Promo: Midnight Smack – Knowledge Eater


Nick Siamas makes really interesting music. For anyone that doesn’t (in particular) like hip-hop, I wouldn’t waste my time with this, otherwise. I’ve been coming back to him on a regular basis, since his releases come out pretty frequently. Earlier, he’s released “Feline Sleepwear” and two other releases, but he’s also been featured on a compilation. But the aforementioned release is probably what I know him from, at least. His beats are chopped up and repetetive, but together they create an atmosphere that is hard to come by without that certain feature. This album is, however, one of the less crazy and more atmosphere-oriented pieces he’s put out yet. Now it sounds like a mix in between beats, psychedelic environments and some kind of drumstep – closely attached to a d’n’b kind of thing. Mix that with the regularity of trip-hop and what crazy vibes you’d get from that particular sphere of music. Yes, it’s a sample-laden bomb that will blow your speakers out, but at least listen to the baselines and quirky rhythms that form together with one another, to create an intricate melody. Now, we’re ready for what the name of this release actually is. It’s “Knowledge Eater“, and with it, Nick Siamas takes his Midnight Smack project to a whole other level. Stream it freely down below and enjoy. You can also download the whole shebang for free.

Whatlight: Midnight Smack – Feline Sleepwear


Think of the good old days, with a choir of singers humming melodies, breaking out in a totally wild chorus. Now, chop it out and sort out the blocks within the song – do also add a huge slab of electronica. You’ve got it covered, but you’d also have to include some hip-hop/trip-hop beats and you’re safe. Hip-hop must be the last genre I would ever feature on this blog, but this sounds pretty original. If you can last a glitchy and chopped out singing sample, covered by bloated beats and engineered in a good way – you’ll outlive Midnight Smack. This is certainly weird, at so many levels, but you simply can’t ignore it. When it comes to the beats, they’re layered perfectly and are rhythmical to the fullest. Also, the singing is perfectly fashionable and a homage to all the great singers collectives of yesteryear. At least that’s how I think of it when I listen, but I could be wrong. Check it out and listen to it down below.