Exclusive Premiere: Popsimonova – Amnesia


The queen will sort you all out for this coming release. From what I can hear it is EBM, electro and cold-wave that make Popsimonova who she is on this record. This multi-faceted lady have now gotten a place on the third Enfant Terrible compilation which is being released on the sub-label Gooiland Elektro. After having released her first EP on Enfant Terrible called “Untitled” in 2012, she’s been featured in numerous collaborations with Zarkoff – whose appearance often is as a producer, but also beatmaker. Having released her latest single and album-in-one on J.A.M. Traxx together with Zarkoff, called “Die Brücke“, and a digital release titled “Break And Enter“. Now she’s featured with a track for the forthcoming compilation “Freikörperkultur“, a third compilation coming out of the Enfant Terrible bastion. A vast compilation displaying the different talents housed under the name of Enfant, with others including – representing, as always – a wide-array of different electronic acts and styles. I think it marks for a harder sound which Popsimonova have taken upon herself. Harsher sounds for a harsher world, stuck in amnesia.


This specific track is a dungeon-friendly chanson which you’d probably find around Europe. It’s got a touch of that European kind of electronica that would make the Brits blush or surrender like the French. EBM blended into a harder form of electro which pinches your subliminal with its hard baseline. It’s something to bop your head to and a really danceable – but dark and melodic – piece of sound.  The vocals really make the landscape of sound even more intriguing and fits the whole setting perfectly. This track is featured as the last track on the B-Side of the vinyl, making it the B2-track. Since it is Friday and that means Freikörperkultur, you get to stream the exclusive track “Amnesia“, taken directly from the compilation. Find yourself in the neon light and that might make for a better life. If you like what you’re hearing, pre-order the vinyl from Gooiland Elektro.

Some questions for Ashrae Fax!


Ashrae Fax could be legendary by now, but they chose not to be. All kidding aside, I wrote about their album “Static Crash” a long time ago. Their background is in Greensboro, North Carolina – which lies in the United States of America. The band mainly consists of Alex Chesney and Renee Mendoza. What can really be said about them? They’re imaginative, to say the least. Combining elements of electro-pop, dream pop and gothic, together somewhat hard-hitting industrial undertones. One could say that they’re really original, and then one could agree with that statement. Now they’re back, to play a couple of shows. Also, because the label Mexican Summer decided to pick them up and re-master their first release “Static Crash“. So, I wanted to ask them some serious questions, and some that were not. A chilled out experience which would be an easy read for everyone that would bother with it. Have fun!

Why did you choose to reunite to play live, and release a re-master of your “Static Crash” album?

– Mexican Summer made us do it. No, really we want to support them supporting us, if that makes sense. We need to get out there and play some shows for the people who want to see us. It’s simple give and take.

Since you’re releasing it very soon, I wanted to ask you about the album itself. What was it like in the process of recording it?

– It was recorded in a 16-track studio on black face ADATs. Shitloads of outboard gear with patch bays and a 20 channel 8 bus console… we could go on and on. The gear part is fun to talk about, but still is pretty simple, we didn’t fuss over it, we just got takes and moved on. But we cut it really close because we booked tour before the record was done and were busting ass to get copies made and silkscreen the art work the day before we left.

You’ve teamed up with the Brooklyn-based label Mexican Summer for this re-master. Why is that?

– They found us really. We had no serious intentions of doing any more releases or putting anything else out. We had a successful small run re-release on Hot Releases’ label and were toying around with the idea of doing more when Mexican Summer emailed us. We had lots of material to work with so we signed up to release our entire discography.

What have you two been doing these years when you weren’t occupied with Ashrae Fax?

– Alex has been playing electronic/techno music as Faster Detail. I got married, played in a band with my husband called Filthybird for about 8 years of that time, started a tech career, bought a house. Mostly normal life stuff with music as a second job.

You’ve already gotten some rave reviews on the re-master, as I send you this. Any review in particular that got you “going”?

– I really liked Surfing on Steam’s review. I felt like s(he) really got it and shined light on the things that make our music unique. Especially the vocal performance which I think really sets our music apart from the abundance of dream-pop/goth-synth bands that are out now.

I’ve also been wondering, for some time now – who’s the man portrayed on the album itself and why did he get the pleasure to find himself on the front of it?

– It’s actually a female Chinese Air Force pilot. Our friend Scab Von Havoc from Aluminum Noise created that art work for us and it has stood the test of time.

Since your music is comprised by so many different influences, aesthetics and the likes – what kind of “aim” do you have with your songs, both lyrically and musically?

– Lyrically, the aim isn’t always clear. Some songs are more about sounds than words while others tell more of a story or are words about sounds. Musically, we just wanted to make something futuristic. And to make the kind music that we wanted to hear.

I’m not sure that people know that much about you two. What’s your background?

– We’re both X-cons.

Alright, you’re playing live in North Carolina and on the Hopscotch Music Festival later this year. What can one expect?

– A four piece band comprised of the original Static Crash players: Alex, Renee, Mike, and Robert. Some dancing. Probably some awkwardness and shoegazing from some members as we get our sea legs back. Maybe some singalongs.

Thank you for answering these questions. As I’m a robot, I expect you to leave your message here in the end. What have you got to say?

– Word up.

Head on over to Ashrae Fax’s bandcamp, so you can listen to two tracks from their re-imagined release “Static Crash!“.

Spotlight: Mercimer feat. Lisa Gagerman – Walk At Night (Single Edit)


Normally, I wouldn’t doubt to do it in a second. But these days, there’s a lot coming my way, so I have to sort it all out. Therefore, I’ve decided to include Mercimer and Lisa Gagerman in this post, just because the song they’ve just released, titled “Walk At Night (Single Edit)” – touches me in the right spots. Problem is, they’ve got the modernistic and more hedonistic approach to electro-pop, which isn’t something I’d normally indulge in. But with Lisa Gagermans transcendal, semi-mainstream vocals, there’s a hint of energetic and systematic fury that is simply beyond me. Encroaching in territories, thanks to Mercimer, that these modernistic acts simply don’t go in. Even though some of the repetitive vocal glitchiness is abhorrent, I like the general feeling of the song and what it’s trying to convey. This was released by the Norwegian label A New Direction Music (ANDM) on the 3rd of April.

Curxes release new song!


As they’re one of my shady favorites, that I haven’t heard from Curxes since last time, they decided to release a completely new song titled “Further Still“. They’re back once again, better than ever. Who would’ve even thought that it couldn’t be anything else then that? Nobody. Although they might’ve strayed away from their darker elements, swayed into the wondrous and elegant melodious genre they themselves call “blitz-pop“. I’ll have to figure out what it is, but I’m listening to a totally new wonder and they’ve matured a lot. Instead of being insidious, shady and dark at the core – they metamorphosed into something even greater and higher. My spiritual cramp is suddenly healed and I feel like this could be the beginning of something totally new. I love what I hear and I will consider them the progenitors of that particular genre. Sweet, angelic and worthy of your time. You can listen to it down below and also download it for free.

Lyssna på ny låt med Kite!


Tidigare hade jag hört talas om dom. Men nu är de framme ur skuggan, återigen. Denna gången har Kite överträffat sig själva, med låten “The Rhythm” som släpptes lös av Progress Productions för några dagar sedan. Det är en låt från deras kommande platta “V” som är en viktig pusselbit i ordningsföljden. År 2008 släppte de sitt självbetitlade debutalbum på bolaget Lyckan, för att sedan masa sig över till Progress Productions och i en årlig följd, från 2009 till 2011, släppa “II“, “III” och “IV“. Den silkeslena, men graciösa och bombastiska blandning av electropop som duon står för är fullkomligt genialisk. Allting faller på plats, som sig bör med tanke på deras tidigare alster. Men nu känns alltid lite mer raffinerat och i sin ordning. Kite, som för övrigt är Christian Berg och Nicklas Stenemo, släpper tillsammans med bolaget Progress Production sitt femte platta “V” den 8:e Maj. Passa på att lyssna på deras senaste låt nedanför, som även kan laddas ner gratis. Släppet går redan nu att förbeställa och upplagan kommer att vara i form av en CDP och en begränsad upplaga av 12¨-vinyler.