Premiere: Orchidée Noire – Abscisses et Désordonnées


Being francophiles and all, there aren’t that much french music being featured here. Not because there isn’t any french music to be put up here, but because we don’t have much contact with french musicians that write lyrical content that is french – staying true to their language. A month or so ago we featured Orchidée Noire, a promising solo-project that Xavier Soquet stands by. Featuring the romantic notion of France in a bouquet of different synthesizer sounds and also a hint of non-electronic music in the shape of sharp riffs that delve into the background of the music. The french language is really the language of romance, but also it sometimes also brings a sorrowful posture, wherein Xavier and the melodic content of his often complex rhythms are laid to support his vocals. This time he’s released a music-video for his latest track “Abcisses et Désordonnées“, a rather energetic synth-pop meets minimal synth kind of track. Laying bricks to build upon his earlier track “Défense de se noyer“, which we also covered. It feels like he’s moving in the right direction with his rather innocent, but at the same time realistic music that gather a little bit of influence from cold wave. A chilling look into the magnificence of minimal synth when combined with other genres.

We’re also going to post the lyrical content of this song, so that you can make sense of it all. I believe that some of it is lost in translation, also figuratively speaking, since a lot of things loose their inherent meaning when you translate them. A rough translation of the name of the track gives us a clue that “désordonnées” means “disordered“, or “disorder“. But that’s also when we loose control of trying to figure out anything else about what the track actually means, in regards to the title. So for those of you that are interested, we’re going to post the lyrical content of this track down below and you’ll have to make up your own mind in regards to how you’re going to translate it. We’re just happy that it means something and that it adds a rather mystic feeling to the track, with us not knowing what it actually means lyrically. You can watch the video up above and you can stream the track down below. Down below you can also read the lyrical content of the track. The track was recorded in March and put out by the 5th of March.

Laisse l’échangeur des voies découper tes formes linéaires,
Admire les pensées en bouquets qui fleurissent le long de ta chair,
Reflets nuit et cervelle étoilée, l’incompressible légèreté flirte avec le rail,
Entre Abscisses et Désordonnées, entre Abscisses et Désordonnées,

Perdons ton ombre,
Perdons ton ombre,
Et trouvons la distance,
Troublons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée,

Ils te raconteront l’histoire de ceux qui n’ont su partir,
Ecoutant leur récit observe bien leur visage pâlir, leur regard s’enfuir,

Tu y rencontrera l’homme guettant son premier amour,
Sa femme à ses cotés, le cœur battant tel un tambour,
La première impression ressemble à une perte de repère,
Mais tout n’est qu’illusion, questionne donc ton imaginaire,

Quel est ton nom ?
Quel est ton nom ?
Trouvons la distance,
Trouvons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée,

Perdons ton ombre,
Perdons ton ombre,
Trouvons la distance,
Trouvons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée.

Premiere: Orchidée Noire – Défense de se noyer [Musicvideo]

Xavier Soquet, also known as “Orchidée Noire is a french-based minimal wave (and synth)/cold wave aficionado. His take on this whole ordeal is to be a little more minimalistic then his counterparts. Which is really strange, since the genre itself builds upon the concept of minimalism. Does it even get more minimal? Yes, it obviously does. Some of it actually reminds me of Techno in the start, with a nice utilization of what’s probable analogue equipment. Even though simplicity is the key, there are thoughtful layers that compromise even the smallest part of the song itself. If you’re a strong proponent of everything French, then you’d dig the vocals also. Therefore, we premiere “Défense de se noyer“, over here on Invisible Guy. Some of you might’ve already gotten the taste, but you can get even more of it here. Listen as the outdrawn synthesizers, with excruciating warmth and power in themselves are consumed by a catchy rhythmic baseline. The music-video itself is pleasurable to watch, since it feels like you’re going on your own adventure – accompanied by the song itself. Listen to it down below or watch the music-video, up above.