Spotlight: Vundabar – Antics


Sometimes, it’s hard to come by a really quirky but serious band. Sometimes, you’ll simply have to fish in a sea – empty of fish. I threw a grenade down into the sea and up came a jolly fellow. Their name is Vundabar, a band from Boston, consisting of the duo Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald. Their debutalbum goes by the name of “Antics“, which is a neatly packaged and at times, tricky concoction of both electronic influences in their almost exclusively non-electronic music. Feel the vibes of dance(eable) garage rock, with nothing but soft-spoken – and at times; ridiculous lyrical content. Imagine the mightily, and accentuated eccentrics from The Pixies, meeting a whole range of both unemotional and emotional contemptuous gadfly, surfing in with higher speed and energy. Fused with the soft-outspokenness of acoustic splendor. We’re certainly caught in their spiderweb, in the midst of their working shift, where they produce tracks with the swift motion of their hands. Surely, if you’re looking for a duo – you’ll probably hear an orchestra. They sound much larger than they should, since they’re only two people. Technically, there’s nothing you could complain about. Sometimes they venture into rare surf rock territories, with the eccentric overlook of a more outlandish attack on your freakishly generic brain – which craves generic garage rock. But you’ll get something completely different. Probably one of the more enthusiastic and bright-minded music I’ve heard for a while. The optimism, but also snarky cynicism shines through their hallow casket. For now, it’s up there in the top with some of the releases that I’m anticipating in the near future. You’ve outdone yourselves, bright boys – with your snickering smiles and uniquely diverse music. Conquer my heart and I’ll lock you in for at least a short time in my continuum, which is more than anyone else can bargain for, ever. There are eleven tracks on this wonderful album and it was released by themselves on the 24th of April.

Showcase [#5]: Battlehooch, Standish/Carlyon and Zap Dragon & The Attack!

2878273584-1You’ve got some electronic sugar running down your throat, but instead it turned out to be a bug. This time around the first one to be featued is the band Battlehooch, which have released an album titled “Hot Lungs“, one day ago. What could be said is that it’s probably one of the more avant-garde bands I’ve featured here, blending pop with quirky psychedelic rock, increasing itself to orchestral proportions. Yes, they’re like a mini-orchestra that you’d want to play tunes for you before you go to school or work. Sometimes it feels like they’re making a musical cabaret out of my own life. They’re also a reason to wake up in the morning, instead of having angst right before you’re supposed to wake up. Or at least so I felt when I played their record while brushing my teeth. Probably one of the better findings this year alone, bordering to mainstream, but actually to weird to be categorized in that category. So, what are you waiting for? You should listen to their music now when you’re having the chance to discover them. Tracks featured on this album range from “Joke” to “Organic” and it’s been released on Chuur Records.

3862554652-1Unfortunately only featuring one track, but what the heck, I’ve done this before. The band Standish/Carlyon is releasing their album later this year and they’ve put out a track for us to enjoy. Also, you might want to know the name of the upcoming album, and here it is: “Deleted Scenes“. It’s got a vibe to it that is hard to ignore, it’s versatile in both instrumentation and the atmosphere is well built. Nothing in the foundation seems to be scrawny, the synthesizer utilize its own presence in the sound-scape to give you a lingering feeling, before the percussion suddenly strikes you down with it’s bombastic sound. Simply an astounding combination of post-punk, art rock and different atmospheric electronica that will make you feel harmony within but also a slice of melancholy. Deliverance is only an option, everything is out-ruled in this particular song and I cannot wait until more songs are available from the same album. There’s also a neo-soul feeling in the singer’s voice, as he in the lower and higher keys deliver a total soulful and meaningful aura. The track that’s being featured here is titled “Nono/Yoyo” and the album will be released by Felte Sounds.

3848532998-1I might not agree with some of their lyrical content, but the overtly happy feeling convinced me to feature them. The band Zap Dragon & The Attack! might sound ridiculous if you just gaze upon their name for a second, but they’re actually in all seriousness very skilled at what they do. Recently, they released their latest album “Pain Waves” which has got a cover that made me lay my eyes upon them the first time. Remember, covers are also important, if you know how to make them look great. Well, what can be said about this band? All I can hear in my head is: “You are a sick, sick, sick – fuck!“. It’s hard to pinpoint their sound, but it’s a remarkable journey from the entrenched wonder of folk music, to the more basic punk rock outfit that you’d probably encounter everywhere else. But they’ve got some pretty great lyrical content, which has got an edge to it and an attitude you shouldn’t miss out on. This folk, indie and punk rock concoction simply makes an awesome combination, if the lyrics don’t really suck. I think the lyrics are one of their strengths, which make them stand out of the masses, in turn making me feature them this time around. Tracks featured on this album are from “Sicko” to “Little Reminders” and can be bought from their bandcamp, totally D.I.Y. So I suggest you support these people.