Premiere: Gran – Brain Freeze [Musicvideo]

I know of their existence, thanks to Totally Wired Records. The rhythms are funky, the melodies are thought-out, the impact is profound. Grandiose landscapes of rock music meets the underbelly of alternative and some post-punk, with psychedelic overtones. Lovely vocals, crass guitars and deepened baselines. Yes, I’m talking about Gran. The latest addition to Totally Wired Records, with three songs, three singles. They deserve to be in the limelight, as their slimy aesthetics make you begrudge that you’re not one of them. Continually chasing the spirit that is developed within their sound-scape, always after something. But, you know, you wish we’d dance like them. Their song “Brain Freeze” just got a music-video, which is what I’m talking about right here. But if you want to, you can both stream their singles and watch their music-video. Not at the same time, though. If you’re not some supernatural and abnormal human being that know how to multitask to the extreme. Just let it pour in, let it dissolve and make up your mind. By the way, their singles are available for free download ONLY today on the 19th of August. So get to it, people!


Spotlight: Youth Code – Carried Mask


Photo by: Zed Cutsinger

It’s gone two days since Youth Code premiered their single “Carried Mask” from their forthcoming self-titled release on Noisey. I haven’t really been following them as closely as other people have, because I haven’t been that interested to be honest. But since I read that virtually everybody loved their newly premiered single, I had to take a look, keeping in mind that I had heard their earlier material a while ago. What I heard is miles away from their earlier stuff, which is great indeed, because now I can love them a little bit more. Their Nitzer Ebb-ish early industrialized EBM touch really sticks with me, as their carried steel is smashed against the nearest barrel, paired with the agonizing vocals – shrieked with a raspy voice, turning into a nightmare on wheels. Another thing that suck with me was the sample that they use in the beginning and throughout, which makes it a little bit more militarized than it would’ve been otherwise. This would also remind me a little bit about Manufacture, one of the more shrouded oldschool EBM-acts, blending both the new beat craze with militaristic tenure in their song “Armed Forces” from their most known release “Terrorvision“. If you conclude that this blend is hazardous to you, you’re in the right spot. Even though Youth Code could settle with a little bit more punch for me to like it, they’ve greatly improved since last I heard them. Which is positive indeed, but I’m just another brick in the wall of positive critique that have been typed throughout the internet. I don’t know if they might consider themselves to be part of any wave, but it feels good to at least have some faith in industrial regained, as this track keeps banging in the back of your mind. Firstly, it’s pretty much a nostalgic trip. Secondly, it’s a song that can easily stick to you and stay, instead of just going away in some days or so. It’s been on my mind since it was released and I can’t wait to receive the full ordeal. You can pre-order it over at Dais Records, but it seems like they’re going quick, so hurry up.

Premiere: The Pocket Rockets – Somewhere We Can Be Alone


Yes, one of my dear bands have released another string of music. No, I’m not in this band, it’s just that I liked them a lot a while ago. Therefore, their newest material (and single) “Somewhere We Can Be Alone“, takes me back to where I was. Indie rock met new-wave and had a child that turned out to be The Pocket Rockets. Miss-mashing in between brother shoegaze, and sister post-punk. Yet another reminder of how awfully great summer can be, because that’s where we are right now. Recorded in a bedroom, in East Los Angeles between Spring and Summer, where the singer resides. It was mastered by Jon Siebels (ex- Monsters Are Waiting, EVE 6). The happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the song is stunningly beautiful, in all its simplicity. I wouldn’t say that it’s generic, just because the melodies and rhythms are rather basic, because the catchiness of it is something beyond just that. Sometimes you just don’t need anything else, just because you want to shake your hips to a song about summer and love. Everything’s fine, as the baseline roots the sound a little bit deeper, catapulting with the energy of the band as a whole. Steadily waddling forward, with baby-steps, together with the percussion of the almost psychedelia-like surroundings. First and foremost, you should listen to it, because it will be worth it. It might also end up being the song you’d associate with Summer.

Spotlight: Reveries – rvrs


Hela tiden kommer det nya band som ploppar upp likt träd ur marken. Vissa kan man spendera hur lite tid som helst med, medans andra växer till sig och blir ståtliga. Östergötland och Småland, i en underlig blandning, har fått ett tillskott i form utav Reveries, som lirar ett mellanting mellan sällsam alternativ pop-rock, post-rock – med en liten udd riktad åt post-punk hållet. Det är svårt att placera då man lyssnar på det, men ibland svänger det lite mer åt indiehållet. Däremot är det lätt att placera deras shoegazeambitioner, då det är en större del av sammanhanget, när man lyssnar på de två låtarna. Vilket ger dem deras stämningsfyllda och drömska ljudlandskap, som får en att glömma bort den tråkiga vardagen för några minuter.

Trots att det är rätt så långt bort från mina egna jaktmarker, så finns där ändå någonting som håller en kvar. Först och främst så är det välproducerat, och singellåtarna får representera två olika sidor av samma mynt. Man kan lugnt säga att det överträffar det mesta inom samma genre. Ibland är de för nära mainstreamträsket, men klampar utanför med en fot, medan de låter den andra vara kvar. Perfekt för den som tycker om det välljudande, men ändå längtar efter någonting som kan vara lite mer originellt. Låten “Phase II” har redan varit med i ett skejtprogram på den amerikanska TV-kanalen ESPN, i en tävling som heter “Real Street” – som arrangeras utav X Games. Så man kan väl helt enkelt konstatera att världen kanske redan ligger framför deras fötter. Om inte nu, så kommer den att göra det, när de stampar in sina fotavtryck.

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Review: Luxury Stranger – Nothing Holy

Pressured by the original waves of post-punk from the 70’s to the 80’s, Luxury Stranger are surely a luxurious piece of music. With a huge emphasis on two different genres, the first song “Nothing Holy” really personifies the incredible mix they’ve managed to produce. As they punch through with the first song on the single, they also bridge the gap of those two genres. Containing a large portion of pretty vocals and engaging music, from times that should’ve come back a long time ago, it also engages with the slowly progression of the song into a whirlwind of total serenity. There’s also a sense of them being what they want to be, they smash the conventions and throw in a post-punk sound that regularly and eagerly re-brands the sense of a post-punk, using a musical time-machine, pitching the futuristic and wayward sound of Luxury Stranger against the traditionalism of ye olde post-punk. Even though grunge might be my eternal anti-pole, it actually brazenly up the sound-scape a notch, to where you can actually hold it accountable for much of the wonderful sounds within it.

With the next track coming up, titled “Ripple“, it gives wailing a whole other implication. The singer sure has a lot of energy, but he also holds on to a somewhat interesting voice. Only thing that is too bad about this single is that the second song really doesn’t hold up to the first one. It starts off well and I’m impressed by the instrumentation and singing, but there’s nothing more to it. The lyrical content ain’t that inspiring either, to be frank. But there’s something enthralling about the song anyway, even though it might not be my favorite on this single. Hopefully the upcoming release will hold onto the key elements that made this single a tad better, and I also hope that it will get developed. I think you should check it out if you can, you should also download it if possible. There’s a lot of potential, but there’s something missing amidst the contrasted genres. Hopefully they’ll find it before they head on.

Pre-order the digital download if you wish or you could buy the physical version over here.

Introducing: Fools For Rowan!

I got a mail about them and decided to feature them in a post. Fools For Rowan is a band from Nashville fronted by the singer Erin Mullins, and accompanied by Jordan Cullen (drums), Andrew “Gib” Williams (bass), Ryan Harrison Nanney (rhythm guitar) and Rachel Brandsness (lead guitar). I’ve listened to their music and they’re really edgy but at the same time they manage to deliver quite a mainstream-sounding eloquence musically. Nothing like the scrappy bands over at MTV or other music that you can’t stand. At first, it was like meeting my opposite but after a while that went away and I listened through most of their material. I really like the singer’s voice, it’s majestic and packs quite a punch that you don’t really hear anymore.

So I’d like you to listen to their song Killed A Man Today from their single with the same name.

It’s got a little bit of traditional gothic melancholy imbedded in a both a rock, metal and pop blend. Almost reminds me of the older music-videos you used to see on TV, so the mainstream element is a big part of it but at least the music is pretty good. So, venture of to the world of Fools For Rowan and find out if they’re something you’d like. I’d recommend you to start with the song above, after that, you can move on and find the other songs they’ve made. Hopefully you won’t stumble on the way there, but you might actually like it.