Listen: Xakatawaga, Blue Krishna, Bad User Experience and David Allen!


Finally, the four releases that were incorporated into the MMXIV Winter catalog at Nostilevo, are released. Neal Samples may be the one behind the moniker Xakatawaga, as you otherwise know him as Tollund Men, but also as the proprietor of Bleak Environment – an independent label, based out of America – that specializes in industrial, noise and black metal. The repetitive motion that is released with “Vol. 1“, which is the first release under this moniker, reminds me a lot of schranz techno, except the fact that the basis for it is more or less based on the off-shoot of techno, mixed in with industrial experimentalism and rhythmic noise. Bob your head from one place to another, as this bleak and repetitive notion keeps on rolling by – watered down by psychedelic hallucinations. Conjugating with the rough winds beneath, extracting and putting in place – what makes industrial so harsh and barren in the first place. Transgressing the narrative that techno is only techno, crossing over into unorthodox territories to make the combination even more wild and interesting. Four tracks that span up to 23 minutes in length, if added together. Featured by their names, in correct order; “Uay“, “Blue Soul“, “Cygne” and “Nu Contact”. Buy this release for 7 dollars if you want a cassette, or 6 dollars if you want it digitally. I’d suggest you getting the physical release instead of the digital, since it’s only 1 dollar more and you get something you can hold on to.


Being one of the most interesting releases in this batch of four, Blue Krishna makes the best of what you can take from new-wave and slap their own electronic vibe onto it. It’s in the atmosphere of industrial as such, making use of the experimental nature, forcing their own synth-popish backstab, into the psychedelic trench. Alex Jarson from Body Of Light, which can be heard when you listen to it, shapes his own form of badness through Krishna. Yes, that was a really lame joke. But influences from that project can be heard in this as well. Having been tightly affiliated with Ascetic House under his aforementioned moniker, made it to Chondritic Sound in the end, and transformed into Bad Krishna for his place to be – which came to be Nostilevo. The project delivers the most interesting differentiations, as lavish synth-pop with industrial drums is turning its way into your consciousness. Leaving you with some hope, since it’s only beginning. With a ceremonious chant applied to a dance-rhythm infused into the harsh landscapes of industrial. Clocking in at 23 minutes, roughly, when all songs are added up. The album is titled “Repeat Until Death” and feature the four tracks; “Can’t See The Line“, “Taman Shud“, “Mayflower Spring” and “Rising Sun (It’s Just Beginning)“. Buy the digital release for 6 dollars and the physical cassette for 7 dollars. It seems like a lot comes out from Los Angeles, and that a lof ot it never leaves. But we’re now left with Bad Krishna. Even though it is hard to understand, it’s probably among one of the more unique sounds I’ve heard in my life.


This is one of those projects that you wouldn’t care too much about in the beginning, but the more you listened to it, the more it enthralled you. Bad User Experience‘s release “CGi” feature a lot of tracks that have been featured elsewhere, like the track “Look NE Direction” that was on the “Industrialized [FROM] Sense” mixtape that came out last year, here on Invisible Guy. This is a total mind-bender, which allude to the more bizarre sounds that can be fitted into different categories, if at all. There’s certainly a sci-fi influence, which shouldn’t be hard to hear at all, and it basically feels like drifting into a black hole and experiencing it from within – with all the absurdities that come with it. Or maybe, if you’d incorporate the phenomenon déja vu into music-making, with the main difference; of it happening every second that you’re producing anything. Some of it is lo-fi groove in a can, other things are re-hashed hits evolving into an industrial mess of danceable beats. I believe you’ll have to have some kind of substance in you to make any sense of it as a whole. Which is certainly not anything I would recommend, but it seems to be that way. This release has six tracks and they come in the order of: “FORUM“, “The Matrix The Movie“, “BLACK HOLE BRENDAN“, “DESIGNegative“, “Look NE Direction” and “WATSMATTU“. It can be bought digitally for 6 dollars, and physically in the form of a cassette, for 7 dollars.


It’s time for something more outdrawn. In the sense of longer tracks, more specifically. David Allen is the last one in the batch of these four cassette-releases, with his collection of three tracks titled “1188 OST (Sections I​-​III)“, which follows an abstract theme. Gradually shifting from noise in the first section, to claustrophobic industrial in the third section. It gets louder and more noisier, and then it suddenly cools off and gradually shifts to getting even louder. The inherent meaning behind this release is something that is unknown to me. He explores the different modes and settings, in which he makes music with. But this could be considered to be virtual non-music, and someone else should try to explain it more thoroughly. I must say that this release might just be for people whom are interested in experimental and noise, but also in the different subtle changes that can be made within the time-span as long as over 12 minutes. Because some of it I don’t get, and some of it is frightening. If you leave your telephone laying besides the holder, this is probably the noise it would make. Anyway, it clocks in at roughly 30 minutes all-in-all. The tracks are as follows: “Section 1“, “Section 2” and “Section 3“. It can be bought digitally for 6 dollars, and physically in the form of a cassette, for 7 dollars. So if you’re deeply entrenched in noise, this would be something considered well-worth of being bought.

Premiär: Pär Thörn & Martin Küchen – Växjö 130509


Zeon Light Kassett med Joakim Granlund vid rodret har alltid överraskat på ett eller annat sätt. Denna gången är överraskningen lite större, dock inte med tanke på val av personer, men i alla fall genren som man hamnat i. Pär Thörn, som är en av de artister, som utges inom ramen för Zeon Light 051 – har en gedigen diskografi när det kommer till field recordings. Från det tidigaste släppet “Följ Bara Anvisningarna“, släppt på Firework Edition Records, till “Variations On A Theme By Pierre Degeyter (Celebration Of A Revolution)” med Leif Elggren. Tillsammans med sin vapendragare Martin Küchen, som även är saxofonspelare sedan länge, så kommer de släppa “Växjö 130509” – vilket kan antydas vara ett tidsdokument av just den dagen. Inte för att jag är nämnvärt intresserad av fältinspelningar som genre, eller förstår mig på det överhuvudtaget, men det finns något där som är så lockande. Egentligen kan det bara ses som en slumpmässig lottning att det blev just detta, med tanke på att premiärspelningarna har duggat tätt nu på senare tid. Men det finns en slags visuell skåra i den här låten som ni kommer att få lyssna till, exklusivt på Invisible Guy. Låten i sig kan antas vara ett livespår när man kommit tillräckligt långt in, men det är inte så säkert när man först lyssnar på det. Det som är säkert är att det utspelar sig i Växjö.


Det är en långsam process av att försöka förstå varför de gjort just på detta sätt, och vad innebörden kan tänkas vara – eller om det ens finns någon innebörd att ta hänsyn till? Det låter i vilket fall som socialrealism instoppat i märklig experimentalism, när de ljud man hör egentligen skulle kunna vara vilka vardagliga ting som helst – enda skillnaden är att de är stöpta i ljudform och att det egentligen inte är något man tar hänsyn till vardagligen. Måhända tar man hänsyn till något för stunden, men den här låten frambringar mycket eftertanke. Kanske borde det inte ens kallas för låt, då det är närbesläktat med “non-music” – kanske inte en genre i sig, men en beteckning för “icke-musik“. Nåväl, låt “Växjö 130509” ljuda genom ert system nu när ni kan streama släppet exklusivt via Invisible Guy.