Upcoming release on Repartiseraren: Listerlandet

Grand Mal x side-project Listerlandet will receive its first proper release, in exclusive form, from Repartiseraren in late October 2018. The release is planned to be in a limited edition of chromes cassettes with full on-body printing as per usual, obi-strips, metallic printing for logos and tracklists plus the title of the release. There will also be a limited edition luxury hardback digipak CD with an outer linen cover.

Each of these physical releases will come with a different track and with different covers, only available via Repartiseraren. SkandinavianSpeed will have exclusive access to the digital release itself.

A music-video has been created by Karl Ture Rydby himself, you get a firsthand look and feel for one of the tracks featured on the release, “Nätet läggs i skymningen“. Down below is a short presentation of the release itself:

Listerlandet is located in the outskirts. Classic, okkult dubby tekno with ambience and esoteric folklore for higher spheres and inner search. This Autumn on cassette, CD with linen cover (Repartiseraren) and digital (SkandinavianSpeed, coming label).

Lyssna: Himlakropp – Tusenårssömn


Just den här dagen, för exakt tolv timmar sedan, så släppte skivbolaget Jämmerdosa albumet “Tusenårssömn“. Det blir min första introduktion till artisten Himlakropp. Jag hade inte hört talas om honom tidigare, men när man får tio låtar rakt upp- och ned att lyssna till så tackar man inte nej. En salig blandning av dub, techno och med inspiration tagen från Nordisk folkmusik. Ja, tillsammans med en hel del som har med rymden och kosmos i allmänhet att göra, förstås. Tidigare så har han självsläppt ett album vid namn “Megamal“, vilket för mig antyder någon slags koppling till Hávamál med Megaman inslängd någonstans däremellan. Vi ska i alla fall titta in i den värld som Robert Eklund föreställer sig genom sin musik. Många, om inte alla av låtarna är så drömska att man undrar om man råkat somna medan man lyssnar till musiken. Det finns någonting avslappnande med att höra en ständigt rörlig ljudbild som inte på något sätt stör tankarna. Musik att drömma sig iväg med. Långsamt så utvecklas det lugna ljudlandskap till något annat, men precis när man tror att höjdpunkten är nådd så plaskar man ner i djupet igen. Man skulle med lätthet kunna förväxla detta med någon slags hyllning till det mörka djupet som vi kallar för världshavet, istället för att det skulle kunna vara anslutet till rymden. Kanske är det där som den Nordiska folkmusiken slår sig till ro.

Det känns som en så absurd blandning när man bara läser sig till det. Men när techno och dub möts tillsammans med de övriga influenserna så skapar det en väldigt förskönad bild av verkligheten. Man kan verkligen drömma sig bort bland synthmelodierna som så upplyst visar vägen, medan den mer sega rytmen skulle kunna vara alvkungen som långsamt rör sig mellan skogsstigarna. Även om en hel del av ljudbilden nästan kan sägas gå in i 8-bitarsfällan ibland, rent melodimässigt men också när det kommer till ljudlandskapet i helhet – så är det en del som gärna skulle kunna skalas av. En annan del som jag verkligen inte tål är när Robert går in i någon slags extas med sin egen röst, och drar den genom en sladdrig vocoder. Nej, det låter verkligen inte bra och det förstör det drömska med musiken i sin helhet. Annars finns det väl inte så mycket att klaga på, det man hör låter välproducerat och har kraft att slå igenom bergsväggar. Men tona gärna ner den grandiosa stämningen som melodierna förmedlar, för det drar ifrån hela dub-techno-känslan som det spenderats tid på att bygga upp. Det känns som att Himlakropp hela tiden ligger mellan ett välsvarvat och lugnande ljudlandskap, men att det helt plötsligt ska in något annat för att få igång saker och ting. Om det dilemmat försvinner från musiken så kan jag tänka mig att det är bland något av det underskönaste jag hört i år. Köp släppet från Jämmerdosa om ni gillar det ni hör.

Interview with Ivan Antunovic of Small Doses!


In Croatia we found Ivan Antunovic. Now, Ivan isn’t like everyone else. He has his own micro-label, does professional design work for a living, create music and also makes a fanzine. He’s been active in different groups in the Yugoslavian, now Balkan, underground. His alter-egos range from Half Releases to Innumerals, from his zine Small Doses to his designer-ego Nieuw NDG. This man has as many aliases as only he himself could know. Since a few years back he’s mainly been concentrating on releasing different singles and mini-albums alongside his fanzine. Even though the fanzine comes out every once in a while, he’s made a name for it through his proffesionality and originality when it comes to the design of the zine itself and all the macabre subjects which are disseminated within each number. He’s taken it from number one to number six – the last-mentioned due to be out in the very near future. I wanted to get the larger picture of what Ivan Antunovic actually does, how he copes with his egos, the climate in former Yugoslavia, his relationship with those he works with when doing the zine, the releases that are put out by him, his different projects before every alter-ego and many other things which you may find interesting.

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Spotlight: Luke Lund – Lost And Found


In between the clutches of bass music, experimentalism soars as the finnish Luke Lund gears up to deliver an interesting blend of what you’ve just heard – and some kind of dub with industrial influences. Even though the hip-hop samples doesn’t enhance the atmosphere of the tracks, these different genres in a crossover do precisely that. If that influence had been held out of this release, then it would’ve been so much better. Anyhow, he’s just released the album “Lost And Found” on his label Terranean Recordings which he runs together with the polish Bartosz Szturgiewicz. This particular release contain older tracks that have been re-worked during the month of March, to be compiled into a compilation-styled album. He calls the tracks the following: “…long forgotten untitled sketches“. Here the tracks range from roughly four minutes up to thirteen as the longest. When it comes to the longer tracks, they’re more drone and shoegaze in regards to the general atmosphere, whilst some of them deliver a hard-knock bass music-oriented sound with rough industrial textures. The shortest tracks seem to be noisier, but there are even tracks that come into dark ambient territory. So with that said, there are a wide-range of influences that are distinguished by their application in each track. Some are harsher, others are lighter, some are more gloomy, and some deliver a weird combination of genres that affect both rhythm and melody. The tracks themselves are being mixed live with FX and other instruments, and each day there’s another track that gets put up. So every characteristic of the track depend on what kind of mood he’s in that day.


The album itself is compromised of fifteen tracks. If this album sounds interesting, you should check out the other albums that he’s released since 2012. Everything from his first album “Colony“, to the one before this, titled “Forlorn“. He’s also been releasing singles and EPs, starting with his first double-single titled “Breed“, to his latest which is titled “Question / Images“. It is surely noticeable that Luke Lund, whose whole name is Lukas Alexander Lundén, is a multi-instrumentalist. But what’s even more interesting is that he’s self-taught. He remixes, produces and does everything himself. He’s based out of Turku, Finland. Since the label itself is a non-profit digital label, all releases are freely downloadable. But if you like what you are hearing, you should donate a little bit of cash. Stream the whole release “Lost And Found” down below.

Exclusive Premiere: German Army – [Antiseptic – Crooning Ignorance – Smooth Voice]


If one wished for their carelessness in these simultaneous releases, if one even wished for their ambiguous nature, if one only wished for their ambition – we’d have to close down fantasy for good, and re-assert ourselves with reality. Because they’re working around the clock, it seems, with putting out new wavelengths of sound from the factory. There are only two workers in this factory clouded with black smoke, coughing their lungs out and chanting, in the German Army. In what feels like less than a week, and maybe not even more than a month, they’ve released two records. In January, their album “Barrineans” was put out by the D.I.Y. outlet and label Lava Church, on cassette. Their latest release up to date; “Millerite Masai“, is the title of a limited cassette-release on Yerevan Tapes. The other is the one before that, titled “T’rung“, was another limited-edition cassette, this time put out by Lighten Out Sounds. In no less than two weeks and a day or two, they’ve been put out by two different labels. Cassettes in different forms and shapes are continually being put out, some even so new that people can’t really keep up with them. We’re hoping to remedy that, to make them stop in their tracks for at least a moment and figure out where they’re heading. Because they probably don’t know that themselves, and we do not know that either. One could guess and say that it’s their formula – it is what makes them interesting at all.


In what seems to be an unplanned happenstance, Invisible Guy intercepted their communications and looted their storage. Well, that’s just an unidentifiable story from a source we don’t even believe in ourselves, and it’s only meant to make this more exciting. But loot there is and there’s actually more then expected. We’re proud to be delivering some tracks from their forthcoming release on the American label Field Hymns. The release itself is titled “Tassili Plateau” and is expected to be out in the beginning of April. German Army continue with their concept of experimentation, of approaching the listener with the most unforeseen things in sound. After a while, things will get a little bit familiar, but they’ve strayed into the ethnic territory of music this time – even more. As some of the titles on this record would suggest, they’re looking into Asia a little bit more – and India, to be precise, but not entirely. The name for this record is actually derived from “Tassili n’Ajjer” (meaning: “Plateau of the Rivers“), which is a mountain range in the Algerian sector of the Saharan Desert. This plateau stretches from south-east Algeria – to the borders of Libya and Niger.


Expect the claustrophobia to be raging, different variants of their dub-esque experimentation fixated to industrial sounds, mixed with indigenous ethnic vibes. We’re proud to be putting up the track “Antiseptic“, which is the first track on the record, the track “Crooning Ignorance“, and the track “Smooth Voice“. You can expect an interesting change of pace between the tracks, different intonations and influences, weirdly arrhythmic electronica drenched in distorted beats, a looming industrialized but rhythmic chanson that will make you space out into angelic territory. An actual difference from when we heard them last. They’re ever-changing and what’s not fun to be had from that? Stream the three tracks made available for you, exclusively from Invisible Guy. Have a look-out on the label Field Hymns when April is getting close, because then it will be released there as a limited edition cassette. On the 1st of April. Feel the agony, the torturous sonic heat wave – and the posterior hallucinations that you’ll acquire throughout.

German ArmyTassili Plateau[Field Hymns] – 4/1


A1. Border Marsh

A2. Mumbai

A3. Antiseptic [Exclusive]

A4. Crooning Ignorance [Exclusive]

A5. Indian Beast

B1. Vermin

B2. Nepalese

B3. Bondage

B4. Sexual Cycle Of Human Norms

B5. Smooth Voice [Exclusive]

B6. Goa

Swedish Premiere: Young Hare – Unbreak My Heart


We’re honored to be a part of the Altin Village & Mine releases once again, in the form of premiering something from their roster. Once again, we’re into the rather popular formula of mixing rhythm’n’blues with more appropriate genres. As set in motion here on Invisible Guy, mainly by the act Jogging House. We do not really have any fondness of rhythm’n’blues to begin with, but we’re rather acceptable of crossover attempts which involve this genre. Therefore, we when we were asked by Marcel of Altin Village & Mine to do an premiere of a duo that call themselves Young Hare, we couldn’t resist. There is a lot of things going on in their music which could be called retro, but also a sudden impact with funkiness, not overshadowing the rest of it. Since there seem to be a resurgence of indie pop that deal with other genres, rather than downright indie pop as such, the atmospheric content of what’s at hand certainly becomes something more than just that. Germany seem to be keen on using these different styles that shape themselves from ethnic music vibes, to rhythm’n’blues, to even calypso, to disco and electronica combined into a miss-mash of differences that suddenly match. The key sound to this sound itself is ironically indie pop itself, and the indie-sound, as an overlaying shell.

Young Hare is a duo from Frankfurt am Main, compromised by Marc Krause and Martin Pfanzer. Whom have earlier had their music released on Unbreakmyheart, which seem to be their own label or a friend of theirs. The material that was released there was their self-titled four-tracked, single-sided; “Young Hare“. This was back in 2011, and since then they’ve also done a split together with the Berlinian post-punk band Bodybuilding, in 2012. In 2014 they had their breakthrough on Altin Village & Mine, whom first released their EP titled “Isla Nubia EP“. Much of the music they’ve released appeal to me on a whole other level. Even though it might not be my cup of tea – there’s a certain emotion and complexity that overshadow just that. It would seem like the release I’m about to present to you might actually get them even further. So here we go, here we’ll be right now, for a moment.

I’m presenting to you a rather unorthodox release, which wouldn’t really fit in here very well with what I’ve been doing lately. You can’t really put it into those categories that I’ve been working with. So it feels like we’re rewinding to 2013, when I first stumbled upon Jogging House. That’s precisely what I feel when I listen to this, albeit the difference would be that there’s actually real vocals on this one, and not only samplings that act as a way to enhance the atmosphere. Invisible Guy gives you the exclusive premiere and streaming of “Unbreak My Heart“, which is the forthcoming album by Young Hare. I would sincerely recommend you to listen to this if you’re into indie pop, indie as such, or simply into the rhythm’n’blues crossovers that’ve been popping up these years. The album itself will be released on the 15th of March, on a co-release between Altin Village & Mine and Unbreakmyheart. Stream this release from Invisible Guy, Sweden. Scroll down and heartily enjoy. It can be bought as a LP, CD or digitally from Altin Village & Mine, and a wide-range of distributors that carry the physical releases.

Listen: German Army – Millerite Masai


The Italian army has turned into the German Army, as they march in line together. With an amassed amount of albums released on various labels, this German Army returns with another piece of dank esoteric otherworldly piece of music. Their rather sluggish approach takes a toll when they mix the rhythmic delight of kraut-rock, blended together with various psychedelic elements that make a certain masque on the sound itself. These different samples, ghastly as they might be in some ways, provide a monotonic shell for the outer dub to rumble away undisturbed. Everything is layer upon layer of goodness, as you experience the most experimentalist trip you’d ever wanna take. Churning out an even more massive amount of albums in the year of 2013, they make sure to shorten their tracks and leave a lot to the mind of the listener. His interpretation is what rules, because if you can make this into nothingness by being scared away by the oblique sound – make sure you strap yourself in, because this kind of music gets to you brain. You could call it an intellectual barrage, or you could call it gibberish. It’s all up to you. But these uniquely differing vibrations make your body turn in a way it shouldn’t, and in a way it should. Look for the sublime in this music, and you shall find. Yerevan Tapes are kind enough to be releasing their album “Millerite Masai“, a staunch look into the worldliness of music, applying every different ethnic vibe together with the harsh reality that we live in. Brace yourself, because 2014 might also belong to German Army. Because they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. Stream their album down below and enjoy the weirdness, freak out over their repetitive notion, move your body to the overt rhythm.

Premiere: Urban Homes – Centres


Urban Homes is much more than the name entices you to believe. Besides it being the latest release on Altin Village & Mine, it’s also a hefty bag of non-electronic music meets electronic. Imagine yourself standing on a top of a mountain, hearing this piece of music. I’ll promise you that you’d be stunned. It’s music that you should listen to when you’re outside, because it’s so spacey and grandiose that you’d loose yourself to the fever of dancing in a confined space if you’d listen to it in your tiny room. It’s everything you’d always want, taking influences from Balearic pop, dub, kraut rock and disco – with many other genres not named. The rhythmic monster that forces your body to move itself is stunning in its own setting. With that said, this five-tracked release has everything in between what you’d consider to be glorious. Simply, the astonishing atmosphere of the songs are breathing in their own right, as they sweep through the landscape on a journey to please your musical tastes. Top-notch musicality, which could be said pleases everyone that hasn’t considered to have a peek into their world yet. Delve into the ocean of things, find Urban Homes and start dancing along all the way through the influence of rhythmical movement, atmospheric delight and considerable melodies. It was released on the 15th of March but is premiering here in Sweden a little bit later, because we like to keep it like that. You can buy it if you like it, over at the Altin Village & Mine shop either as a CD or LP for 10 euros.


Slowday Showcase [#7.4]: Ravagers and Cabaal!

3992213213-1Yes, it’s a damn slow day, so it’s time for another Showcase. We’re entering familiar realms as we’re heading into known territory. The band Ravagers consists of four members from Baltimore, Maryland and they’ve currently been helped to release a 12¨ of their self-titled album “Livin In Oblivion“. There is something special about this band, because they put some of those melodic punk bands to shame. It goes a long time before you find something like this and it’s how melodic punk, with thrash-influences should be conducted. Not that there’s a perfect form in which you mold a band, but they combine the best out of the three worlds they have each of their foot in. Reminding me a lot of the Hex Dispensers, even though they play in different divisions. Sing-along punk have never been as acute and astute as this. There’s a certain degree in which you’ll be slinging your fist and prancing around the streets of destructiveness. What I think about is the inherently melodic core of this band, which delivers everything from sick riffs to a certain emotional effect on your own brain. Sometimes you just have to bring it back, with new intentions and a visionary approach to the same mixture of what makes different genres great. It’s snotty, rebellious and they’re living on the edge. Actually, at times, remind me of some of the older Tony Hawk games which I used to play. There, I first heard the song “Amoeba“, which might or might not constitute an influence on these boys. I feel like this is the way Americana should be, or at least they show me something better from that realm of the world. A little bit polished, but still gritty, showing their teeth on some subjects that could be a little bit predictable, but the predictability is nothing compared to their tempo-changes, with wild riffs and a total mind-blowing etiquette. It seems like they’ve pinpointed the quality, not quantity stance that is sorely lacking in much of today’s music. Featuring tracks ranging from “Cold Heat” to “Suicide Bomber“, being released someday in May, on the equally as great label (featured earlier) Cricket Cemetery.

1335723525-1Since I like to have completely contrasting music, fighting over space in Showcase, I decided to include a totally different musician. The artist who goes by the name of Cabaal from Ottowa, have released his latest album to date, namely “Liminality“, which is a metamorphosis of different electronica. Even though the borderline witch house cacophony makes me go astray, the huge landscape featuring everything from (almost) D’n’B-esque sounds to a completely different approach of IDM, make me feel at home again. It’s as if the more modernistic and minimalist elements of that particular genre suddenly started to incorporate themselves, emulating everything that can be considered to be bad in that genre, but instead latching on to the greater elements of the landscape – purveying a sound in between the cacophonous, the enlightened and the brutally obscene. Well, it might not be “obscene” in the words correct meaning, but I hope you catch my drift. At times it feels like I’m climbing the highest mountain, just to fall down into oblivion once again. It also reminds me a lot of the more J-pop oriented stuff that I’ve heard, with overtly (almost obnoxious) electronica that is well-produced and smashes into your own world, without leaving you anything. The deep baselines force you into a dwelling condition, where you don’t know if you’re inside out or if you’re inside in. Probably one of the more fascinating releases that have been offered so far, this year. Everything serves its purpose and the psychedelia is overwhelmingly good. So, have a little tanz by yourself and recognize the ingeniousness. Or fall down from the steep mountain before you ever reach the top of the sphere, failing to collect your rewarded enthusiasm. Because this is going to be in a world of goodies and grace, despise and maybe also a little bit underlying hate. Featuring tracks ranging from “Glass Halo” to “Sun Prism“, self-released in the D.I.Y-fashion, on the 23rd of February.