Promo: Various Artists – Rites Ov Summer


The Salzburgian label Rainberg Verlag has just released a six-tracked compilation titled “Rites Ov Summer“, featuring completely new songs from Jännerwein, Solblot, Truthful Fields, Moineau, Vurgart and Bund Neuland. Celebrating summer, celebrating the warmth, now that is is slowly becoming Autumn. This is a must have for everyone that like the folkish tunes of differentiating European acts, it is also for everyone that likes their music to be free. At least, for now, the compilation is free to download. But I suggest you pinch in with money if you like what you are hearing. Stream and listen to it down below.



Premiär: The Chrysler – All Guns Blazing


Tidigare så har Flora & Fauna släppt de tre fullängdarna från The Chrysler, på de udda åren 2003, 2005 och 2007. Tidigast ute var de med “Failures And Spark“, och senast så släpptes “The Benelux Years“. Denna blandning av alternativ folk-pop är både semi-akustisk och nostalgitrippande. Bandet, som består utav Anders Rudström, Henrik von Euler, Saemi Grettison Karlsson och Pelle Lindroth, består till fullo av alla medlemmar från Moder Jords Massiva – som bytt medlemmar fortare än de släppt musik. Nu är de tillbaka igen, denna gång år 2013, med låten “All Guns Blazing” som är tagen från det kommande albumet “Hands Across The Sea“, som släpps den 10:e Oktober i år. Denna stämningsfyllda blandning påminner rent textmässigt om gamla goda bluesdängor, eller whiskey-hes country. Utan det hesa, förstås, och med en mycket större nypa folk-pop. Vilket gör det mycket mer intressant, eftersom att det är sällsynt att denna blandning letar sig fram bland Sveriges massiva skogar. Men när det väl kommer, så kommer det. Dessutom så gör Rickard Jäverling ett enastående inhopp med sin banjo. Ni kan lyssna till låten här nedanför och ladda ner den gratis.

Premiere: Justin Martin – Concrete Designs


Today, we have a special for you, as we’ve had before. These specials will be re-occurring, and you’ll get to listen to some exclusive material from upcoming releases. You’ve probably heard about Swoon Records before, because I interviewed Jeff Southard from that particular label a while ago. Well, they’ve got a lot of things going, not to mention the latest one that is due to be released on the 3rd of August. It’s Justin Martin, he’s a folk-singer and his album “Awake or a Dream” will come out on that date. For those of you that are keen on that, I should tell you that it’s instrumentally superior, going from semi-acoustic to a more broaden space of different instrumentation. Firmly concentrated around his sincere vocals, which are harmonious and ominously engaged in the landscape of sullen beauty, which is American folk. Think of the best in that world, and there you have it. Couple it with a touch of psychedelia, and you’re settled forever. I’ve been given the song “Concrete Designs” from this 6-song EP that will be available for exclusive streaming here on Invisible Guy. Feel free to stream! By the way, you can also check out his tour-dates down below.

*8.16.13 The New Frontier / Awake or a Dream CD Release Show w/ Humble Cub, Piko Panda & Imaginary Lines / Tacoma, WA / 21+ / $5 / 9 p.m.

*8.17.13 The Flying M w/ Holy Weak & Allan Boothe of Humble Cub / Nampa, ID / All Ages / $3 / 8 p.m.

8.18.13 Burt’s Tiki Lounge w/ Michael Cundick of Jesus or Genome, Michelle Moonshine & Allan Boothe of Humble Cub / Salt Lake City, UT / 21+ / $5 / 8 p.m.

8.20.13 Boomer’s Bar w/ The All-Togethers, Jeff Mix & Allan Boothe of Humble Cub / Las Vegas, NV / 21+ / $5 / 8:30 p.m.

8.21.13 The Tribal Cafe w/ Allan Boothe of Humble Cub / Los Angeles, CA / All Ages / Free / 7 p.m.

8.22.13 ZuhG Life Store w/ Allan Boothe of Humble Cub / Sacramento, CA / All Ages / Free / 6 p.m.

8.23.13 50 Mason Social House w/ Minor Birds, Monster Nights & Allan Boothe of Humble Cub / San Francisco, CA / 21+ / $5 / 7 p.m.

*8.24.13 The Firkin Tavern w/ Yourself & The Air, Not From Brooklyn & Humble Cub / Portland, OR / 21+ / Free / 8:30 p.m.

*8.25.13 Le Voyeur w/ Humble Cub / Olympia, WA / 21+ / $5 / 9:30 p.m.

*8.30.13 Blue Moon Tavern w/ Half Kingdom / Seattle, WA / 21+ / $5 / 8:30 p.m.

*Full Band


Premiär: Sisillisko är de nya herrarna på täppan!


Eller så är de åtminstone ett helt nytt band, som är sprungna ur Stockholmsjorden. Sisilisko betyder indirekt “ödlornas natt“, vilket är taget från de finska orden “sisiliskojen yö“. Rent symboliskt så kommer denna yttring från natten till Söndag och Måndag, då vi aldrig fastnar i djupsömn utan landar mellan två sömnstadier. Där detta ger upphov till svettighet, märkliga drömmar och där man när ett gravt annorlunda tillstånd. Ni vet säkert vilket, men det kan yttra sig i olika former. Med andra ord så vill de pricka in det som sällan ställs i mittpunkten av tillvaron, eller ens det som där läggs någon uppmärksamhet vid. I karga vrår, i medvetandes ytterkanter, dit dagsljuset strålar inte når. Bandet består utav Albin Boman och Peter Engkvist, och deras debut-singel som de nyligen släppt, som går under namnet “To Die / Under Your Skin” – spelades in i en lokal i ett industriområde, i samkväm med teknikern och producenten Martin Nilsson. Den som spelar trummor är Jakob Enlund, och utöver det så har de haft medhjälparna Veronica Blom, som skötte det grafiska och Anni Alm som stod för fotograferandet.

Nåväl, ni har läst länge nog. Nu är det dags för er att kasta er in i en doominpyrd kaskad av otippad amerikansk folkmusik, i en mäktig treenighet med black metal. Lyssna här nedan.

Spotlight: Strangeweather – Like Shadows In Grey Rivers


This is one of those bands that have put in a lot of energy into their recordings, without expecting anything for it. Sadly enough, not many people are appreciative of that fact, but more people should be. Strangeweather from Portland are unique in every kind of way possible. It’s one of those bands that have a lot of things going at the same time, crossing through genres, no matter how steep it might be. Yesterday, they released their first album “Like Shadows In Grey Rivers“. Which is an ambitious project of sullen eyes, swollen chamber punk and interesting elements forged together in a mass. You feel like you’re in a seance, together with the band. In other words, they’re not short on emotions, which they’re displaying throughout a darkwave-inspired, underlying tone, covered in post-punk grittiness. Their sound switch and twirl, which makes you realize that you can’t hold on to anything while trying to define what it might be. Even though the tone of the album has an overlying gloom-pop sound with anarcho vibes, mostly lyrically, the rest of the influences are having a go at it whilst the brain tries to rationalize. The weird sense of nothingness, the hopeful spark that lights the match, a coagulated sound of pre-dark cabaret – fitted to be nothing short of inspiring and awe-inducing. Those sweet and utmost angelic voices on display, that play on your heartstrings are here to stay, whether you want it or not. One of the questions that remain in the end are how you get such a grand sound, even though you’re semi-acoustic? Maybe that’s a question that shouldn’t be answered, but rather kept a secret. This is an outright amazing and flawless release, which really puts everything into perspective. You’ll enjoy this, whether you’re into folk, punk, anarcho-folk, chamber punk or whatever. So give them a dime for their effort, because it is well-deserved. Their album was released on the 23rd of May, by themselves in a total D.I.Y. fashion.

Americalight: Cathedral Pearls – Off My Chain


Americana, is a word that can be stated to be an resemblance of this band. Probably not as much when it comes to their music, but they’re from that continent on the other side of the world. The band I’m talking about is Cathedral Pearls, whom are from Spokane. They’ve released their debut-album “Off My Chain“, which is a sincere trip in between folk and indie, with hints of new wave. All with a spiraling experimental vein, but with a spoon, as they’re simply cooking the drug – inserting it when they say go. Most of the music revolve around both instrumentals, but a high stake in their bet is their vocalists, which consists of an equal part of women and a single man. With their voices, they sure overshadow their instrumentals, as there’s only some parts in the songs that reflect their ingenious bet. Unfortunately, the music itself is guided into a folly of generic. That ultimately destroys the symbiosis of what’s unique with the music at hands, which is a shame to be honest. But you always have something to pluck out and consider to be great. Once a medley of voices comes on, your brain simply catches its breath and you make a sigh of total relief. The atmosphere of the songs are very American, they have that certain aura which you can sense with your ears. You pick up the different characteristics which make it American. A well-polished sound-scape, their dialects of course and the general feeling can be related to folk songs from that part of the world. This is also one of their nemesis, which needs to be eluded. There’s some amount of cheesiness between the layers, but that doesn’t really matter in the end. The overall picturesque music that they deliver are considerably gentle, sincere and enacted with a great amount of precision. With that in mind, we might just set out for the sun. Their release feature eight songs, which have been hastily recorded, and were released on the 14th of May.

Zeon Light släpper nytt med Johan G. Winther!


Som alla redan vet så var det i startgroparna för nästan en månad sedan. Då fick Invisible Guy äran att spela låten “As Above, So Below“, som väldigt många lyssnare uppskattade. Om mer än en veckas tid, nämligen den 15:e Maj, så släpps “The Rupturing Sowle” på Zeon Light Kassett, både på ett reguljärt kassettband – men även i en De Luxeversion som även inkluderar en t-shirt med egendesignat motiv, samt en poster och ett pin. Det förstnämnda alternativet kostar endast nio dollar och det sistnämnda landar på fyrtiotvå dollar, vilket är väldigt billigt för att inkludera så mycket, då det i svensk valuta ligger på cirka 270 kronor. Frakten är helt gratis inom Sverige och De Luxe-versionen är begränsad till tjugo exemplar, så om ni vill fynda får ni skynda. Här hos Invisible Guy kan ni även få möjligheten att höra ytterligare en låt, men då får ni vänta ett antal dagar till. Just nu kan ni lyssna till den nyligen upplagda låten “The Drifting Boat/Drunk On Blood” här nedanför.

Spotlight: Chelsea Rainwater – Blood & Bones


Totally spellbound, by this clever release. It’s in total awe, that I am writing this. Everything seemed to be in its ordinary place, as this asteroid hit me in the head. I am not a fan of country per se, but when you start mixing it with other genres – I’m all there with you. This is the case with the singer-songwriter Chelsea Rainwater. If I weren’t in awe of the acoustical parts of the songs, it would increase when I heard her voice. There might not be an odd edge to it, as I am used to, but it surely fits the premise. At times, it’s hard to find someone like her, because either the voice is the greatest they usually have – or simply just the acoustic. As this is entirely different, I am flabbergasted by the singing and the acoustics. Everything that seems to hit me these days, seem to somehow be connected with spring or summer. But as this mixture transcends the boundaries, it takes with it a bit of everything – folk, country and folk. It makes me want to write poems when I listen to it. All that swelling energy, all that sincere emotional outburst that knocks you over – would be something to die for. Anyway, if you’re not yet convinced, I challenge you to at least listen to it. You can do that down below. This was released by Roadside Records on the 1st of April.

Spotlight: Theatre Royal – Three Ships EP


Spotlight returns to its former glory, as we float beyond the time and space continuum. As the people glare at us, we present to you Theatre Royal, an fully equipped British adventure from Rochester. Wrought from the same shades as us, brought to justice within a mural indie context. But maybe not to that full extent, as the psychedelic pop vibes of yesteryear plague us once again. Idealizing, a world with emotionalism, outbursts of concrete emotion. With wonderful voices, contextualized instrumentation and a folky vibe to the overall potpourri of influences. When the boat leaves our sacred shores, we shall go out to sea and tame the beasts. Conjugating the extremities of everyday life, spanning through landscapes far and wide – packed into a beholder for the people to observe. Theatre Royal show their teeth, but at the same time contain themselves – because they’ve got a story to tell us. Stories that are brought upon with the sincerity and normalized energetic posture that is sorely lacking in some areas of music. The four tracks featured on their EP are “Three Ships (disappear here)“, “Learning How To Be Idle“, “Orchard Song (Sun Studio demo)” and “(Just Like) A Sunny Day In June“, released by themselves. Feel free to listen to it down below.

Presenting: Variegated Heart live-sessions part 1 of 3!

Variegated Heart is a live-sessions of performances conducted by the band THIN HYMNS. This is the first part of three, so you’ll get more where that came from. They’re a psychedelic pop-induced phenomenon based in Chicago, that blend genres from afar and wide. Currently in the process of releasing their coming album, “Black Waters“, they also performed live in their home-studio at Hotel Earth in Chicago, Illinois. Their EP will be released by Sanzimat International, on the 9th of April. You’ll hear more of them in the next couple of days, but take your time and listen to the wonders that be. Pop can be so much more then the static and linear approach, this is something in between ambient, psychedelia, folk, neo-classical and underproduced but carefully oriented pop-twists with a melodic body. As you’ll find out, so watch their live-show here on Invisible Guy as you go about your day. Do also listen to their one track “All Around You” available at bandcamp.