Exclusive Premiere: Fléau – IV


Anywave are back in action with a new Fléau release, it was a long time since they released their first self-titled album, three years have already passed like it was nothing. Together with their partner in crime, Atelier Ciseaux Records, a five-track album titled “II” will be released on a limited edition run of vinyls, a collector’s edition of 50 hand-numbered transparent vinyls and a book by Raphaël Lugassy called “Organs“, and a regular edition of 200 black vinyls. The artwork for the release is stunning as usual, the work of Myriam Barchechat, photographies by Raphaël Lugassy.

It is very true that Mathieu Mégemont‘s (Fléau) new direction strays away from his original sound, but it introduces a whole other complexity found otherwise within more alternative electronic genres – creeping in between the ambiguous nature of the sweeping, soothing landscapes of sound that hook you in. Even though some aspects of his new release stays true to what he created on his debut-album, this newly developed and intriguing metamorphosis suggests he’s expanded – instead of becoming cliché.

We’re honored to be exclusively premiering “IV“, a song taken from the forthcoming album, due to be co-released by Anywave and Atelier Ciseaux on vinyl, on the 29th of March. You can pre-order it already by following this link, listen to it exclusively via Repartiseraren down below.

Exclusive Premiere: La Bile – La Piscine

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Dreamy, dreary breakbeats with tight IDM-influences is what makes or breaks La Bile – a french project having the honor of being released by Tripalium Corp – in their Digital Mutant Series (number 22), titled: “La Sublimation du Poulpe“. There’s a plethora of different electronic influences in each track on this release, from a multiverse of techno, acid and otherwise obscure electronic genres. Fetching the best from each genre, not compromising with the experimental overtones and the grittiness of it all.

We’re proud to be premiering a track from the B-Side of this release, in our ears one of the best tracks on the release, “La Piscine” delves into the human psyche and opens up a world of mystery, through fast-paced drums and constant flickering, there’s an urgency that doesn’t die out until the song finally fades into nothingness.

You better act quickly if you want it in physical form, as there’s only nine cassettes left of forty in total, so pre-order it from here, and stream the exclusive track from Repartiseraren’s own Soundcloud way before it is released.

Premiere: Orchidée Noire – Abscisses et Désordonnées


Being francophiles and all, there aren’t that much french music being featured here. Not because there isn’t any french music to be put up here, but because we don’t have much contact with french musicians that write lyrical content that is french – staying true to their language. A month or so ago we featured Orchidée Noire, a promising solo-project that Xavier Soquet stands by. Featuring the romantic notion of France in a bouquet of different synthesizer sounds and also a hint of non-electronic music in the shape of sharp riffs that delve into the background of the music. The french language is really the language of romance, but also it sometimes also brings a sorrowful posture, wherein Xavier and the melodic content of his often complex rhythms are laid to support his vocals. This time he’s released a music-video for his latest track “Abcisses et Désordonnées“, a rather energetic synth-pop meets minimal synth kind of track. Laying bricks to build upon his earlier track “Défense de se noyer“, which we also covered. It feels like he’s moving in the right direction with his rather innocent, but at the same time realistic music that gather a little bit of influence from cold wave. A chilling look into the magnificence of minimal synth when combined with other genres.

We’re also going to post the lyrical content of this song, so that you can make sense of it all. I believe that some of it is lost in translation, also figuratively speaking, since a lot of things loose their inherent meaning when you translate them. A rough translation of the name of the track gives us a clue that “désordonnées” means “disordered“, or “disorder“. But that’s also when we loose control of trying to figure out anything else about what the track actually means, in regards to the title. So for those of you that are interested, we’re going to post the lyrical content of this track down below and you’ll have to make up your own mind in regards to how you’re going to translate it. We’re just happy that it means something and that it adds a rather mystic feeling to the track, with us not knowing what it actually means lyrically. You can watch the video up above and you can stream the track down below. Down below you can also read the lyrical content of the track. The track was recorded in March and put out by the 5th of March.

Laisse l’échangeur des voies découper tes formes linéaires,
Admire les pensées en bouquets qui fleurissent le long de ta chair,
Reflets nuit et cervelle étoilée, l’incompressible légèreté flirte avec le rail,
Entre Abscisses et Désordonnées, entre Abscisses et Désordonnées,

Perdons ton ombre,
Perdons ton ombre,
Et trouvons la distance,
Troublons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée,

Ils te raconteront l’histoire de ceux qui n’ont su partir,
Ecoutant leur récit observe bien leur visage pâlir, leur regard s’enfuir,

Tu y rencontrera l’homme guettant son premier amour,
Sa femme à ses cotés, le cœur battant tel un tambour,
La première impression ressemble à une perte de repère,
Mais tout n’est qu’illusion, questionne donc ton imaginaire,

Quel est ton nom ?
Quel est ton nom ?
Trouvons la distance,
Trouvons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée,

Perdons ton ombre,
Perdons ton ombre,
Trouvons la distance,
Trouvons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée.

Exklusiv Premiär: CIKATRI$ – Quand me réveillerai-je ?


Det svensk-baserade punkbandet CIKATRI$ lirar punk med fransk klang, ja alltså; med hjälp utav det franska språket. De har tidigare varit uppe på blogg-zinet i form av att de släpper nya album, EPs eller vad det nu skulle kunna vara. År 2011 så släppte de sitt första EP under namnet “Cikatri$ M’a Tuer“, vilket också var deras första släpp någonsin. Detta lades upp på SaxRecords, vilket verkar vara deras egna bolag. Sedan har de kommit tillbaka två år senare, då de gjorde ett samsläpp med sitt bolag SaxRecords och malmöetiketten Rundgång Rekords. Efter dessa släpp så har det varit knäpptyst i ett år till, i alla fall om man räknar med det senaste släppet, och nu är de tillbaka ytterligare en gång – men denna gång utan bolag. Så med det i åtanke så kommer de att släppa “Quand me réveillerai​-​je ?“, som verkar ha kommit ut redan i December, men eftersom att det inte finns något bolag som hittills har släppt det, så letar de efter ett bolag som är villigt att släppa deras senaste, i fysiskt format. Så jag vädjar, å deras vägnar, till skivbolag därute som har ett öga öppet och intresserar sig för något som ändå är någorlunda unikt. Deras kombination av synth tillsammans med punk och garage-rock är underbar, och det som är ännu bättre är att de sjunger på franska – vilket är romantikens språk. Så för de som sitter som en skivbolagsmogul på toppen av något bolag, kanske borde spana in vad jag kommer att ge er som läser detta blogg-zine.

Ja, vad kan det vara då? Jo, inget mindre än titelspåret “Quand me réveillerai-je ?” som ni kan streama exklusivt här på Invisible Guy. Låten är svängig som attans och går i stuk med deras tidigare släpp, men jag upplever ändå att det finns en ansats till att vara mer energiska och ännu mer obegripliga – åtminstone för den som inte är helt inne på det franska. Vilket gör det hela ännu trevligare, eftersom att man knappt ens förstår vad de sjunger om. Detta adderar ett lager av mystik som gör att gruppens obrytbara punkighet blir ännu mer attitydfylld. Så för den som är intresserad, så kan denne streama låten här nedanför och hojta till om det skulle vara så att ett skivbolag är intresserade. För då kan ni maila till denna e-mailaddress.

Exclusive Premiere: Dmitry Distant – System Control (Ekman Remix)


The clash of two greater artists is the clash of minimal synth and dark electro. This time, there is no room for an original track, but room for a remix. Two artists that have gained control, two artists that have some thing in common, and some things that are uncommon. As the lavishly created spasmic rhythms that follow a trail emblazoned by the most minimalistic of synth you’d ever lay your hands upon, but at the same time delivering the chaotic atmosphere of electro. Yes, electro was infused in the original version of “System Control“, but it’s even more infused with Ekman‘s style of electro, which has a muddy layer of atmospheric delight – to infect your senses with. There may be similarities between the two, but they’re in no way so similar that it wouldn’t make any difference if he (Ekman) lent a hand to the production. No, he has not produced the track itself, but his analogue remixing has been a similarity to be reckoned with.

When there’s a choice, you’re surely enough berated by Beläten, whom is the master of decision in this case, too. But from the choices he gives you, you must choose wisely. Therefore, even though there’s a rough enforcement from he who’s holding the strings, you can’t help but enjoy yourself. This remix is a part of a bigger picture, of Dmitry Distant’s contribution to the world as such, through his forthcoming release on the label – namely “Le Dérivé De L’Amour“. A four-tracked EP that gives you two original tracks and two remixes. Part of the Beläten-catalog as Jera, referring to the rune Jēran symbolized as the j-rune “” of the Elder Futhark. The meaning of this rune is “season” or “harvest“, and you bet we’ve harvested the best for you, through our options.

So we’re proud to give you the remix by Ekman of the track “System Control“, created by Dmitry Distant. Prepare for the signature influences that only Ekman can deliver, which makes this track a little bit darker, but also more passive. There is something lurking in the dark, and the only way you’re going to find out is by listening to it. This is the first remix that we’re setting free for your listening pleasure, which makes this occasion all the more special to us – and to you. The Netherlands is calling, and they’re infiltrating your sound-scape as we speak. Stream this whole track and remix exclusively from Invisible Guy, until you buy the physical edition of this release, which comes in the shape of a cassette (C18). The release itself will be up for pre-order on the 31st of January.

Label: Beläten

Cat#: Jera

Artist: Dmitry Distant

Exclusive Song: System Control (Ekman Remix)

Title: Le Dérivé De L’Amour

Format: C18


From Moscow comes Dmitry Distant with four tracks of mesmerizing analog worship electro. It’s minimal and it’s dark, but underneath the cold melancholy bubbles unbridled passion: passion for the rhythm, passion for the deep bass resonances, passion for the hooks that will continue to ring in your ears for days on end. Le Dérivé De L’Amour is nicely rounded off by two remixes of the track System Control by Beläten favourite Ekman and The Exaltics respectively.

Like all Beläten releases, this cassette comes with a complimentary download version on a dropcard.

The words of the system controller of Beläten

Exclusive Stream: Barren Womb / Remote split!


The Norweigan noise-punk outfit Barren Womb is keeping at it, releasing a split 8¨ together with the French doom-grind band Remote on The Perfect Hoax. Since Norway is our destination and Sweden is generous, we’ve teamed up with The Perfect Hoax, making your Monday a little bit more potent. This means that you’ll get an exclusive stream of the whole split-release here on Invisible Guy. Featuring the songs “Visual AIDS” and “Deal or no krokodil” by our Norweigan gentlemen from Barren Womb, whilst Remote is gracing us with the song “Plagues and rats“.

Yes, just fixate your eyes below and start playing it – you will not regret it. For those of you that fancy it a little bit more, I can tell you that it will be released on the 12th of April and you can fetch your pre-order here. Start it up, turn it up and play it loud! By the way, do also check out their tour down below. Barren Womb will also go out on a European tour together with the Norwegian band Jabba the Butt.


12.04 Oslo, NO @ Verkstedet w/ Higgs Boson, Shaving the Werewolf

13.04 TBA

14.04 Hengelo, NL @ Innocent w/ The Daydream Fit

15.04 Amsterdam, NL @ TBA

16.04 Münster, DE @ Wagenplatz

17.04 Brussels, BE @ Le Bunker w/ Siamese Queens

18.04 Tournai, BE @ Le Cornwall

19.04 Rouen, FR @ Highlands Café w/ Remote

20.04 Paris, FR @ La Cantine de Belleville w/ Remote

21.04 TBA

22.04 Basel, CH @ TBA w/ Remote

23.04 Civitanova Marche, IT @ Bar Gioia

24.04 Vienna, AT @ Rehearsal space

25.04 Chemnitz, DE @ Subway to Peter

26.04 Berlin, DE @ XB w/ Autovogel

27.04 Gothenburg, SE @ Aktivitetshuset Majorna w/ No Omega, This Gift is a Curse