Exclusive Premiere: DYN & Bleib Modern – Live Split EP (A-Side – DYN)


Black Verb Records is a new collaborator and have granted us access to their latest release, namely “Live Split EP” – an EP recorded live at Badehaus in Berlin on the 14th of May – split between DYN and Bleib Modern. We’ve been allowed to showcase the a-side of this release, which features the music of DYN, a psychedelic and shoegazy adventure between insanity and sanity. Opposites attract, they say.

You can listen to it here exclusively on Repartiseraren before release. This split will be released on the 22nd of June and you can pre-order it over at Black Verb Records. You’re in for some really psychedelic tunes, in an alternative way. Stream it in whole down below and find the tracklist as well.


1. Two Times
2. Day In Life
3. Just A Little Bit
4. I Can Handle This
5. Love Of Mine


Spotlight: Jogging House – Into


Changing his tunes completely, to suit his synthesized scheme, Jogging House got rid (well, almost) of the barely tolerable R&B-influences and put on a whole other suit. In this latest release “Into“, there’s a dreamier sound with less annoyance. Even though his music had been tolerable before and even somewhat good, it’s a great trip to be taking, considering how his new outfit that places itself somewhere between chillout and ambient. You’re taken on a more intimate trip, which goes into his brain rather than his heart – because he left it where the R&B began. It is a more well-thought out and complex sound that doesn’t rely as heavily on sampling to get the point across. It is also an adventure in sound. Slow beats, heavy beats, calm synthesizers. It honestly feels even more analogue then it did with his last release before this one; “Longings“. The warmth of the sound is slowly diving into your consciousness, as the samples that actually are there act as a more subliminal drill into your subconscious. Eerie melodies float with the tempo, short breaks constitute that tiny little bit of sound that pulls the whole she-bang over the cliff. An anticlimactic song on this album can turn into a climactic beast in no time, but you know when it’s about to go down. Stream the whole album down below, buy it physically from Noorden.

Spotlight: Abyss Zero – Stay EP


A veteran just appeared out of the blue. Apparently, the voice of Abyss Zero is none other than the man behind projects like Seppuku Syndrome and Metalny Kolaps. Solo-projects that we didn’t have a clue even existed, but he’s been making music since the beginning of 2009 – at least. Electronic music in different shapes and forms. With Seppuku Syndrome, he made experimental industrial with dark ambient overtones, and with Metalny Kolaps he went in the same direction – but without the experimentalism. Now he’s re-imagined himself under the guise of Abyss Zero. Making a turn into some weird combination of darkwave, electro and grave-wave – with different influences – ranging from industrial to new-breed electronica. His second release is “Stay EP“, a four-tracked diversion from the darkness into wonderland. But there’s something utterly darkening lurking in the atmosphere, as you’d take it lightly when going into the first seconds of the track, but then it changes into a weird rhythm with the complete opposite. It’s something with the sound-scape of his tracks that make them stand out from the rest of the electronica out there. The melodic content is mixed with an ambivalent atmosphere that is ever-changing, probably something that was caught onto by his dark ambient roots.

The tracks themselves were recorded from January this year to March. Everything on this release was mastered by Abyss Zero himself. The design of the artwork for the EP was thought out by him, but executed by Axel Rouvin. This rather weird compound of genres get stitched upon a totally unmelodious, but at the same time melodic, landscape of sound. It is filled to the brink with contradictions and there are certain distinctions in the tracks at hand that are rather indistinguishable, but can be kept up with whilst trying to process the rest of the sound as such. A wonderful paradox that simply never stops. An hourglass that is running out of time and sand, at the hand of a rather ingenious Croatian. You can stream the whole release down below and generously enough, you can download the release free of charge.



The band with one of the longer bandnames, namely The Amount Of Light We Give Off from Germany, have recently released their first EP. We featured them earlier with free downloads of their tracks from their demo, but now they’ve completed a fully-fledged release. Their demo was more rough and raw, as it is suitable for what a demo can and will be, but this release is where I thought they would be heading. Even though the roughness is still there, they’ve sharpened it even more. A darkened approach, filled to the brink with influences of dark wave, which wasn’t really the case when you listened to the demo. It was more electronically post-punkish. I would like to say that they’re the darker cousin of The Foreign Resort, with an overtone of the more classical dark wave which has been sorely missed out by virtually everyone. They really got the same outlook on things and keep the energy flowing. I’m in love with this duo, because they’ve got some unique things going for them. No more overtly melodious crap, no more cackling generic garbage – it’s more food for thought and afterthought. Probably one of the best things coming out of Germany right now. We feel like they’ve outdone themselves. This is really the way they should’ve headed towards, and they’ve really done that. So stream away down below and listen to this. Do also support them by buying it digitally.

Exclusive Premiere: Europ Europ – Not The Best Lie I’ve Had


Norway, we’re calling you! Enfant Terrible is up on the barricades once again, shouting out the message of Europ Europ. They used to be called Europe Europe, but decided that a name-change would be welcomed for them. It’s a shadowy duo consisting of two members, whom have been active since 1996. Releasing their first album “No . One In Germany” on Etch Wear, which reads as “number one in Germany” according to the description on Discogs – since many releases in the 80’s had stickers with that particular text on. This was in 2002. Seven years later they released a collaboration with Mindy Misty, which was a release that was brought upon the world by both Etch Wear and Handmade Records. Four years after that, it was Enfant Terrible that swung the bat and curated “Mellowharsher“. Since then they’ve been loyal to both Etch Wear and Enfant Terrible. Now they’re actualizing an LP titled “Repeating Mistakes“, which might be an ironic statement considering the time lapse in between their releases, and their often curious (but odd) titles. I actually had no idea they even existed and I wanted to find out more about them. Therefore we’re bringing you the track “Not The Best Lie I’ve Had” from this LP, in collaboration with Enfant Terrible. Imagine yourself within the realms of toned down industrial, to the safe-havens of noise – from the depths of experimentalism and utter weirdness, conjugated with noise. Stream the track exclusively from Invisible Guy and pre-order the LP when you can. The release is expected to be out by the middle of February. So get in the mood for this!

Exclusive Premiere: Horders – Textures


After a really early preview of “Aghartha” by The Way To Light, there’s yet another premiere brought upon you from the same split. Die Song is releasing a split between The Way To Light and Horders, which will be out soon enough. Since the storm Sven have been brewing up here in Sweden, what would be better then to get in front of your cozy fireplace and sit in your favorite sofa? What would be better, in addition to that – is another premiere. Horders lay out their atmospheric, yet immensely distorted way from semi-acoustic noise to black metal fineness. Imagine that, but in a much slower pace then your regular black metal with blast-beats. One could even say that it’s closer to black noise, a darker form of noise. This release will come in a unique shape (as always with Die Song), and extremely limited. You will get to hear the song “Textures” before release, and I hope you can live yourself into the world that they’re painting up. Because it will not get much more truer then this. Listen to and stream the song exclusively down below, only on Invisible Guy.

Pre-Order: Carrion Sunflower – The Romantic Youth Of Jesus 12″ Lathe Cut LP


My friend James Light of the Die Song label have been hard at work with his first release, which is Carrion Sunflower‘s eminent album “The Romantic Youth Of Jesus“. This is a seriously intricate item that will be yours if you’re one of the last pre-orderers, which are left. As this edition, limited to 30 copies was made – it was made with ultimate care. With a lathe cut LP, housed in the heaviest of materials á la French muscle tone paper, with a silver screen print front and back – which in turn have been hand-folded by Mr. Light himself. Make sure you support his work if you’re interested in Die Song 001, as Carrion Sunflower carries his darkly material through venues of unconventionality, as he combines the acoustic splendor of lo-fi black metal atmospheres with touches of neo-folk. So, if you really want to store something unique, be sure to pre-order this gem. To celebrate this occasion and the release to come in its entirety, as it is going out for shipping sooner or later – you get a free download of the eighth track “Don’t Hold Me Close“. You can pre-order this limited edition LP over here. Support his label if you really like this, by buying this limited edition release!


Premiär: Most Valuable Players – We Came Out Of Our Hiding [Musikvideo]

Tidigare så har Most Valuable Players åkt upp lite varstans i bloggosfären, där människor varit som mest lyriska. Idag så åker de upp här, på grund av att de har en musikvideo till låten “We Came Out Of Our Hiding” vars låt har delats så många gånger att man nästan tappat räkningen. Nu har de dessutom hoppat på Kalligrammofon, som släpper deras album den 1:e September. Musikvideon i sig verkar vara en oddyssé över bandet, från när de var unga till när de blev lite äldre. Med andra ord så är det en perfekt video för deras ankomst inom indiesammanhang på riktigt. De har nämligen spatserat runt i mer okända territorium tidigare, i och med Friendly Noise-tiden. Eller så är det kanske så att inte mycket har ändrats, mer än att de har mognat ordentligt och lagt på sig ytterligare ett lager av mogenhet, innan de gett sig ut på riktigt. Här finns det mer rum för indierockens svada, men fortfarande så håller de på den experimentella lo-fi rytmiken. Även om det onekligen är mer grandiost än det någonsin har varit och deras sång är mer slipad än den någonsin varit förut. För att inte tala om all krimskrams som flyter omkring i ljudlandskapet och påminner oss om att vi faktiskt lever. Levande musik för levande människor, i en död tid. Känslomässig tillhörighet i en kall tid. Man kan lätt säga att Most Valuable Players har hittat rätt spår. Ni borde verkligen lyssna till musiken och ta till er av musikvideon. Nostalgi kan inte undvaras. Men tack, ni ger oss åtminstone något hopp om framtiden. Musikvideon är för övrigt skapad av Sebastian Rozenberg.

Spotlight: Érica – To Believe


Sequestered among wonderful tones and harmony, within a whizzing but delicate landscape of motion and sound – we find Érica and her newly released album “To Believe“. This mend of singer-songwriter going solo, together with the psychedelic hints of her earlier constellations, she combines the unfaithful rhythms of minimalism. Cutting, breaking and flanged into pieces of materialized drips upon your eardrums. When popular music concedes with the impopular, a harbinger of totality is brought upon the mood, spirit and soul – freely embracing itself in a wonderful manner. It’s just as sincere at is can get, with her powerful voice that strikes a resemblance in my nostalgic nerves. The wonderful lyrics are nothing short of genius, maybe not in originality – but in the sense that they are in symbiosis with the music. Released by the Brazilian label MAWW Records on the 11th of April.

Recension: Cryme – Mekonium (C23)

872637675-1Cryme är primitiv, renodlad och analog smärta, som känns ända in i benmärgen. Åtminstone om man kombinerar denna smärta med äldre teknik, som rullbandspelare och trummaskiner. Det märks att samarbetet är mellan Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defekts/Optic Nest/osv.) och Mattias Gustafsson (Altar of Flies/Jam Sessions/osv.). Rent konkret så kan den första låten “Diagonal Lines” sättas i samma fack som; experimentell synth-pop möter destruktiv industrial. Dock så finns där någonting utöver det, men som inte går att kategorisera på samma vis. Känslan av den analoga primitivismen som sköljer rakt in i hjärnbalken, är brutal i sitt sätt, men samtidigt så känns det som att den inte kommer att tillfoga någon smärta. En slags naivistisk synvinkel, som levereras likt en plasthammare på känsliga nerver. Objektet, i detta fallet Cryme, känner sig manad att orsaka så mycket skada som möjligt. Problemet är att den inte är fysiskt, utan snarare psykisk. Den smärta som uppkommer är den förbarmande känslan av hur den mest narcissistiska av människor, tror att den är något utöver vad dess fysiska uppenbarelse. Således blir det knappast någon smärta. Däremot blir det en hel del krossande beats, överexperimentell atmosfär och sällsynta ljud. Blandat med lo-fi instrumentation som med sin fulla sinnesnärvaro, i symbios med musikerna, skär likt en knivegg mot de arytmiska utläggningarna som presenteras – sinsemellan varandra.

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