Peoples take on Invisible Guy and why they think it’s a good blog!

Since I want to keep a good line of contact in between me, the musicians I am in association with when reviewing, the people that I interview – I decided that it was time for their opinion of my blog. After all, I think it’s important to get other peoples thoughts about your blog and why it is sufficient. Which makes me even more productive. So I sent out a couple of mails and invited people to write some things about what they think is good about this blog. I can also tell you why I didn’t ask for constructive criticism, it’s because I’ve gotten some criticism, so I know what needs to be improved. I’ve also got a lot of thoughts myself that I will elaborate on before this year ends. I would like to thank everyone that participated in commenting on what makes my blog good. Thank you, people. Also, don’t worry, I will reach out to my readers also in an article that I’m writing which will be published on the 31st of December.

Invisible Guy is thoughtful, far reaching and meticulous in his reviews. Rather than wasting time with a rating system, he shares the emotions and experiences invoked in listening to the music.

Pleasure Curses

Invisible Guy…. where to begin? The ‘long-form’ in-depth music blog is a rare thing. Even rarer is a new music discovery blog that takes its time to delve deeply into a few unheralded artists and labels from around the world. Unlike the majority of new music discovery blogs where it’s a quick song link, video and a few words, Invisible Guy takes time to get inside the minds of the musicians. His interview questions are thoughtful and disarming and so can gain insights that even his interviewees may not have thought of before. I enjoy reading posts on Invisible Guy.  It is interesting finding out about the people behind a range of music from around the world most of us would never hear about otherwise.  All the best for doing more of this in 2013 Invisible Guy!

Ian Henderson, Fishrider Records – Dunedin, New Zealand

Musikbloggen av Invisible Guy har under det gångna året gått från anonymitet till ett av landets främsta vad gäller musikens gömda skatter. Och det med bitsk nyfikenhet liksom stort egenintresse för skrivande som hantverk.

Richard Ingemann,

Jag gillar produktivitet när det kommer till bloggar, och om produktiviteten samtidigt leder till kvalitet och att jag upptäcker nya saker när det kommer till musik så kan man vara säker på att jag är helnöjd efter att meningarna har nått sitt slutgiltiga mål. Invisible Guy är en blogg som jag har hållit ögonen på sedan jag först upptäckte den, då den uppfyller just dessa små men höga krav. Bra material, ständiga uppdateringar och framför allt en hel del nya saker som ingen annan i Sverige skriver om. En intressant och beundransvärd detalj är när skribenten Invisible Guy i sina recensioner går igenom låt för låt, vilket är ett arbete som inte många recensenter där ute skulle vilja ge sig in på. För läsarna kanske det inte verkar vara en så stor sak, men tro mig det tar tid att bara skriva en vettig recension och du sedan bara beskriver 4-5 låtar. Att beskriva varje låt plus ett albums/EP:s helhet är med andra ord ett mastodontarbete som gör att Invisible Guy sticker ut ordentligt, vilket även gäller när han ger sig in på både podcasts och intervjuer.


I didn’t know about the blog until I saw their review for my band’s recent single (Luxury Stranger’s ‘Nothing Holy’ / ‘Ripple’). I’ve dropped in every once in a while since then to see what’s what and all that jazz. My thoughts are that it’s a very honest blog – not contrived. Also what I like about the blog is that it is doing some great work for independent music – for example, the review of our single was the first I read for the single and I feel it helped us to achieve the success we’ve had with the single (the single entered the European Alternative Music singles chart at #4 in week 51!) and I really do believe that the Invisible Guy blog helped that to happen. Great work and great support for good things! Keep up the good work and thank you for everything!

Simon York, Luxury Stranger

The moment you start to check out the many in-depth posts on this page, you realize that The Invisible Guy is serious about what he is doing. Super well prepared articles show what the artists are about and what their intentions behind the music are. It takes time and dedication to keep this up and I’m very proud to be featured on here. All the best for 2013.

Jogging House

If anyone else wants to contribute, you’re free to do so. I just sent out some mails to people and asked people the question: “What do YOU think is good about Invisible Guy?“. You can contribute with your feelings, thoughts and everything in between, by sending me a mail (like the ones above) over here: psyborg[at]countermail[dot]com

Review: Luxury Stranger – Nothing Holy

Pressured by the original waves of post-punk from the 70’s to the 80’s, Luxury Stranger are surely a luxurious piece of music. With a huge emphasis on two different genres, the first song “Nothing Holy” really personifies the incredible mix they’ve managed to produce. As they punch through with the first song on the single, they also bridge the gap of those two genres. Containing a large portion of pretty vocals and engaging music, from times that should’ve come back a long time ago, it also engages with the slowly progression of the song into a whirlwind of total serenity. There’s also a sense of them being what they want to be, they smash the conventions and throw in a post-punk sound that regularly and eagerly re-brands the sense of a post-punk, using a musical time-machine, pitching the futuristic and wayward sound of Luxury Stranger against the traditionalism of ye olde post-punk. Even though grunge might be my eternal anti-pole, it actually brazenly up the sound-scape a notch, to where you can actually hold it accountable for much of the wonderful sounds within it.

With the next track coming up, titled “Ripple“, it gives wailing a whole other implication. The singer sure has a lot of energy, but he also holds on to a somewhat interesting voice. Only thing that is too bad about this single is that the second song really doesn’t hold up to the first one. It starts off well and I’m impressed by the instrumentation and singing, but there’s nothing more to it. The lyrical content ain’t that inspiring either, to be frank. But there’s something enthralling about the song anyway, even though it might not be my favorite on this single. Hopefully the upcoming release will hold onto the key elements that made this single a tad better, and I also hope that it will get developed. I think you should check it out if you can, you should also download it if possible. There’s a lot of potential, but there’s something missing amidst the contrasted genres. Hopefully they’ll find it before they head on.

Pre-order the digital download if you wish or you could buy the physical version over here.