Countdown to Christmas – 21st December

Since I’m way off on the countdown this time, I’m going to introduce one new clip each day until the 24th of December. I’m eagerly awaiting Christmas (or Yule as we say) and this day is dedicated to Henric De La Cour. Even though he’s been given a lot of airtime in different mainstream venues, I think it’s in place to give this wonderful artist a space over here too. I don’t think people have grasped his ingeniousness yet, since it takes a lot of time before it can sink in. He’s been active in the Swedish bands Strip Music and the more famous band Yvonne, earlier in his career as a musician.

This year has been a good year for him, since he started doing this project which is mostly a solo-project, released his first self-titled record in 2011 and have been doing great since then. He’s mostly been under the radar since 2011 and haven’t really made a fuzz, but I believe that his real breakthrough was in 2012. Every light possible was shone upon him and he got some of the recognition that he deserved, but not all of it unfortunately.

Earlier this year he released a single titled Grenade (2012) both digitally, as a cassette and a limited edition vinyl on the Swedish label Progress Productions. He’s got a lot of great songs that are just waiting to be played and he’s been around in Stockholm playing for a while. I must admit that I haven’t really been into his earlier bands, but I think his new solo-project is a bliss to hear and look at. The aesthetics are wonderful and the music is on par with that, as can be seen in the video I’ve embedded at the top of this page, which is a song from his first release Henric De La Cour (2011).

Hopefully, he will have an even greater year in 2013 and I also hope that I get to see him live sometime then. Unfortunately, I missed him when he played at electriXmas here in Malmö, about a week ago. But I will lick my wounds and hope that he returns.

This is the 21st of December and I’m the Invisible Guy.