Premiere: Softly, Dear – Know My Name [+FREE DOWNLOAD]


I received a note from John Praw about Softly, Dear. It felt like it was urgent and I needed to respond to it. Therefore, I listened through the whole thing and found out that I liked it very much. In collaboration with his record label Mine All Mine, situated in Wisconsin. Since they got their album “Portico” released recently on this particular label, we decided it would be great to offer you a free download of one track. Since they’re all available for streaming on Bandcamp, you get to download the track “Know My Name” for free. You can also stream it if you like to. I chose this track because it is in the darker vein, being this album, as I’m more attuned with the darker stuff now when it’s beginning to turn into Autumn. Actually, the sampling on the track reminds me far too much about industrial then it does remind me about indie rock. It is also their debut, which makes me feel even more honored to be listening to it, yet offering you something in return. The ballad-like track is smooth as silken, but at the same time nostalgic as nobody in their right mind would be. Soothingly taking us back throughout their lyrical venture, making the whole ordeal an adventure for those that prefer indie rock over everything else. This was actually self-released by their band on CD at first, which was so successful that it almost sold out immediately, but now they’ve gotten released by Mine All Mine on cassette and as a digital download. The band is compromised of: Tyler Hart, Josh Frederick, Alex Adkinson, Ben Possi and Addie Strei. So, if you like this, grab a limited cassette for only five dollars. Stream the track itself and download it here down below, or stream the whole album. It’s your choice.

Exclusive Stream: Tangerine – The Runner


Tangerine have been working intensively to bring you yet another release. I hadn’t noticed, because I was occupied with everything else. Swoon Records are going to release their forthcoming EP titled “Radical Blossom” on August the 31st. It feels like they’re much more secure in their place where they are standing. They’ve walked in their own shoes for a while, so they’ve settled down from the more melodic and sprawling content they put out with their first release “Pale Summer“. They’re way much more sincere now with their pop-ballads that come streaming through your head, with the catchy lyrics and the concrete rhythms. Even though it might seem to be nothing out of the ordinary at the first listening, there’s some interesting things going on. It is nice to see that it seems like they’ve settled down for now. Maturity is everything, even with intensive guitars and a red line to match your eyes with, as you lock on to target and head for your goal. Dance to the pop that’s always on your side. We give you “The Runner“, which is the last track on the EP itself. It is their best track on this release, if I had to choose any of the songs. Which I had to, in the end. You can stream this track down below and wait until it’s released on Swoon Records. Do also visit their release-party if you live in the US, it’s on the 6th of September at the Comet Tavern in Seattle.

Premiere: Gran – Brain Freeze [Musicvideo]

I know of their existence, thanks to Totally Wired Records. The rhythms are funky, the melodies are thought-out, the impact is profound. Grandiose landscapes of rock music meets the underbelly of alternative and some post-punk, with psychedelic overtones. Lovely vocals, crass guitars and deepened baselines. Yes, I’m talking about Gran. The latest addition to Totally Wired Records, with three songs, three singles. They deserve to be in the limelight, as their slimy aesthetics make you begrudge that you’re not one of them. Continually chasing the spirit that is developed within their sound-scape, always after something. But, you know, you wish we’d dance like them. Their song “Brain Freeze” just got a music-video, which is what I’m talking about right here. But if you want to, you can both stream their singles and watch their music-video. Not at the same time, though. If you’re not some supernatural and abnormal human being that know how to multitask to the extreme. Just let it pour in, let it dissolve and make up your mind. By the way, their singles are available for free download ONLY today on the 19th of August. So get to it, people!


Part [II]: Channeling the power of Nostilevo!


Suffice to say, this is the second part of your indulgence with Nostilevo. I’ll keep pressing it to your face, so you can hear it for yourselves, as you roam your apartment late at nights. Peacefully, you’ll sail with me on the wide oceans that is the Spring batch of tapes from this label. Controllable, uncontrollable – everything is relative, but relatively hopeless. Everything from the purest of experimental endeavors, to scarred Gothic delights, topped of by industrial heaviness. For those of you that haven’t checked it out yet, Part II includes reviews (and only reviews) of the following artists/groups/bands: Pure Ground, Ritual Howls, Church Shuttle, Mammal and The Glass Path. Enjoy it while its enjoyable, return when you feel like returning – and read when your eyes aren’t shut.

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Premiere: The Shifting Sands – Let’s Go Down [Music Video]

Yes, it’s true. Our favorites from New Zealand are back. It’s animated by Veronica Brett again, and these psychedelic pop vibes won’t go away in the turn of a cheek. They’re a part of the micro independent label Fishrider Records. This particular song, titled “Let’s Go Down“, is their third single from their debut-album “Feel“. So check it out and watch it slowly unfurl, as you delve deep into the minds of these people. Or at least their picturesque representation of the song at hand in a fine animation.

Psychlight: Deep Space – Evil Dreams


Quantum physics? Not exactly. Rather an exploration into our widely unknown universe, in which we’re a tiny fragment of cells in comparison. The band Deep Space are searching with heart and soul, aided with psychedelia and drug-induced hallucinations, the key to the universe and our existence. In their new album “Evil Dreams“, they embark upon a trip that is both callous, but also virtually frictionless and smooth. Inject some of their ambitious adventurousness, in combination with riffs that strike a nice resemblance with their roots, in an overlaying reverberated sphere of musical landscapes. It feels like what you hear is filtered through their influences, which is constantly propped up with Pavlovian reactions that assemble an atmosphere you could only dream of in a harsh, but lucid environment. This is dedication in its purest form. Not to mention their soft-outspokenness, amidst all their psyched out rock’n’roll, which actually helps to make everything more understandable. Because they’re more focused on the general picture, which they aim to deliver to the listener, rather than taking a side. The singer becomes a narrator, as he acts like a guide throughout the music which is constantly present. Like a puppet master, it feels like the atmosphere varies in tone and general abstractness whilst he gets his messages out. Sometimes the rock’n’roll side of things takes over completely, which makes this ensemble feel like they’re rocking it out on some obscure planet. Bring back everything from the past, but make sure you’ll still contain the energy and originality yourselves, because that’s what Deep Space are doing on this release. It feels like these songs could be listened to forever, and ever. This release will be available in physical form on the 2nd of July, as a cassette limited to 175 copies, which will include a “secret” bonus track.

Recension: The Jax – Rest Your Case (CD)


Likt många andra band, så har The Jax från Sverige fått för sig att köra på det gamla hederliga rockstuket som sannerligen är populärt i dessa tider. De är ett relativt nytt band från Jönköping, som består utav Hampus Steenberg, Gustav Wremer, Sebastian Klarström och Sebastian Ogenblad. Deras debutplatta “Rest Your Case” är inte endast en, ur rockvärldens mått mätt – generisk platta. Nej, den är mycket större än det omfång som moderna rock’n’rollare utger sig för att sakrosankt försvara. Inte för inte, så rör de om i grytan ytterligare och cementerar sig själva. Resten är historia.

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Intervju med Twist Action Heroes inför deras 2-årsfirande!


Tiden går snabbt ibland. För snart ett år sedan intervjuade jag Twist Action Heroes, som ingår i en DJ-allians under samma namn. De är rockentusiaster med höga ambitioner, där de utöver att bara vara DJ’s – även driver klubben Beggars Banquet på Debaser i Malmö. Mycket har hänt sedan dess och det kändes rätt i tiden att återigen, inför deras 2-årsfirande, återkomma till deras territorium. Som ni kanske redan vet så är det Olle Helkimo och Martin Gustafsson som står bakom detta. På Lördag den 20/4 så fyller deras klubb Beggars Banquet två år. Inför detta så har jag intervjuat bägge två, där man bland annat får reda på vad som har hänt sedan förra året, konceptet som sådant och där den hemliga gästen som kommer att uppträda på firandet, avslöjas. Förutom detta så utlovas det en hel del annat, utöver det. Så ta er tid och läs igenom, och skänk ett ögonblick till att ta detta till er. Hipp hipp, hurra!

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Generalerna kommer ut ur dimman!


Generalerna tågar in med instrumenten i högsta hugg och ger er (eller oss) debutsingeln “Gator Från Förr“.

Lättsamt är väl det första ordet som kommer upp i tankarna när man tänker efter. Andra har jämfört bandet med Håkan Hellström, så visst, det finns säkerligen någonting där som påminner om honom. Men allting är inte Hellström, utan snarare en någorlunda slätstruken form av pop-rock, som lyckas stämpla in på slagfältet, iklädda popmundering – tillsammans med några attiraljer som gör det lite mer speciellt. Rent dialektalt är det ett mysterium, med tanke på att de rent ortsmässigt är oerhört uppdelade. Någonting i det låter Göteborgskt, med samtidigt även Rikssvenskt. Givetvis existerar även Anders F. Rönnblom som influens i sångarens register, till den milda grad att det nästan är så uppenbart som en knäpp på näsan. Inget fel med det, eftersom att han tillhör kategorin; underskattade trubadörer – som Sverige sällan har skådat.

Fördelen med Generalerna är just kärnan av lättsamhet, men faktumet att de inte stannar vid de socialrealistiska lyrikerna, utan snarare tar det vidare med ytterligare instrumentation. Strukturen känns inte särskilt tidstypiskt, utan det leder snarare till klassiker från så länge sedan som på 70, 80 eller 90-talet. Peppen som finns i deras kaskad av vardagsanekdoter, nostalgiska vibbar och stadscentrerad kuriosa – kan sannerligen sätta ett eller annat på kartan, förutom just musiken. Det är just detta, som tillsammans med det redan uppradade, utgör stommen som särskiljer de från det mer slätstrukna sound som de frivilligt gett sig in på.

Spotlight: Ancient Animals – Ruins


By popular demand, or rather, by The Pocket Rockets – I delve into the world of Ancient Animals. Which is weird, because I see no animals around here. Oh, wait, there they are! Last year, they released an EP titled “Ruins”. This macabre duo, consisting of Dan Reyes and Andres Freyre, will make sure you’re in for a peculiar trip. A description might not be enough, but think of a sickly drone, trying to catch its last breath. Dirty, gritty and troublesome, eclectic to the fullest extent possible. Which makes them focus a lot on the general atmosphere, which is somewhere in between a manufacturing plant and an electricians everyday business. Sometimes upbeat, uptight and with the absolute audacity – to punch you in the gut, and then pour you a raining serenade of dirty riffs. Rock’n’roll to the core, at least when it comes to the values. They are crushingly stubborn, gazing through a smoky haze of white powder, maximum hedonism and apathetic ballads. Perfect, since it was a boring Sunday hours ago. Listen to their music down below.