away“. Ni kommer att få höra “Still Worth A Lot To Someone“, de två låtarna “Fumbling In The Dark” samt “The Ventriloquist“, samt den sista låten “Coda“. Slit det med hälsan och köp för guds skull denna platta om ni tycker om vad ni hör. Ni kan göra det hos Feeder Recordings, här borta. Ni kan lyssna på de fyra låtarna här nedanför.

Exclusive Premiere: Sololust – A Fire Inside


A new year is opening up itself for us. There are many things that are happening. Some things have been staying hidden in the shadows, only to be released – a few days ago. Enfant Terrible, however, have been with us for a while now and continue to be. We like to support the work behind both Gooiland Elektro and Enfant Terrible, since it’s such a magnificent sub-label and label. Five days ago, two tracks from forthcoming releases on Enfant Terrible were released. Those were “Liste Préférentielle” by Family Jewels, and “Ladies” by Europ Europ. One release is the celebratory compilation “Various Artists – I Am Enfant Terrible“, which celebrates ten years of this label. The other one is “Repeating Mistakes LP” by Europ Europ – a subtle blend of lo-fi and industrial weirdness. For this exclusive premiere, we give to you a track from the compilation to begin with. The track “A Fire Inside” by Sololust is a completely unique track only featured (thus far) on the compilation. Sololust have released an EP in 2010 titled “The Spark“, to be continued with a limited 7¨ titled “Total Loss” – when he joined the ranks of Enfant Terrible. His latest release was in 2013, which was titled “Untitled“. Peter Baarends is the man whose alter-ego will be on display for the first time here on Invisible Guy, ever. Stream the track “A Fire Inside” exclusively on Invisible Guy, in honor of Enfant Terrible and the perfect track-record for this celebratory release. Celebrate it with moody synthesizers, dampened dark-wave with hints of ethereal and synth-pop. Delve into a whole new paradigm. Start your year off with this exemplary song. This particular release is expected to be out by the mid of February.

Exklusiv Premiär: Johan G. Winther – Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail


Johan G. Winther återkommer till denna halvan av jordklotet, med ytterligare ett album som kommer att svänga rejält. Efter att tidigare ha varit med på Invisible Guy där äran gick till oss, när det kommer till klippningen, så har han tagit ett stormkliv sedan den semi-akustiska upplevelsen med “As Above, So Below” – som släpptes utav Zeon Light Kassett för ett tag sedan. Tiden verkar springa iväg från oss, men den som återkommer lär alltid vara Johan G. Winther. Åtminstone så har det gått länge sedan vi såg honom i denna form, som snarare brukar attributeras hans alterego Tsukimono, än Johan G. Winther. Invisible Guy kommer att ha fler nyheter att dela med sig av framöver, men tills dess får ni nöja er med låten “Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail” från den kommande kassetten med samma namn – som släpps på Beläten om exakt en vecka. Det är en låt som är 11-minuter lång och som innehåller mycket industriella strömningar, fasansfyllda black metal-influenser och en generell atmosfär som snarare får er att vilja uppskatta en kommande apokalyps. Ljudlandskapet går från en förhoppning om en stundande frigörelse från denna planet, till en förhoppning om en helt ny värld. När man lyssnar så känns det som om man föds på nytt och får gå igenom denna grämande livstillvaro återigen, fast denna gång med den tillagda och cementerade framtiden – som säkerligen kommer bestå i ont blod och vår döende värld – som drar en sista suck; innan allt kollapsar. Ni kan lyssna på låten, exklusivt här på Invisible Guy, till er hjärtas fröjd. Släppet går under Naudiz (ᚾ), vilket är n-runan, vars betydelse lyder (på ett ungefär): “nöd och smärta“. För den som inte visste så kategoriseras släppen på Beläten efter dessa runor, så vi närmar oss mitten. Detta släpp kommer återfinnas hos Beläten den 8:e November.

Exclusive Preview: The Way To Light – Aghartha


Die Song have been keeping it uptempo for the latest period of time. Since there isn’t going to be a release from this label in some time, there’s a lot of things that have been discussed. These releases are crafted to superiority, and that’s one of the reasons that there’s not going to be a release for a while. When it came to the discussions, it’s my pleasure to announce a preview of a track that is going to be featured on a forthcoming split-release on Die Song. This particular release features The Way To Light and Horders, two differentiating projects – with one aim, which is to be released for winter solstice. One is a one-man project, the other is also a one-man project – by the artist himself, Give Up. The release is being crafted as an exclusive package, that will be extremely limited. By the way, the artwork that is on display here is for promotional purposes, and does not resemble the artwork for the release as such. The track that will be put out for you to preview is “Aghartha“, by The Way Of Light. Imagine yourselves being stuck on the dividing line between atmospheric neo-folk and dark ambient as such, creating the ultimate atmosphere that will make your hands swing up and down for Halloween. A haunting example of how you can successfully combine two genres that I believe haven’t been utilized to its perfection, if even combined as such. This is a collaboration between the Die Song label and Invisible Guy, giving you a two-minute preview of the aforementioned track. You can stream it down below, exclusively from Invisible Guy.