Interview with Pink Narcissus!

Photo by: Lee Towsey

Sounding like somewhere in between The Birthday Party, Soundgarden and Bauhaus, the UK rockers Pink Narcissus from Brighton surely embody long lost phase of rock’n’roll experimentation. The quartet is made up by Oli Spleen (Vocals), Paddy Longlegs (Guitar), Cod Riverson (Bass) and Cookie Allen (Drums). Since they once started out in 2009, up until now they’ve released one debut EP and the mini-album Block Your Eyes / Shield Your Ears, whereas the first one gained quite a following on YouTube – amidst the release of their video for the song Disenfectant. In the middle of March they released the video for the song Masquerade, now topping over thousand views. As I wrote this interview, they’ve also been confirmed for Meadowlands Festival located in East Sussex, UK. If you get the opportunity, attend their show over at Psychosocial Brighton on the 13th of April. I got the opportunity to interview the band about their upcoming gig, what freak-rock essentially is and much more.

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