Exclusive Premiere: Rude 66 – Under Cover Of The Night (feat. Beta Evers)


Multi-faceted electronica artist Rude 66, or Ruud Lekx which is his real name, have been creating music under his moniker since the mid 1990s, out of the Netherlands. Other off-shoots like the leftfield techno alias Modulate, with the release “Dreams” on SSR Records in 1993, have been less common. He’s not an artist that has many alter-egos, only two which include the aforementioned, and Jagdstaffel 66 – the acid house and techno freak out – which he went by on a release in 2012 called “Starfighter“, which was put out by Crème Organization. Oddly enough, or maybe reasonably enough, Rude 66 has been his main name since 1994 when he released his first release “Untitled” on Bunker Records, which spanned onto three different releases with the same name, birthing a compilation of all his untitled tracks on the same record label – simply titled “Compilation“. Since his discography is rather long, I thought I would include his trilogy of notable albums that came into place after his numerous untitled releases from 1994-1997. It includes his first album “The Devil’s Highway“, put out on Silver Recordings in 1997, to “De Machine Des Duivels” put out by Bunker Records, and his latest full-length album “Sadistic Tendencies” which was put out on Crème Organization in 2008. Since then, and during his trip through atmospheric acid house, to leftfield techno, from modern electro-funk, to electronic wave and everywhere in between where you’ll find electronica, he’s also released numerous EPs and Singles throughout the years. He’s also done a split with Johan Agebjörn, Sally Shapiro and Elitechnique – which was titled “Spacer Woman” and came out on LoEB in 2008. But that’s not because I’m writing this, when it comes to his discography, it’s because I’ve had the honor to exclusively premiere a track of his latest mini-album titled “12¨“.

This 12¨-vinyl is his latest release since other mini-album “The Kill“, which was put out on Bordello A Parigi in 2014. The difference from that mini-album is that he’s teamed up with Beta Evers and Sololust on the A-Side of the release, with the tracks “Under Cover Of The Night” and “Stars Get Hurt“. Leaving only the B-Side for himself to put out “Mutual Assured Destruction” and “Radio Peace and Progress“. Since I’ve been collaborating a lot with Enfant Terrible and Gooiland Elektro – the sub-label – I’ve gotten my hands on the first track on this release. Which is “Under Cover Of The Night“, best described as a fantastic combinations of arms between Beta Evers sole proprietor Brigitte Enzler and her vocal talent, together with the ingenious acidic electronic body music-ish crossover electronica that Ruud Lekx deliver with Rude 66. A fantastic endeavor that will make you seek out the darker side of yourself, floating into the sound-scape by the sheer hypnotism of the landscape of sound that wrestles for space around you. I’m proud to be giving you the track “Under Cover Of The Night”, for exclusive streaming, only featured on Repartiseraren. Even though the track has been out for a couple of days now, the article is also up. Enjoy it a second time and rejoice.

Spotlight: Rude 66 / Kord!


Enfant Terrible just released a track by Kord and Rude 66 from their forthcoming releases – on the sub-label Gooiland Elektro. The first one being “Radio Peace and Progress“, a new track by Rude 66, the moniker of Ruud Lekx from Holland. A long-going artist whose contributions to music, and mainly albums, have been made known from Bunker Records in the early to mid nineties, to an off-shoot into Silver Recordings, way into 2008 with Créme Organization. Having released notable singles and E.P.s on a wide-array of record-labels including Acid Planet, Djax-Up-Beats, Speedster Records, Kultbox, Viewlexx, Vynalogica, LoEB, Custom Made Music – and the latest release being “The Kill“, an E.P. released by Bordello A Parigi. He’s hailed as being “the king of the dark electro-wave death race” by promoters, according to Discogs. Having perfected his sound through a multitude of genres, including atmospheric acid, dark industrial, electro-funk and melancholic electronic wave disco – he’s a man of different facets. He originates from the old-school acid scene in The Hague. There could be a whole book written about him and his influences, his notable collaborations, and everything in between – but we’re staying at his forthcoming album. Gooiland Elektro will be releasing a forthcoming 12¨-release with him, featuring four tracks, whereas two are vocal tracks where Beta Evers and Sololust appear and wreak havoc. These four tracks are titled “Under Cover Of The Night (featuring Beta Evers)“, “Stars Get Hurt (featuring Sololust)” on the A-side, with “Mutual Assured Destruction” and “Radio Peace and Progress” on the B-side. This assures the fact that it might be a great release. This is his coming addition to the enormous discography he’s been building up through the years. You can stream and listen to the track “Radio Peace and Progress” from the B-side of the release, down below.


When it comes to Kord, he’s a notable figure within the underground Swedish scene. He’s more known as one of the figures in Frak, a weird outfit first released by Börft Records in 1989 – with their debut-album “Raggarslakt“. Maybe a reference to the vicious fights that were occurring between synthers and raggare in Sweden in the 1980’s, made to be something much bigger then small fights, by the media and newspapers at that time. But we’re not here to talk about Frak as such or Börft Records, whom have been thoroughly investigated by Sveriges Radio (public domain radio) in an episode of “Electronic in P2“, done by Andreas Tilliander whom is also known as TM404. Anyway, Kord is Johan Sturesson of Frak, in a much more pleasant image musically. Having recorded his first album under that moniker in 1998, with an album titled “Gymnast I Sockiplast” released by Börft Records – later on things seemed to get more serious. Even though the maniacally influences from Frak remain within his synth-pop mixed with disco, there’s a certain dancefloor focus which these tracks deliver. Now he’s going to have a release on Gooiland Elektro, titled “We Live In This 12″” where he features Annie Gylling on vocals as a much needed side-kick, which gives the project a whole other dimension. There’s a certain psychedelic vibe to her vocals being processed on the tracks “Lovestruck” and “Black” on the A-side, whilst the yet unheard tracks from the B-side “Control” and “Vacation” might be another world. We’ll see. Annie Gylling have earlier been featured on “Soviet Stars” from 2012, on the track “Push Your Button“. Meet your maker with this crazy combination of noisy, unpolished and rampant discotronic that will make you loose your mind on the dancefloor. Gooiland Elektro continue to shine, as one of the best labels around for electronic music. Especially that of an odd kind. Stream and listen to the track “Black” which have been made available on Enfant Terrible for listening purposes. Both releases can be pre-ordered here.

Spotlight: Ram I/O – Fundamental


It’s mechanic all the way through. Industrial hegemony over techno beats, IDM eeriness in the atmosphere, a full dosage of all this is to be heard – from the first release on Mecan!k Records. Ram I/O is the alter-ego of Mario Reijnen, a man who translates his music into the genre of techno, with the inherent focus for the label, in: “dark and industrial techno“. This is what he’s aiming to put out on his rather newly-founded record label. “Fundamental” is his first release ever, a double-single with an edge to it that connect the dots completely, between the intriguing hardness of industrial, and the rather repetitive 4/4-motion of techno. The most important ingredient, however, is IDM. Without it, the atmosphere and the general sense of it would’ve been lost – and also the mood of the tracks. Whilst listening to the first track “Piles and Cranes“, which begins with a roaring but rather static beat, it slowly evolves into a crushing behemoth.


We’re somewhere in between the territory of inane hardstyle sounds, whom are shaped into something entirely different, and more exciting. These beats are underpinned by a strange, but sensible current that doesn’t make it too hard, but not too soft either. Especially in the second track “Future floor minus one“. It is noticeable that there’s an amount of structure and complexity between these genres and in general for these tracks. When taking influences from different places, albeit it being in the same category as electronica, you need to form a sharp context that can deliver this rather unconventional mix. It becomes unconventional in the hands of Ram I/O, not that it hasn’t been done before, but he utilizes the beats, rhythm, atmosphere and general landscape of sound, to his favor. You can listen to this first release from this label, down below.

Florent Pevee from Kabul Golf Club has passed away!


I’m saddened to hear that Florent Pevee of the noise-rock band Kabul Golf Club just passed away on Friday, the 29th of November. This band was probably one of the more interesting additions to the blog this year, so far. When you hear about something like this, you simply can’t imagine the pain one has to go through when they loose one of their closest friends. I can’t imagine how that would feel and I’m sending my condolences to the band themselves for their loss. Therefore I want to honor their request and put up their video as they stated, they’re also going to send free copies of their album “Le Bal Du Rat Mort” to anyone who sends their postal address to their mail. Because this is what they wanted for him, to keep it alive, even though Kabul Golf Club as a band, dismantled on the 29th of November. I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope that this honors him and the music he participated in making. Rest in peace, Florent Pevee.

They wanted to convey the following message to everyone, as they want to keep his memory alive through his music: “Anybody who wants to receive a FREE copy of “le bal du rat mort” has to send his postal address to: kabulgolfclub@gmail.com

Exclusive Premiere: Saralunden – Hug Me


Winter is almost here, so hold your loved ones tight – at least those of you that care. Yesterday, Gooiland Elektro premiered a track from the December-release, of Saralunden’s forthcoming 12¨, titled “Suggestive Boy“. It was the title-track on the release itself, namely; “Suggestive Boy“. Which seemed to have gotten a warm welcome from the awaiting listeners. I was interested in the release itself before, but had no idea what was coming my way. Sara Lundén herself is a Swedish singer, musician and performance artist. Today, I got to hear more from her current repertoire that is going to come out in December, and I must say that I was blown away by the atmospheric sensuality and sincere need of closeness – is a recipe for fantastic afterthought. Why do I say this? Because everything seems so thought out, yet spontaneous. You begin thinking about who you hold dear, and why they mean so much to you. With her wonderful disco-vibes and enigmatically, dark synthesizers – she sets sail for a love long lost, a kind of kicked back nostalgia that is fitted to our reptile brain. Everything you’d ever remember from “back in the days“, a kind of retro-fantastic throwback and eulogy to a certain kind of nostalgia I’ve felt myself. It’s not about being stuck in the past or in those lovely memories, but it’s about remembering them and realizing how dearly you actually need to hold them, before they disappear away. A reminder to everyone, that should enlighten you and make you caress those special memories, because they’re the only ones you have. With winter closing in, I believe that these moments in your life will appear before your eyes and lead your way. This track is very dear to me even though I’ve only spent a whole night listening to it, so I wanted to collaborate with Gooiland Elektro and give you the track “Hug Me” – which is the last track on the 12¨-release itself. Stream this exclusive track down below and check out Sara Lundén on Facebook.