Mixtape: DJ Snugglez – Vandringar Bland Allt

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Something really weird happened to me today. I got this mail by someone who calls himself/herself “DJ Snugglez“, who said that he wanted to submit a mixtape. Well, I know for one that I haven’t really gotten the offering to put up a mixtape as such by anyone, really. So it was really a surprise to me that whoever this individual may be, actually bothered to send me this. But you know what? I was really impressed when I listened through it. Everything seemed to fit into the formula of this blog very well, even though I don’t limit my acceptance to boundaries that can be called “genres“. Anything that sounds good to me, will do on Invisible Guy. It would seem like this guy, or girl for that matter – might fit into the experimental scene of Sweden. Because the name itself doesn’t give me any hints, but when it comes to the title of the mixtape; “Vandringar Bland Allt” (Wanderings Among Everything), it would suggest that it would be something that could neatly fit into Zeon Light Kassett or something like it. Well, I decided to put it up for you people to enjoy. It contains a lot of different tracks that would’ve seldom fit together, but somehow they do fit on this mixtape. Everything from the most obscure stuff, like Japanese post-punk(?) and some old-school Gabber – to the likes of powerviolence-esque hardcore. Enough talking, let’s get with the program. The tracklist he/she sent me with the mixtape can be found below, and the mixtape can be listened to – down below as well. A lot of great music that I’ve never heard before, and you probably haven’t either.

1. Image Of Life – Weight Loss In Wartime
2. Automatic Writing – Continous
3. The Carjackers – Funky Beat
4. German Army – Lost In A Canyone
5. Youth Code – Sick Skinned
6. Vicious Fish – Not Fade Away
7. Mark Lane – White Glove
8. The Keffat Liv – Snorungarnas Hämnare (Jenni Jenni)
9. Saqqara Dogs – Splatter Dance
10. Vini Reilly – Misere
11. I Spartacus – The House Of Sparto
12. Zana – On
13. Nasa – Paula
14. Passions Of A Primitif – I Move
15. Surrealistic Men – Modern Packs
16. Cyclopede – Your Family
17. First Blood – Next Time I See You You’re Dead
18. Fix – In This Town
19. Nightmare Fortress – Anxiety
20. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Adaptation of the Koto Song (Live)
21. R.A.M.B.O. – The War On Self Esteem
22. The Opposition – Moving Targets
23. Berntholer – Emotions

DJ Snugglez – Vandringar Bland Allt

* I’m not that technical, so I don’t know how to embed the Mixcloud-link. So just click the link and you’ll hear his/her mixtape.

Slowday Showcase [#7.2]: M Janet Mars and Human Shield!

2125351867-1This is the first time I’ve included classical music. In a sense, it’s not only classical music, but something different. Anyway, the man behind this project is M Janet Mars from Santiago, Chile. His Wagnerian influences and minimalist versus maximal approach, he’s versatile in what he does. He released a new album titled “Janet Jouissance” today, on the 23rd of February. I might say that I’ve listened to classical and even neo-classical at best, but I’ve never delved deeper into those particular spheres, with the exception being the last mentioned. Here we have calm strokes, here we have a sculpture of your heart. Everything is containable, reachable and even unmissable. With each of the instruments doing what they do best, in their different departments, meeting in the middle. It feels like I’m at the Opera again, having a blast and watching something heartening. Even though I’ve critiqued shows in the past, the music have never struck me as this does. Meet the tradition and the progression of scales, prancing around, holding each others hand. Like an elegant ballet, or a folk-inspired dance, it doesn’t matter. Mighty sounds are coming from the depths, carefully arranged to strike every note of your heart as you bleed out in mercy. Butterflies are coming through your body, you’re finally at peace with the music and the transcendental nature of it is simply astonishing. Also, the tone alone in some of the songs, suggest a jazzy experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Compromised by its elements, not roaming free, but instilling a classical feeling deep within your own soul. Currently, one of the more intriguing releases I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I know that I say that about a lot of stuff, but this shook my ground in the right moment. There’s also something for everyone here, you can pluck out anything to your heart’s desire. Come forth, ye bold and brave, don’t stay alone and don’t walk astray. Everything will be put at your heart, together with the shy and the naive, breaking barriers in between. A little poetry cannot hurt, because it is developed within the realms of the magnificent M Janet Mars! Featuring tracks from “This is the Haunt” to “Dawn of the Haunt“. This was released on the non-profit label Mesmerize Savant.

4024917429-1Alright, it’s time for some brutality. For those of you who don’t know, Human Shield consists of ex-The Aftermath, Coke Bust, Sick Fix and current State Violence/Dealbreaker members. Well, that’s a hard line-up right there that you’d have trouble overcoming. Currently, they’ve released their first “DEMO 7¨“, which will be the particular release that I’ll be covering. At times it sounds like scandicore, but it’s got some of that interesting power violence touch among itself which makes the unbearable even more unbearable. Gritty, powerful, extreme – to the absolute core with shredding great accuracy. The vocals are an absolute horror to even encounter, which is meant in a good way, because it sounds even more brutal than much of the stuff that can be found in even more “extreme” genres, how one even could counter the extreme power violence etiquette, is the next question. One of the greater things about the vocals is that he reaches so deep and has a broad spectrum of total annihilation, which is bestowed upon us listeners. It also sounds great even though it’s down below in the mud and in the filth, which is a great thing when it comes to demos, because I’ve never been a fan of screechy and unsustainable tapes/vinyls. You can actually listen to this and keep your head intact, but it’s some of the most brutal stuff I’ve heard from that part of the world. D.C. seems to know where it is at and they do it with such a great vigor that I already convinced myself to buy a copy of this. What more can be said, really? I don’t like to go on for ages, but this is something you definitely should check out. Even though Showcase is something you should check out all-in-all, this is absolutely something I can recommend from the bottom of my murky heart. Featuring tracks from “” to “Let it Burn“. This has been released on the awesome label Cricket Cemetery.