Psychlight: Deep Space – Evil Dreams


Quantum physics? Not exactly. Rather an exploration into our widely unknown universe, in which we’re a tiny fragment of cells in comparison. The band Deep Space are searching with heart and soul, aided with psychedelia and drug-induced hallucinations, the key to the universe and our existence. In their new album “Evil Dreams“, they embark upon a trip that is both callous, but also virtually frictionless and smooth. Inject some of their ambitious adventurousness, in combination with riffs that strike a nice resemblance with their roots, in an overlaying reverberated sphere of musical landscapes. It feels like what you hear is filtered through their influences, which is constantly propped up with Pavlovian reactions that assemble an atmosphere you could only dream of in a harsh, but lucid environment. This is dedication in its purest form. Not to mention their soft-outspokenness, amidst all their psyched out rock’n’roll, which actually helps to make everything more understandable. Because they’re more focused on the general picture, which they aim to deliver to the listener, rather than taking a side. The singer becomes a narrator, as he acts like a guide throughout the music which is constantly present. Like a puppet master, it feels like the atmosphere varies in tone and general abstractness whilst he gets his messages out. Sometimes the rock’n’roll side of things takes over completely, which makes this ensemble feel like they’re rocking it out on some obscure planet. Bring back everything from the past, but make sure you’ll still contain the energy and originality yourselves, because that’s what Deep Space are doing on this release. It feels like these songs could be listened to forever, and ever. This release will be available in physical form on the 2nd of July, as a cassette limited to 175 copies, which will include a “secret” bonus track.

Recension: Superjam Presents: Upper Layer Cruisers – Rush Consequence

333Även en del utav Svart Städhjälp, men denna gången inom ett soloprojekt, är Martin Nilsson som kallar sig själv för Superjam Presents: Upper Layer Cruisers. Första låten på detta släpp är “Directions Through The Midnight Maze“, som påminner väldigt mycket om äldre TV-spelssoundtracks. Där ljudet på ett långsamt men säkert sätt letar sig fram mellan de olika vrår de kommit ifrån. Introt skulle mycket väl kunna simulera någon avlägsen djungelfärd in i djupaste Amazonas, där lekfylldheten hos synthpartierna letar sig in mellan tribalistiska trumslag och avslagna ljud. Retro är bara förnamnet när den minst sagt experimentella bakgrunden synar sin inte alltför avlägsna melodiska kusin. När man kommer längre in i ljudlandskapet så är manipulation A och O, då Martin på ett nästan hänsynslöst sätt utnyttjar sin potential till att vrida och förändra karaktären hos synthslingorna, på det mest bisarra vis hittills. Allting känns som om det kommer utmynna i något större, vilket det till en stor del gör, då en domedagssynth får för sig att komma in när man minst anar det.

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Review: High Wolf – A Guide To Healing (2011)

R-2775689-1300497702Spiritual and tribal psychedelic, bordering on an experimentalists delight. Beginning with the song ”Free Your Energy Field”, it certainly makes a moniker out of its own name. However, the song sounds like a combination of electronic music, almost bordering to some harder form of electronic, amidst a bumping baseline that engages from below. As the tribalism resound within a grandiose perspective of psychedelia, a sithar of some sort – subliminally engages the sound-scape and reveals its musical field of vision. For the untrained ear, it sounds a little bit dopey, but when you delve into it on your own premises, you’ll find that closing your eyes as you listen to it makes a whole lot of difference. For a start, it sounds remarkably close to any preconceived notion of what the country India is about. But instead of swallowing it whole, High Wolf embarks on an infused journey in both sound and perception. The trajectory of experimentalism and acid rock makes itself noticeable, but almost in a way that is subliminally altered. There’s something freaky about it, as it evokes feelings of distress but at the same time sheds a light on the calmness of itself, just to keep you from falling of the musical adventure you’re invited to.

A sound of flowing water, or an echo of bottles being partially or fully drenched in water, is a common denominator for the intro of the song “Swallow Pills With Ganga River Water”. As a soothing, more ethereal stance to the music blends with the nicest dimensions of fluttering, but angelic sounds. The wonderfully and almost acoustic sounds blend with more organic ones, forming a wall of sound not easily broken through. Feel as if you float in between rivers, as the water dances upon your body and as you embrace yourself in an even more exhaustible spiritual journey. As you get further into the song, the tempo accelerates slowly, as even more of the watery “flow” is being poured out and into your eardrums. It almost feels like the journey is about to end then and now, but instead continues to intrigue and make the experimentalist nature of it reveal itself during the process. Surely, a fascinating artifact that enthralls you, the more you delve into it. Being of the more satisfying releases from 2011, it deserves both a mention for its subliminality and spiritual clinging, but also for its sheer originality.

You can buy it over at Bathetic Records.

Mackaper släpper ny låt från uppkommande albumet Mot Ljusare Tider!

Mackaper, som jag skrivit om innan, har släppt en skön liten dänga vid namn “Staden Vaknar” som är tagen från deras uppkommande album Mot Ljusare Tider som släpps på skivbolaget Flora & Fauna. Låten är även producerad av Elias Krantz, och albumet släpps den 19:e December, men ni får som sagt nöja er med en av låtarna från det albumet tillsvidare. Låten påminner om hur hösten är i annalkande och melodin är avstämd och säker i sig självt, alltmedan de mer jazziga influenserna gör sig hörda och är passande i dessa mörkare årstider. Har skrivit om denna konstellation tidigare, då de avslöjade två osläppta låtar. Så sätt dig i soffan, på med täcket och njut.