Premiär: Maskinåldern – Avsnitt I

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Det är svårt att veta var man ens ska börja ibland. Tiden flyter på som om ingenting hänt och det känns som om det var flera månader sedan pilotavsnittet spelades in. Egentligen är det inte mycket som har förändrats med formatet, men det känns friare på väldigt många sätt. Nu är till och med det första avsnittet någonsin av Maskinåldern inspelat och uppladdat. Det känns surrealistiskt.

Första intervjun som är med i avsnittet är inspelat i Malmö på ett hemligt ställe, eller närmre bestämt – en replokal. Där huserar nämligen en av Malmös nyare hardcoreband Urban Savage. De har satt på pränt att lira hardcore punk blandat med oi och gammal hederlig rock’n’roll. Deras debutalbum “Let Thunder Roar” ligger runt krokarna för att släppas, och från vad jag har hört så låter det som ingenting jag lyssnat på innan. Eller jo, kanske, men i mina öron så låter det unikt.

Vi sätter oss ner i en skinnfåtölj, vid ett bord där det för en stund sedan stod en tom ölburk, någon slags föda och kartonger. Det är här intervjun börjar. Mina lämpliga intervjuoffer heter Viktor och Ruben, bägge två och resten av bandet har lirat i andra band innan och listan kan göras lång. Tyvärr var de andra två i bandet inte närvarande, så det fick gå ändå. Ämnena som vi kom in på under denna intervju var både intressanta och gav en eller annan tankeställare efter att intervjun var klar. Till podcasten så har de donerat de två osläppta låtarna “I’ve got nothing to say” och “When the day comes“, bägge är tagna från det kommande albumet. Intervjun är indelad i två olika delar, med cirka femton minuter för var del.

Utöver detta så var faktiskt Magnus Gyllenswärd den som skulle få sätta agendan för avsnittet, i alla fall när det kommer till de övergripande låtvalen. Magnus är annars känd som en del av det märkliga indie-pop-bandet Differnet, men det var inte därför jag var intresserad av att intervjua honom. I hemlighet, eller nåja, under ett annat namn – nämligen “Övervarning” – så har han redan släppt fyra album. En skiftande blandning mellan dark ambient, ambient och en allmän experimentallusta. Från det första albumet “Mellan Rummen” som släpptes i December år 2012, till hans senaste album “Förberedelser / Åtgärder” som släpptes i Mars år 2014. Till Maskinåldern så gav Magnus en osläppt live-inspelning från den 6:e December för några år sedan, under namnet Bodén-Gyllenswärd.

Det har varit en intressant resa att göra detta avsnitt. Man skulle även kunna påstå att det varit omväxlande. Från att göra en intervju öga mot öga, till att vara mer digital och Skype:a. Kontrasterna mellan artisten Magnus Gyllenswärd och hardcorebandet Urban Savage är slående och kanske en del av det som definierar just Maskinåldern.

Slå er ner och lyssna på Avsnitt 1, där Urban Savage och Övervarning bestämmer reglerna.

Avsnitt 2 ligger inte långt ifrån och kommer ut inom kort. Dessutom så görs det även reklam för en hardcorefestival som går av stapeln i Uppsala den 7:e, 8:e och 9:e November.


1. Kunskapslådan – Xerox
2. Fuse – Nitedrive
3. Urban Savage – I’ve got nothing to say (Osläppt)
4. Raketerna – Ståplatsbiljetten
5. Missbrukarna – Du E Inte Du
6. The Jack Brothers – Min Lilla Ros
7. Urban Savage – When the day comes (Osläppt)
8. Ståålfågel – Avdelning stormen
9. Paper – Strider
10. Bodén-Gyllenswärd – 6:e December – Del 2 (Osläppt)
11. Blacken – Myggor som svalor tar
12. Solar Quest – Singtree
13. Nilp – Kloeti
14. Undergång – Disconnect
15. Dom Dummaste – Död

Spotlight: Squieti and Pastel – the Italian D.I.Y!

a0073546405_10With their debut-release “Impronte Nella Cenere“, the Italian math-rock outfit Squieti blend those post-hardcore vibes with a punk-attitude. Their eight-tracked album showcase their melodic talent with rather melodramatic drumming. It feels like being caught in a limbo with no way to get out of it, together with a constant barrage of melodic post-hardcore with a despaired vocalist. Even though emptiness might be his schtick, the band itself make up for a lack of atmosphere with the clinging of riffs with the concrete drumming. The technical aspects seem inverted. The arguably short hints of what could make up a rather soothing atmosphere is quickly struck down with the beat of a drum, favoring the rather amelodic connection between vocals and the general melodies of the guitars. It is clear that Squieti focus their darnedest on delivering a rather original hardcore-sounding math-rock experience, where the melody is the center of attention whilst the drums control the rhythm of the sound-scape. Positioning themselves in a fortress of their own whilst not letting anyone enter for real. There are lots of great things about their music but they have their weaknesses. Sometimes the math-rock inspired wholeness of their sound is hard to really appreciate. However, they make up for this with interesting choices of melodies and their rhythmic greatness. Their tracks seem to loosen up for the real hardcore sound when you get past the fifth track, so that’s by all means a time-stamp for when shit hits the fan for real. Listen to their album in full down below. Made possible on vinyl thanks to their friends Annoying Records, Boned Factory, Fast DIY or Die, L’oltraggio Autoproduzioni, Speed-Up Agency and Sons Of Flies webzine. Recorded and mixed by Stefano Romano in 2013, released on the 29th of January 2014.

a1784089479_10Another Italian band called Pastel did a split with the British band Merridew, featuring two songs by them titled “Momento nove” and “Laminal“. Their sound is very reminiscent of Squieti, with the difference of it being more into the screamo sound. Which is more of a 90’s-inspired one, together with desperate vocals which can also be heard from the aforementioned band. It wouldn’t surprise me if they share the same singer, because it really sounds alike when everything comes together. One main difference is the atmosphere which Pastel manages to curate from a whirlwind of drums, guitars with a rather dreamy but realistic sound, together with the stillness in between breakdowns and experimental touches of rhythm. A rather weird combination of deciding to go with a baseline that dominates through sections of their songs, especially when it comes to their second song from this split. Then it all suddenly blasts away again, making it feel like I’m able to reach further for myself, into the sky and the distant continuum that is space. They’ve got a rather space-y sound which is psychedelic when it comes to some of what it contains, but not all of it. Even though a lot of their sound is based around tempo and going downtempo, there’s nothing that can stop me from completely relaxing to this sound. Maybe it’s because of their passion which is channeled throughout, or their off-shoot from the shoegaze to the screamo sound. Whatever you’d like, this is certainly borrowing a lot of the greatest stuff from the 90’s, fueling their gruesome invasion into enemy territory. It’s because there’s a certain unfamiliarity when you try to decide for yourself what’s next. You never really know with these guys, which is a plus in my book. I might’ve heard it time and again before, but I am really into what I’m hearing. This split-release was put out by Glass of Spit Recordings on the 13th of March, and you can listen to the Pastel-side down below.

Spotlight: Passion Slaves – Demo 2014


It’s a nice day for a nip of post-punk. Canada have been boasting with their simmering environment of talents that have been emerging from nothing. One of those seem to be Passion Slaves, which I frankly know nothing about and whose imagery suggest minimalism – to such a degree that I might not even agree. But my weakness for the classic approach to post-punk seem to have tainted me this time around. The only thing which bothers me is the vocal part, but that’s a miniscule objection to their sound as such. They’ve actually recorded their first demo, so that objection might be weak to begin with. One thing I like about the vocalist is her energy when she sings, but there seems to be a show-stopper in their unharnessed energy – because at times it feels like they don’t master it yet. With that in mind, the two demo-tracks “Mortal Coils” and “Shadow Grounds” have an interesting goth rock and post-punk sound. The gloomy melodies resound in my own mind and their boasting sound as a whole give me an impression of them as serious musicians. It feels good to observe that they haven’t submitted themselves to every cliche possible when handling such an environment of genres. The fast riffing, great drumming and overall performance of this group makes me want to hear more of them. It seems like they’ve given much thought to these two songs so I wouldn’t really be hopeful for more in the near future, but who knows. I feel like there’s a mystery within their imagery and the visuals that are put into my head when listening to them. I just hope that the one ingredient, e.g. the vocalist and the lyrics, don’t steep too far down into the unlisteneable fold. Stream their whole release down below and give them some money if you like it.

Spotlight: Q///Q – Azores Azul


Quirky and steadfast, but gloomy, experimental minimal wave in a tropical setting. With our ears the minimalism can go just as far but not further, Q///Q decided to have a sound-scape that is totally subdued into minimalism with their release “Azores Azul“. Those whom stand behind this moniker are Peter Kris, GT and Quinn – which doesn’t really say that much to me. But accordingly, one of the tags are German Army, so one could say that people from the army might be involved. That wouldn’t be too surprising, because the experimentalism of Q///Q head into their territory at times. But this is a rather different palette, more quirky synthesizer, a weird landscape of sound which is suggestive to say the least. The rambling of an inane person viewed through an hourglass, slowly transforming into sand. It is like being stung by electronic bees.

The outlet for this weird music is not that surprisingly; Skrot Up – the Copenhagen haven for crazed music. Even though five tracks make up around fifteen minutes, whilst listening to this music – you can’t help being lost in transmission. Each and every hit on the synthesizer makes an awkward sound, each and every beat that can be heard is odd to say the least and the vocal impersonations that are carried around in the tropical sound that is overwhelmingly there – remind you more about every seminar you wanted to miss – with a person babbling incoherently about stuff you’ll have to learn but don’t want to. This is a good mark for Q///Q though, because they execute this weird combination with astonishing results. Experimentalism is the end and beginning within this landscape of sound, the quirkiness and the general attitude in which they bring this upon us. I’ve found my salvation, probably. You can buy the release directly from Skrot Up, it is strictly limited to sixty cassettes, you can also stream the release down below.

Video Premiere: Heroin In Tahiti – Alo

We can present to you the wonderful music-video of the track “Alo“, that Heroin In Tahiti had put up a month ago, as a celebratory gesture for their coming vinyl 7¨ on Yerevan Tapes. “Peplum” is the name of their two-sided release, featuring the title-track “Peplum” on the A-Side, a kind of post-apocalyptic hurrah for an imaginary Ennio Morricone soundtrack, blended with the fururistic gaze of Lee Van Cleef’s rather ghastly face. As we look into matters on our own, the B-Side contains the track “Alo“, which you can listen to in the aforementioned video, as you get to follow them on a trip through rainy landscapes, on their highway to heroin. When it was written, it was originally featured in the exhibition by Phil Collins, called: “In Every Dream Home A Heartache“. In comparison, “Alo” is a more gloomy track which drones into the horrific but steadily engaging sound-scape that would make you awe-inspired even if you’d hear only a bit of it. Lurking in the shadows is the face of them, their clownish demeanor and their samba-like percussion on ecstasy. We suggest you look into the visuals for the first track, whilst you mellow out with the clandestine approach of the first track, as “Peplum” ceases to exist and flows magically into the B-Side. Hear the dreamy sound change into chugging guitars with a horror-themed drowsiness to it.


The release itself will be put out by Yerevan Tapes on a vinyl 7¨ on the 2nd of May. So whilst you wait for this promising release, have a bit of coffee and relax to the music-video which Repartiseraren could harbour to his own channel. It is by no means exclusive, other than for my channel at this time, but it can also be viewed from theirs. As I said in the beginning, this is more of a celebratory gesture for the growth of an organic Nordic themed Repartiseraren, together with the internationalist vibes of Heroin In Tahiti. Join us on our joint-adventure and await total misery, a slight transfusion with drowsiness – and the exceptionally great and original sound they produce.

Spotlight: Last Night – S/T


Having been in different constellations before, Last Night is not really new in the game as such, having been in the surf-punk band The Cavaliers, taking someone from the garage punk band Fix-It, too. They released a self-titled album with The Cavaliers and the two EPs “Imhotep” and “Wild For Kicks” on Born Bad Records, Rhythm & Booze Records and Kizmiaz Records – from 2006-2011. Fix-It, on the other hand, released the two albums “Kill Kill Kill” and “Who’s The Pig” on Fix It Records and P. Thrash Records, from 2008-2011. Since then, they’ve been away for a while until these three Frenchmen (musketeers) unveil their new flag with the first self-titled Last Night EP featuring a barrage of four tracks. Which means that we’re in 2013 when this happens. The wonderfulness of this release was that it was self-released. Fast-forward the time to September, and they put out their album “Secret Tape” on Le Turc Mecanique, in the format of a cassette. A sturdy ten-tracked release marks the shape that will take them somewhere. Just now, they’ve released a digital release of their first self-titled album under the name of Last Night. Marking the release of a physical edition on vinyl to the 21st of April. Featuring both tracks from their first release, but also from their “Secret Tape” release. But, they’ve added a totally new track called “Steal Your Crown“. Making it a really interesting blend of garage rock and the best of post-punk, a screamer of an album that should’ve been listened to until the ears were bleeding, kicking it out with a punk attitude. Fortunately enough, you can do that now. Stream and listen to the whole digital release down below. The physical edition of the release will be put out by Le Turc Mecanique and Manic Depression.

Premiere: The Pocket Rockets – The Pocket Rockets


Since they released two singles “Somewhere We Can Be Alone” and “Summer Girl“, the band The Pocket Rockets have finally released their first album. A self-titled one which collects these singles and a couple of new tracks by the names of “No Control“, “Who We Are” and “MDNGHT“. Jon Siebels (Eve 6) have produced this album for them, and as they say in the first song: “nothing can stop us now“. That’s how it should feel when you’re a new band that is continually making progress. With their good kitsch indie-rock themed songs, early rock’n’roll vibe, mixed together with post-punk vibes. This  gives them a rather more interesting shape of what their indie-rock should be about, rather than the same old, same old that a lot of indie-rock bands seem to be doing. As they’ve created their own version of what it should be, the careless riffs and on point drumming is a joy to be heard. Even though a lot of their lyricism derives from the simple, it’s catchy and good together with the rest of the music. Nothing can be done more than to bob your head to this fine piece of indie-rock, feeling that summer is ahead of me – but closer then ever. We’re giving you a premiere of their self-titled album “The Pocket Rockets“, so you can listen to and take in this band on your own. Because they’ve been with us since some time now. Stream it from their bandcamp and enjoy.