Listen: Franck Kartell – Afterlife


The no-bullshit and straight-forward, ambivalent atmospheric, electro connoisseur, Franck Kartell, recently had his first album “Afterlife” released by Bass Agenda Recordings. Having released numerous EP’s and a myriad of tracks since 2005, he’s finally covered here on Invisible Guy. Frankly, we don’t know that much about Franck as such, but were tempted to let you listen to it throughout this medium – after stumbling upon him and his latest release just now. The album is jam-packed with the most sincere atmospheres, something you’d rarely (if ever) find in the realms of electro. His grandiose structures of passionate electro strikes you down, when up-letting a darker tone to be soaring through each song. Consolidating the brutality of what you’d be seeing from such acts as AS-1, with a little more psychedelic arrogance that he tampers with and evolve into humongous, almost ambient, atmospheres. He has you wandering through industrial wastelands, and through mysterious tunnels. Everything and nothing can be found within the differentiating sound-scapes, but the melodies are complex and have a lot of thought behind them. This is not your run-at-the-mill electro, this is well-thought out and cybernetic electro, that packs an uncompromising punch to the gut when it wants to – but would rather leave you disillusioned and frightened. More can be said about it, but I will leave it at that, so I can let you (as the listener) make up your own mind. Buy the limited edition CD for £7 from Bass Agenda Recordings, listen and stream the release down below – in full.