Exclusive Stream: Barren Womb / Remote split!


The Norweigan noise-punk outfit Barren Womb is keeping at it, releasing a split 8¨ together with the French doom-grind band Remote on The Perfect Hoax. Since Norway is our destination and Sweden is generous, we’ve teamed up with The Perfect Hoax, making your Monday a little bit more potent. This means that you’ll get an exclusive stream of the whole split-release here on Invisible Guy. Featuring the songs “Visual AIDS” and “Deal or no krokodil” by our Norweigan gentlemen from Barren Womb, whilst Remote is gracing us with the song “Plagues and rats“.

Yes, just fixate your eyes below and start playing it – you will not regret it. For those of you that fancy it a little bit more, I can tell you that it will be released on the 12th of April and you can fetch your pre-order here. Start it up, turn it up and play it loud! By the way, do also check out their tour down below. Barren Womb will also go out on a European tour together with the Norwegian band Jabba the Butt.


12.04 Oslo, NO @ Verkstedet w/ Higgs Boson, Shaving the Werewolf

13.04 TBA

14.04 Hengelo, NL @ Innocent w/ The Daydream Fit

15.04 Amsterdam, NL @ TBA

16.04 Münster, DE @ Wagenplatz

17.04 Brussels, BE @ Le Bunker w/ Siamese Queens

18.04 Tournai, BE @ Le Cornwall

19.04 Rouen, FR @ Highlands Café w/ Remote

20.04 Paris, FR @ La Cantine de Belleville w/ Remote

21.04 TBA

22.04 Basel, CH @ TBA w/ Remote

23.04 Civitanova Marche, IT @ Bar Gioia

24.04 Vienna, AT @ Rehearsal space

25.04 Chemnitz, DE @ Subway to Peter

26.04 Berlin, DE @ XB w/ Autovogel

27.04 Gothenburg, SE @ Aktivitetshuset Majorna w/ No Omega, This Gift is a Curse

Compilight: Fjellsmug Kompilation One!


It’s an older compilation, for sure, but it needed to be placed here. The Fjellsmug Kompilation One was released a year ago on the wonderful Cologne-based label Fjellsmug Rekords. Yes, just by reading the name I imminently understood its Norwegian roots. This compilation has something for everyone, from wondrous ambient to echoing acoustic. From electronica, to more beat-oriented music. Likewise, their main focus isn’t to categorize things into genres, but rather into “sound-scapes“, “melodies” and everything related to musical terms. Which becomes perfectly clear when you listen through it. Conceding to the terms of variance, settling with a general impulse of musicality to attract from the broader spectrum of people. Head on over to their bandcamp, or listen to it down below. You can also buy it in CD-format, limited to an edition of 50 copies, for 5 euros if you live in Germany – otherwise you can get it for 7 euros, including shipping.

Folklight: Ergo – Mountaineering


Norway is on the run again. No, they’re not running, they’re actually Mountaineering. The multi-instrumentalist Ergo presented his latest album (from 2009), which goes by the name of “Mountaineering“, on the small Norwegian collective/label Metronomicon Audio. I’m not that fond of music that is based around a singer and his instrumentation, but this was something special. First time I listened to this album, made me realize how much potential this guy actually has. From the top of the mountain, down to the cabins on the ground – this is some freakish, but at the same time volatile, music. Channeling the fluidity of experimentalism, folk and indie. If you have time on your hands and enjoy interesting music, this is probably something for you. Make your way up the mountain, sit down with some hot chocolate and find the enjoyability in Ergo.

Shevils släpper ny singel!


Norrmännen är igång igen och visar sitt ansikte, denna gång i form av det norska hardcorebandet Shevils. Deras hemlighet ligger i den pulserande blandningen av både skandinavisk hardcore men även en ådra av gammal hederlig amerikansk rock’n’roll. Förutom detta kan man även spå en del jazzinfluenser, så med andra ord ligger de alltid på gränsen. Tur är väl det, med tanke på att de nu har släppt en ny singel från deras kommande album vid namn “We Walk On Shattered Glass” som sannerligen spränger bort glasfasaden med det långsamma, men ack så hårda soundet. Dessutom så spelar de live tillsammans med det norska punkbandet Exploding Head SyndromeKarateklubb #4 i Oslo den 13:e Mars, för att fira singelsläppet. Luta dig tillbaks, spänn fast säkerhetsbältet – för nu blir det genrebräckande kvalitétshardcore för hela slanten.


Three Winters släpper sin första musikvideo!

Den norska synthvågen sköljer över Sverige med nöd och näppe. Åtminstone om man bor i de södra delarna. Nyligen släppt av det svenska kvalitétsbolaget Beläten i form av “The Atrocities EP“, som är gruppen Three Winters debut, med medlemmar som Anders. B, Kim Sølve (Blitzkrieg Baby) och Lars Fredrik Frøislie (White Willow/Wobbler), så skyr de inga medel. Dessutom så är de aktuella med musikvideo till låten “Atrocities“, som endast kan beskrivas som ett bländande audiovisuellt verk med hjärtat på helt rätt ställe, inom de neonfärgade ljusens domän. Där ljusets makt drar ifrån, kommer den bekvämliga, men mörka synthpopens emissarier in i bilden. Spana in deras musikvideo ovanför och lyssna till deras senaste släpp nedanför. Tack till IT’S A TRAP! för nyheten.

Invisible Guy recommends: 80s Minimal Wave! (Part II)


This list is by no means my all time favorite minimal wave gems, but more a blend of both obscure and more well-known artists and groups from this dimension. The numbers mean nothing. Hopefully it will be ten great tips that people can be inspired by and find music they’ve never heard, but also help them get into the genre that is minimal wave. Not everything in the list may qualify as one hundred percent trve minimal wave, but I try to keep it as close to it as possible.

You’re now entering Part II of the recommendation.

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