Stockholms krautrockare i form av Fly Interzone arrangerar endagsfestivalen ELECTRICITY, tillsammans med Airwave Music, Södra Teatern och Electricity Records – som firar att bolaget släpper sin första platta. Det de kallar för polarkraut, är det som kommer att vara i fokus, med tanke på att Walrus självbetitlade album släpps då. Som det står i rubriken så spelar ZOMBIE ZOMBIE, Walrus, Clark Nova och Ultra EL live. Dessutom så kommer det att bjudas på DJ’s i form av arrangörerna själva, nämligen Fly Interzone som spelar allt i krautväg tillsammans med psykedelia och electronica, i kombination med Elena Smon Wolay & Jonas Jonsson – som kommer att spela post-punk och frijazz.

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Premiärspelning: Walrus – Tromsø III


Invisible Guy har fått äran att premiärspela en av låtarna från instrumentalrockarna/polarkrautarna Walrus uppkommande och självbetitlade album. Walrus är ett band som består utav Henrik Olsson (Gul 3/Harr), Mattie Bye (The Sprawl), Leo Svensson (The Tiny/Gul 3), Mattias Olsson och producenten/kompositören Kristian Holmgren. Tillsammans med otaliga instrument och efrarenheter senare så kommer det att släppa sitt uppkommande album den 15:e Februari. Bolaget som har hand om släppet är det nystartade bolaget Electricity Records som är Stockholmsbaserade. Distributörerna som har hand om detta släpp kommer att vara Motljud och Record Heaven. Så bunkra upp med lite förtäring, luta er tillbaka och dra en långsam suck innan ni slår på Tromsø III och avnjut det ögonblick som ni blivit tilldelade. För vad kan gå fel, när ett helt nytt begrepp har nått dagens ljus och krauten är på väg att vrida in sig självt på bekanta breddgrader? Ingenting.

Showcase [#2]: The West, Mark Irrlicht and Yellow Milk!

1291396452-1Oh, are you in for a treat today! The alternative rock, disco and post-punk outfit The West released their first whole album, titled “In Low Light“. With the almost over the top, anthemic, disco feeling. Even though the vocals alone might not be the best you’ve heard, the back-up provided surely makes it worthwhile. Also, the suggestiveness of the sound-scape, together with those funky rhythms make it unbearable not to spend some time moving your hiney. At times they remind me of the more successful combinations of electronic and non-electronic music, which they execute to near perfection. It’s their first album, which is also self-released, earning them even more points since the sound you’re about to get is going to blow your mind. As we support totally D.I.Y, it feels good to have one on the top. Featuring songs ranging from “It was Disco and it’s Over” to “In Low Light“.

1745664885-1I might not be a big fan of drony landscapes, but if it’s something that’s being done right, it’s Mark Irrlicht and his experimental combination of minimalism, krautrock and psychedelic electronic landscapes. With his album titled “The Beyond“. Even though the first thing that comes to mind is the Swedish label, but this man has proven himself to carry that torch along. His landscapes are whirlwinds of sounds that caress your mind, that make you flinch one time to see – what cannot be unseen. The sheer awesomeness of these songs, which are all over ten minutes, is enough for it to be showcased here. The creeping feeling that you’re getting, when something is not right, but that little something isn’t wrong either. A sense of fulfillment as you gaze upon your own shadow, walking with it through deserted landscapes. Preferably the moon, for all I know, but also the desert. This release also seems to be totally D.I.Y. Featuring songs like “Spaceman“, “Kurzschluß“, “Omega Nebula” and “Ecstacy“.

3333324428-1While I try to showcase things that are as new as possible, there’s also one or another that slips in between. This time Yellow Milk did just that and it’s amazing that his stuff is recorded by himself in a bedroom. It’s got some of the anti-music that no-wave constitutes, blending those arrhythmic topics together with more rock’n’roll then you can handle. Or, yeah, it might not be an experience in that category – but the grunge together with some rock-vibes on the more unglamorous side make up for the loss. There’s also a lot of psychedelia going on, and since I’m going to showcase two albums that he’s made, I must say that his first one titled “KITE” is more on the experimental side. It might not be as tight as it would’ve if you’d have a whole band, but there’s something vividly amazing about it anyway. If not his voice, then his utilization of the baseline and the percussion as we make it through his own world. Worth checking out is also his “second” album “Navigator Smile” which constitute more songs from what the KITE sessions. Super-duper D.I.Y., ranging from songs like “Potpurri Beak” to the title-track of the first album, namely “Kite“.

Review: High Wolf – A Guide To Healing (2011)

R-2775689-1300497702Spiritual and tribal psychedelic, bordering on an experimentalists delight. Beginning with the song ”Free Your Energy Field”, it certainly makes a moniker out of its own name. However, the song sounds like a combination of electronic music, almost bordering to some harder form of electronic, amidst a bumping baseline that engages from below. As the tribalism resound within a grandiose perspective of psychedelia, a sithar of some sort – subliminally engages the sound-scape and reveals its musical field of vision. For the untrained ear, it sounds a little bit dopey, but when you delve into it on your own premises, you’ll find that closing your eyes as you listen to it makes a whole lot of difference. For a start, it sounds remarkably close to any preconceived notion of what the country India is about. But instead of swallowing it whole, High Wolf embarks on an infused journey in both sound and perception. The trajectory of experimentalism and acid rock makes itself noticeable, but almost in a way that is subliminally altered. There’s something freaky about it, as it evokes feelings of distress but at the same time sheds a light on the calmness of itself, just to keep you from falling of the musical adventure you’re invited to.

A sound of flowing water, or an echo of bottles being partially or fully drenched in water, is a common denominator for the intro of the song “Swallow Pills With Ganga River Water”. As a soothing, more ethereal stance to the music blends with the nicest dimensions of fluttering, but angelic sounds. The wonderfully and almost acoustic sounds blend with more organic ones, forming a wall of sound not easily broken through. Feel as if you float in between rivers, as the water dances upon your body and as you embrace yourself in an even more exhaustible spiritual journey. As you get further into the song, the tempo accelerates slowly, as even more of the watery “flow” is being poured out and into your eardrums. It almost feels like the journey is about to end then and now, but instead continues to intrigue and make the experimentalist nature of it reveal itself during the process. Surely, a fascinating artifact that enthralls you, the more you delve into it. Being of the more satisfying releases from 2011, it deserves both a mention for its subliminality and spiritual clinging, but also for its sheer originality.

You can buy it over at Bathetic Records.

Mackaper har släppt en ny låt!


Låten är inget mindre än “Dimma” och kommer att återfinnas på deras platta som jag skrivit om tidigare, nämligen: Mot Ljusare Tider som släpps den 19/12 på bolaget Flora & Fauna. Hittills har de fått en hel del glädjetjut i recensionsform och låten har sannerligen lite av allt att erbjuda. Förutom en minimalistisk framtoning inom ramarna för orgelmusiken så tillkommer även en hel del övrig instrumentation, som man kan slänga på en etikett om man vill. Lugn musik för dig som i vintermörkret känner att du måste varva ned i all julhysteri. Förhoppningsvis så kommer albumet att erhålla samma känsla som låten ger, då den framkallar det bästa av känslosvallet och även får en att rycka på en tå eller två i takt till musiken. Ni kan lyssna på låten här nedan.

Harvesting #3: A huge overload of electronica or maybe I’m wrong?

So, have you grown tired of Harvesting yet? Yes? No? Didn’t think so either! I was thinking of expanding this day’s Harvesting and so I did. I included a lot of new artists and this time it also goes under a whole different name. You’ll get to know a little more about the following artists: Roman Skirts, Featureless Ghost, Lasers For Eyes and Aerôflôt. Even though there’s a huge overlap in between the non-electronic genres and the electronic ones in this edition of Harvesting, I just had to showcase some of the new artists that I’ve found when I was scouring the web. They had and have a lot of potential, and you should listen to it. There’s also a lot of free downloads this time around, like the other time around. So if you’re short on money, you can still get hold of some of them. Hope you enjoy this day’s edition of Harvesting, which will be continued tomorrow. This time, it’s number #3 of Harvesting brought to you by Invisible Guy.

Roman Skirts – Roman Skirts

Unknown is a great word, when describing Roman Skirts. From what I’ve read, I at least know that they’re from Spain or any other similar country. But what I know, besides that fact, is that they combine cold wave and minimal wave with great precision. Forget the bombastic music that you’re cared for, because it’s time to throw it aside. This would be the opposite of bombastic, a lo-fi injection of the finest crossover I’ve heard for a while. Especially with the first song on the album, titled “Karen Read”. It’s amazing what you can do with a few catchy and repeatable synth stabs, a little bit melody and arpeggio. I must admit that I’m not a big fan of other languages, when it comes to synth in general, than the three combinations of either English – Swedish – or German. But I must say that the second track, “Despierta”, sounds enthralling from top to bottom. With shy vocals, sincere emotions and aggressive minimalism, you’ll dance your tiny toes off to this. Add some of the more desperate dark-wave influences and the night will be complete. The more I get into this, the more I want to recommend it. I also like it when the influences are more clear to me, as they sometimes aren’t. Even though I’m not fond of categorizing, I need to have some words to describe it with. The feeling of falling down, hurting yourself and channeling it into music would be Roman Skirts. But that’s when you’ve been forgotten for ten years and have crawled in your own misery for too long. Hopefully the music will be a remedy, rather than the factual scenario.

This particular album was actually released about a year ago from now, plus one month. It’s sad that I haven’t heard anything about it and that it continues to be overlooked. Therefore I gave it a place here on my blog. It’s also free to download and contain no less than twelve tracks. You should give it a listen and download it, share with your friends or do as I’ve done; write about it on your own blog or your site. I’d also give you a heads up about this one, the further in you get into the album, the more cold wave it sounds. So if you’re a fan of the minimal wave side of it, you should listen to the beginning of the album. On the other hand, if you’re a cold wave fan, you should delve deeper into the album and discover more. You should do it anyway even if you’re not too fond of cold wave.

Featureless Ghost – MindBody

Are you ready to dance your ass off for real? Do you like dance floor music that was made for the intention of entertaining the darkest souls? You’ve found your match here, but add a little bit of that funky shtick, which resembles more of an advancement of Richard Bone, the legendary NYC minimal-wave artist. There’s some really catchy electro, minimal wave and synth-pop in these fellows. Or should I say: duo, from Atlanta. It consists of Matt Weiner and Elise Tippins. This release have been out since the 2nd March this year. Their first song displays a lot of different feelings and ranges of emotions, and it’s titled “Use My Voice”. I would call this music for those who hope too much, and an eclectic blend of the most interesting sounds yet to be found. Their music can both be catchy and dark at the same time, but they also have a large dose of “getting used to”, since it can be hard at a first listen to really grasp their whole concept. With those rumbling baselines, catchy rhythms and processed vocals, it makes you feel like you’re part of an ensemble from the future. It also feels as if the vocalists are holograms that are performing in front of me, if I close my eyes and envision it. There’s also this kind of lounge-feeling to it, which includes the funkiness, the almost Elvis-enhanced voices that transgress from a deeper state of mind, just to resurface and be in your face. The deep synths in this music make me flow in harmony, take some steps to the left, relax and everything in between. Also, it either stops in a slow-paced state or begin to bark with big drums. I’m fine with both.

So, if you want this album, you should go to their bandcamp. Here’s a link to that. You can buy it from there for five dollars, which is virtually nothing. Then you’ll get seven interesting songs, as a digital download. Or, if you want, you could order it as a tape from the Night-People website. If you live in the US, you’ll get it for 7,50 dollars. And if you have the pleasure of living in either Canada or Mexico, you can get it for 9,50 dollars. The rest of the world will have to pay 12,50 dollars, but that isn’t too shabby either.

Lasers For Eyes – Cult of the White Orchid​/​The People Long Only to Live

If you know Sweating Tapes, you know that they’ve got some crazy releases. This is a release with Lasers For Eyes, that came out two years from now. I haven’t heard much about it though, but I’m hoping you’ll dig it. It’s some kind of weird crossover in between post-hardcore, cold wave and dark wave. The first song, however, sounds more like it could be categorized like post-hardcore. It’s titled “Same Time Last Year” and is really oblique in a positive sense. There are some different and crazy switches in the structures and it definitely doesn’t consist of your regular build-ups. I’d say that it sounds like schizophrenic rock with obvious and spastic noise. Funny thing about it is that the second song “Cult Of The White Orchid” sounds more like some psychedelic rock blended together with garage-rock. I can’t really equate anything, except some subliminal cold-wave influences. Though the non-electronic elements are more noticeable, this album will take you through your worst nightmare and add some insanity to it. Like when you have to open your dark closet, there’d jump out a whole rock-band playing weird music. Even though it’s pretty weird, I like how they’ve strayed from the conventional rules and just created a roundabout of petty, weird, freaky and seemingly crazy mix of noise-driven madness. It gets more and more disorganized within the sound-scape the longer into the album you get.

You should and must check this out, and you can get this album for a small donation or free on their bandcamp. Link will be displayed at the end of this sentence. The album consists of different recordings they’ve done throughout the years, but these are on the rougher edge of the line and that’s definitely noticeable. Crazy thing about it is that they’re a duo, consisting of Josh Beck and Justin Cory. So, now that you know that too, why don’t you get your ass over there and either download it or send some money and download it? I think you should give them some tips for their amazing music.

Aerôflôt – Santa Muerte

Krautrock isn’t dead. It’s very much alive. Can I prove it? Look at Aerôflôt! A perfectly brewed post-punk and krautrock experience. Heavily driven by both straight-forwardness, fine rhythms and an organ. What certainly tickled my fancy was the electronic and non-electronic mish-mash, with bells and a driven electronic baseline. There’s a minimalistic touch to it, a bombastic sense and a feeling of grandeur. Oh, I mean the second song on the album, of course. It’s titled “Dance of the dead” and it feels like I’m at the graveyard doing the boogie. Electronic boogie, or something. Or maybe I’m in the afterlife, rocking with the dead? I don’t really know, they give me such mixed feelings. The third song on the album, “God Is Satan”, have the backbone that’s been prevalent in the second song. But this time it holds up the sound-scape instead of performing right in front of it. There’s such majestic bass in this song that it’s not believable, I had to pinch myself many times before I understood that this came from a musical source. Never heard any of these genres combined, but now that I have, it’s like I feel refreshed again and not blase because of my overfed brain. I believe that the fifth song on the album, titled “Humanos”, perfectly describes the phenomenon that is Aerôflôt. Genialness in a bottle, put into music by living creatures, popping up like flowers from the decayed ground. Certainly one of my more recent musical “A-ha” experiences. I’ll be listening to their other albums, to find out where the development came from.

Move over, take over, take a chance. Hover your mouse over this sentence, follow the link at the end of it and end up on their bandcamp. There you can order the album from their bigcartel-site. It costs 10 euro, is comprised on a CD and features ten songs. Make sure you finance this French group so they can continue and put out this kind of wonderful material. The album was released on the 3rd of May this year. I haven’t heard of it on any other site, so I decided to leave a spot for it in this recommendation. So, by concluding this weeks three Harvestings, I’ll be back with another one tomorrow. Then you’ll get my syringe in your vein, and I’ll start to pump some great musical experiences into you. See you next time.

The Scrags har släppt en ny video till låten Void Lodge!

Gävlebandet The Scrags har släppt en video till låten Void Lodge som för övrigt återfinns på A-Sidan av deras sjua Void Lodge som släpptes den 31:a Augusti på Svart Records. Har ni inte hört de förut så rekommenderar jag att ni spatserar in på deras sida och spanar in läget. Om ni vill veta lite mer om deras sjua, så hänvisar jag er till en recension jag gjorde för en tid sedan, den går att läsa här.

Men nog om det, jag hoppas att ni avnjuter musikvideon med en stark-öl eller lite vinbärssaft, eller så får du dansa runt i din lägenhet, ditt hus eller din villa. Ni kan köpa deras sjua för 6,50 euro här borta.