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Being featured on compilations has its perks. silk entry have been featured on the compilation “Beko_100” in 2012, with the track “Channel 80“. The label BEKO DSL put together the collaborative effort of one-hundred artists, into a whole compilation that spans over a lot of minutes. Three months later he was featured on “The Scrap Mag 0001” with the track “Shard“. The project was originally started up some time in 2012, with his whole foot in improvisational methods in creating tracks, rather then structuring them up. Since then, he’s been pumping out tracks the latest weeks. He’s also involved in some way with the unisex clothing-line Lamirrital, whose clothes range from zebra-patterns to total black. But when it comes to this solo-project, eight tracks in the matter of a little more then two weeks have been put out. The project itself is based out of New York City, and he seems to be experimenting and having fun – rather than claiming to be a serious “electronique” musician. Some of these tracks are old and some of them are completely new. There’s not much that we know about silk entry, but we know that he produces a furious blend of electro and overly danceable electronica in a new beat, or new body, fashion. It’s something that we adore. Therefore you will be able to listen to and stream these tracks down below.

Interview with Total Accomplishment!

I took some time off and went on a venture through binary and source-code. Just kidding, I delved into cyberspace and found more information about Total Accomplishment. Since Seacrypt recommended this fellow and his band, I complied by looking into the matter. Everything went good, and Total Accomplishment is a pretty dodgy form of electronica, namely in the genre New Beat. So I had some precious time on my hand and decided to conduct an interview with Mat Dryhurst from this project, to tell me more about it, about, the music industry and much more. Hope you’ll enjoy this one too.

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