The Scrags har släppt en ny video till låten Void Lodge!

Gävlebandet The Scrags har släppt en video till låten Void Lodge som för övrigt återfinns på A-Sidan av deras sjua Void Lodge som släpptes den 31:a Augusti på Svart Records. Har ni inte hört de förut så rekommenderar jag att ni spatserar in på deras sida och spanar in läget. Om ni vill veta lite mer om deras sjua, så hänvisar jag er till en recension jag gjorde för en tid sedan, den går att läsa här.

Men nog om det, jag hoppas att ni avnjuter musikvideon med en stark-öl eller lite vinbärssaft, eller så får du dansa runt i din lägenhet, ditt hus eller din villa. Ni kan köpa deras sjua för 6,50 euro här borta.


The Scrags – Void Lodge 7¨ (2012)

The Cover?

This cover reminds me a lot of the minimalistic, somewhat iconoclastic and nihilistic vibes that the extraordinary Beläten gives me. It seems like the scenery on the cover is built up by the Moon on a stable platform, trying to hide the fact that it’s only a part of the back drop. The asymmetric feeling of it makes me question the intentions, almost as if they’d want you to be confused. I think the asymmetric picture-language in clinch with the back-drop makes me think they’re also trying to hide something with it. It seems like it’s not one of your regular releases, it’s not the conventional genre-licking and inside the box kind of thing that you see pumping through the other veins. No, this could very much be something as abnormal as a thought outside the box.

Also, the black little “freckles” could be considered to be something so wild as “white noise”, which is a random signal with a flat power spectral density. This would add up to the mysterious vibe and unusual connections, since I wouldn’t imagine a cover like this having anything to do with the genre they’re bound to. Maybe they’re not bound to it after all? Oh, what heresy! The skulls, to me, resembles death. A kind of lurking feeling of it, but a feeling of not being afraid. A natural death of natural causes, to make a peaceful depart from mother Earth. But then again, considering the remainder of the cover, it seems to me like they’ve got a double-edged message wanting to come across. However, I’m not certain of what message they want to portray with it, but I’m pretty certain it includes a multitude of words and meanings. Symbolically and aesthetically, this cover gives me the creeps, but at the same time includes a fascination of it.

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The Scrags släpper sin efterlängtade sjua i Augusti!

Gävlebandet The Scrags kommer att släppa en singel-7¨:a på Svart Records den 31:a Augusti. Ungefär en vecka senare kommer de att ha en releasefest, på Bar Brooklyn/STRAND, närmare bestämt den 5:e September. På A-sidan återfinns låten “Void Lodge” och på B-sidan finns låten “Cold Wind“. Så här ser omslaget ut:

Lyssna till en av deras singellåtar nedanför.

Ni kan även lyssna på Cold Wind, men i liveformat: