Exclusive Premieres: Kaval and Niedowierzanie!


R-5883490-1405360667-8956Vrystaete is yet another endeavor by the already busy Martijn from Enfant Terrible. It is a new sub-label meant to capture folklore, psychedelic and lo-fi sounds, with emphasis on small editions that come handcrafted with packaging, artwork and everything attached to a release. The first release on this label was an album with Kaval, a Holland-based duo compromised of Ian Martin (DJ from Rotterdam) and Derk Reneman, who’s also a DJ (and producer) from the Netherlands, known by the name of Roberto Auser. The album is called “Zee Van Gedachten” and is an ominous release featuring the likes of field recordings mixed into ambient, not too far of a leap from their first album “Sky Of Mirrors“, but rather more well-thought out. A soundtrack to the new generation of folk-fearing peoples that only get their doses of that through electronic music, although much of it could be considered to be non-music – rather a palette of different thoughtful sound-scapes – all centered around the vibes that instruments and ambiance create together. When listening through it, I came to the conclusion that “Mechaniek Der Dingen” would be my tune of choice, because it brings a lot of nostalgia to me and could’ve been a track featured in Diablo 2 or any of those earlier games, those games with a darker atmosphere around them which made them more enjoyable – yet with undertones of scariness. You can listen to that track exclusively down below. If you like what you’re hearing, consider buying the vinyl from Vrystaete, over here.


R-5877459-1405412461-9551The second release on this label, whose great start with Kaval could not be mentioned enough, was with Niedowierzanie (meaning: disbelief, in polish).  He’s been around for much longer, having released his first album “Niedowierzanie” in 2008 on the label Reue Um Reue. I kid you not, the man behind this project is French and his name is Léo Maury – an experimental artist delving into the Mediterranean folk-sound. Otherwise known for his projects; Hjärna (Brain), Helaas – a four-man experimental group, and the three-man neofolk duo that is Wermut. When it comes to Léo Maury’s track record, nobody can deny that he hasn’t got the experience to pull off something this delicate. Even though a project like this sears with the passion of our Southern European brothers, there is a certain delicacy which comes into play when listening to the album, which is by the way called “Felicita” (to congratulate?). It feels like a combination of World War II french recordings, together with the romanticism that have shrouded the french for years and years to come – with the rather raw passion that is delivered amidst a barrage of traditional instruments – a call for some kind of Italian and Spanish (Catalan) folklore music. I know that I am not an expert when it comes to this, but it is what my impressions were when first listening and what they still are. Have all that and the experimentalism which lays the foundation of Léo Maury’s craft and you have the complete product. I chose the track “Bappa“, an exclusive track for you to listen to, because I feel like it embodies what my impressions were and it is like a summary of the album. If you like what you’re hearing, buy the album here.

Exclusive Premiere: Dmitry Distant – System Control (Ekman Remix)


The clash of two greater artists is the clash of minimal synth and dark electro. This time, there is no room for an original track, but room for a remix. Two artists that have gained control, two artists that have some thing in common, and some things that are uncommon. As the lavishly created spasmic rhythms that follow a trail emblazoned by the most minimalistic of synth you’d ever lay your hands upon, but at the same time delivering the chaotic atmosphere of electro. Yes, electro was infused in the original version of “System Control“, but it’s even more infused with Ekman‘s style of electro, which has a muddy layer of atmospheric delight – to infect your senses with. There may be similarities between the two, but they’re in no way so similar that it wouldn’t make any difference if he (Ekman) lent a hand to the production. No, he has not produced the track itself, but his analogue remixing has been a similarity to be reckoned with.

When there’s a choice, you’re surely enough berated by Beläten, whom is the master of decision in this case, too. But from the choices he gives you, you must choose wisely. Therefore, even though there’s a rough enforcement from he who’s holding the strings, you can’t help but enjoy yourself. This remix is a part of a bigger picture, of Dmitry Distant’s contribution to the world as such, through his forthcoming release on the label – namely “Le Dérivé De L’Amour“. A four-tracked EP that gives you two original tracks and two remixes. Part of the Beläten-catalog as Jera, referring to the rune Jēran symbolized as the j-rune “” of the Elder Futhark. The meaning of this rune is “season” or “harvest“, and you bet we’ve harvested the best for you, through our options.

So we’re proud to give you the remix by Ekman of the track “System Control“, created by Dmitry Distant. Prepare for the signature influences that only Ekman can deliver, which makes this track a little bit darker, but also more passive. There is something lurking in the dark, and the only way you’re going to find out is by listening to it. This is the first remix that we’re setting free for your listening pleasure, which makes this occasion all the more special to us – and to you. The Netherlands is calling, and they’re infiltrating your sound-scape as we speak. Stream this whole track and remix exclusively from Invisible Guy, until you buy the physical edition of this release, which comes in the shape of a cassette (C18). The release itself will be up for pre-order on the 31st of January.

Label: Beläten

Cat#: Jera

Artist: Dmitry Distant

Exclusive Song: System Control (Ekman Remix)

Title: Le Dérivé De L’Amour

Format: C18


From Moscow comes Dmitry Distant with four tracks of mesmerizing analog worship electro. It’s minimal and it’s dark, but underneath the cold melancholy bubbles unbridled passion: passion for the rhythm, passion for the deep bass resonances, passion for the hooks that will continue to ring in your ears for days on end. Le Dérivé De L’Amour is nicely rounded off by two remixes of the track System Control by Beläten favourite Ekman and The Exaltics respectively.

Like all Beläten releases, this cassette comes with a complimentary download version on a dropcard.

The words of the system controller of Beläten

Exclusive Premiere: Saralunden – Hug Me


Winter is almost here, so hold your loved ones tight – at least those of you that care. Yesterday, Gooiland Elektro premiered a track from the December-release, of Saralunden’s forthcoming 12¨, titled “Suggestive Boy“. It was the title-track on the release itself, namely; “Suggestive Boy“. Which seemed to have gotten a warm welcome from the awaiting listeners. I was interested in the release itself before, but had no idea what was coming my way. Sara Lundén herself is a Swedish singer, musician and performance artist. Today, I got to hear more from her current repertoire that is going to come out in December, and I must say that I was blown away by the atmospheric sensuality and sincere need of closeness – is a recipe for fantastic afterthought. Why do I say this? Because everything seems so thought out, yet spontaneous. You begin thinking about who you hold dear, and why they mean so much to you. With her wonderful disco-vibes and enigmatically, dark synthesizers – she sets sail for a love long lost, a kind of kicked back nostalgia that is fitted to our reptile brain. Everything you’d ever remember from “back in the days“, a kind of retro-fantastic throwback and eulogy to a certain kind of nostalgia I’ve felt myself. It’s not about being stuck in the past or in those lovely memories, but it’s about remembering them and realizing how dearly you actually need to hold them, before they disappear away. A reminder to everyone, that should enlighten you and make you caress those special memories, because they’re the only ones you have. With winter closing in, I believe that these moments in your life will appear before your eyes and lead your way. This track is very dear to me even though I’ve only spent a whole night listening to it, so I wanted to collaborate with Gooiland Elektro and give you the track “Hug Me” – which is the last track on the 12¨-release itself. Stream this exclusive track down below and check out Sara Lundén on Facebook.

Exclusive Stream: Profligate – Dormant


Together with Gooiland Elektro, we premiere the final October batch that is coming out on that label. Earlier, you got This Morn’ Obeah and a track from the compilation Club Funny Horse. You’ve finally received the last track that is an exclusive stream here on Invisible Guy. If you know Profligate, it’s a whole new world opening itself in front of you. In this release, namely; “Can’t Stop Shaking“, he blends together the precarious synth-pop with strings attached that orients itself towards industrial, to finally spark off and ignite the fuse that is an outlandish trance-ish experience right around the corner. Everything is macabre, yet so intricate, that it doesn’t matter in the end. Because you’re on the receiving end of something painfully nostalgic, together with adamant structures that rip through your brain in a rather low tempo. Bang the drums, caress the textured landscape of abominable – yet so intriguing – synthesizers. Charge towards the gate and open the door for the track “Dormant“, which is featured on the B-Side of the two-tracked 12¨ that will be unleashed by Gooiland Elektro, sooner or later in October. You can exclusively stream that track down below, only from the Invisible Guy‘s soundcloud. A big thank you to Martijn Gessel (head of Gooiland) for making these wonderful premieres a reality.

Exclusive Stream: Popsimonova – Danas Si Slab


Yet again, we bring you an exclusive stream of an forthcoming track from a coming release. This time, we’re honored to be pushing for a Gooiland Elektrorelease, which is a sub-label for Enfant Terrible – a much revered Netherlander label. We’re going to bring you another exclusive in a couple of days, from the same label. But until then, you’ll have to wait. The Croatian wonder Popsimonova is releasing her 12¨ on Gooiland Elektro before August ends, so in an attempt to give you a little bit more from that perspective, we’re streaming the exclusive track “Danas Si Slab“, from the B-side of this release. Expect heavy cold electro, pushed in by a lot of waves. A full-on assault of minimalism, coldness, and rigorous vigor for over four minutes. With soothing, but uncanny rhythms, you hear the dark undertones of behind the former iron curtain. You can stream the track down below, but you can also pre-order the 12¨ from here. Come back in a few days, because there’ll be another goodie from Gooiland Elektro to be streamed. In the meantime, enjoy!

Slowday Showcase [#7.5]: Rusted Brain and Crystal Maze!

954218932-1Time for the last round of the Slowday Showcase. It’s been two slow fucking days and I’m not going back. Time for a barrage of thrash, with the polish purveyors Rusted Brain. Currently being actualized with their album “High Voltage Thrash“, which surely makes a name in and of itself. It’s obvious that these maniacs have conjured this fine landscape of sound, to enthrall us mortals with their very presence. As a whole, they blend the heaviness of black metal in their subliminal background, as they portray their own thrash in a more positive light – making it the overlapping sound of the whole she-bang. Technically, this rips me to shreds whilst listening and the utmost riff will tingle in my spine for minutes after the song is complete. Unfortunately, only two songs are featured from the track-list of nine songs. Which makes this a little bit harder to pass judgement on, but if I concentrate, I shall be able to do it. The only thing that might not be so fascinating about it is the vocals, but everything else is totally on point. But, yeah, the singer is not only problematic, he delivers a whole ripping out of the dungeon. It might not always match the crazy sound-scape, but he at least makes an effort and energizes a barrage of riffs, before the drums are totally whacked out of existence, due to the thrashing. If there’s one album where you can’t use the word “thrash” enough, it might actually be this one. In one notion or another, they remind me of a thrashing outfit, influenced by Vader to a degree. At least when it comes to the underlying heaviness and the general picture of a “huge” landscape of sound, dwelling in the dark, waiting to hunt you down. Fuck, this is surely one of the much better releases in that category this year alone. What a great way to start your year, with a total annihilation of your brain. Or at least your eardrums. Quickly, fetch your head and head-bang to it, because it will be worth it in the end. Featuring tracks ranging from “Intro (Apocalypse Now)” and “Burn ‘Em“, but only two songs up right now. Released by the American label Tridroid Records on the 21st of February.

1278532432-1Have you ever wanted some of that sweet techno from Detroit back? Well, wait no longer, because it is returning. From this duo coming from different parts of the world, namely Italy and the Netherlands. They’re called Crystal Maze and will never cease to amaze. Currently achieving their dream with a totally new double-LP album titled “Enter The Maze“. Everything clings to the ambient sphere of things, with a lot of overlaying Detroit techno for the masses to indulge in. But I don’t think this is going to appeal to them, more than it will appeal to you hardcore Detroit techno fans out there. There’s a lot of minimalism in it, some influences of IDM and other things that will get you off course. Imagine yourself twirling into the weirdest galaxy you’ve ever been in, following the trail of 808 beats and sufficient blip-bloops. Imagine being out for a walk, in the middle of the country, while it’s raining. Your ideal soundtrack would of course be something like this, as you contemplate about life through the eyes of Crystal Maze. Something about these tracks also sound mystical, as if they were embodying a more jazz-induced experience, but instead within the realms of electronica. Suggestive landscapes, cigarettes blowing smokes and dank, unlit neighborhoods. Hard, swooping electro is not an exception either, which would be a telltale of their amazing width and length – both genre-wise and track-wise. It’s also sufficient to say that they’re not cutting any slack on these tracks, because they’re either pumping along or streaming with landscapes, that would make the genre ambient scream out in full jealously. In the snap of a finger, it can go from a mysterious manhunt, to a sincere electromechanical pick nick out in the field. Quite a rush, quite a feeling and quite abnormal when it comes to Detroit techno. At least if I reminiscence of the days before and walk away because of those in front of me. This is how you tell a story. Featuring tracks ranging from “Overture” to “Gateway 11“, released by the label aDepth Audio on the 18th of February.

Review: The Heat – 7¨

4119685097-1Bluesy psychedelic rock straight from the Netherlands. Conjuring a sense of times past and introducing new but functioning blues into the mix in the first track “Troubled“, together with the singer that delivers a strike with his voice each time he sings. The absolute graciousness of the riffing is a central part of the sound-scape and also forms a melody which is part catchy and part doused in psychedelic forms. The sheer musical outfit of this track is hell bent on covering all these important things in a longer row. If I ever needed an example on Netherlanders that can rock it out, this would be a prime example, just listening to the song at hand. Even though there are certain rock overtones, I believe the psychedelia takes over at times and that the blues is even stronger.

Whilst the next track “In My Mind” delves deeper into the psychedelia of yesteryear’s, the overall quality of the music sprouting out into my ears is flabbergasting. A melodic chant of luminescence, which just spreads itself out all over my face, as I lighten up and dance with my feet to the beat. Even though this kind of music isn’t my slice of the cake, I still take a huge bite out of it. There’s a lot of great energy in the song as well, which will keep you on your feet whilst listening through it all and just when I thought of it, the riffing almost bursts into a solo. It’s just what a rock track should be and it also has the right length for it, since you never get tired of it and repeat it over and over again.

Now when we’re down on the track “Like You In The Evening“, there’s also a harmonica entering the mix. Flavoring it with the sweet taste of Americana. Not that it was the essential thing to make it down that road, but I think it added a little bit to that purpose. The sound-scape seems a little bit too dampened, as it blocks out the sound of both guitars and the harmonica when they’re playing together. But I guess that’s just an essential thing, as the harmonica comes back into the picture without it being low-sounding, when the singer bursts into his signature song. This is a little bit too much of nostalgia anyway, but I believe that the fresh sound-scape really points out some great improvements when it comes to finding their own sound. I feel like there’s a lot of resemblance between this and the old-school of rock and blues, but it sure takes on a whole other outfit when in the hands of The Heat.

The last track “Into The Mountain” confine the whole experience into a tiny little box, ready to be unpacked and released. It might not be the best song on the 7¨ as a whole, but it adds a little bit of extra steam to that psychedelic sound all together. Which I fancy a lot actually, since it refines the sound-scape and makes it more dreamy than a repetitive stale blues-piece. The rhythm is absolutely fantastic and so is the tempo of the song in general, as is the singer’s voice when he escalates it into the “fuzz box“. Afterwards, the whole things let on some fire and lights the whole place up with the chugging riffs and the completely out of hand drumming. To conclude this, I must say that this 7¨ is a very good representation of the band as a whole and definitely something you should check out, at least if you’re interested in bluesy psychedelic rock, if you catch my drift!