Spotlight: DKA Records 001 – Dylan Ettinger / Golden Dust!


DKA Records is a collective of people adhering to the magnificent electronica (and non-electronic) music, that can be fitted within the virtual entanglement of sub-genres, with everything from synth-pop, to post-punk and industrial. Celebrating both classic, new and rare releases. Besides that, they’re also keen on throwing club nights and concerts. These musicians and DJ’s, consisting of the following group of people: Featureless Ghost, Tifaret, Anticipation, Technoir, High Marks, Hunger, Cc, Claire, Twins, Warning Light, Fit of Body and many more.


They’ve currently released DKA001, which is their first release on the label. Featuring the son of Bloomington, namely Dylan Ettinger. Whom delivers a crescent current of the most malefic, but grandiose synth-pop that you’ve ever heard. But also a softer side, which is dedicated to the group Goldendust – a minimalistic but melodic synth-pop duo from Iowa. Loose yourself with these two, as they’re both on the same 7¨ which can be bought from DKA Records for five dollars + shipping, if you’d find it to be something for you. Which it will surely be, since it’s got both sides represented. Listen to the track “The Pale Mare” by Dylan Ettinger down below, which is a track featured on the A-Side.

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1. Eva. O – Children of the Light
2. Flowers of Romance – Autumn Kids
3. Paul Nova – Letter Of Love
4. Glorious Din – Sixth Pillar
5. Positive Noise – Treachery
6. Thrill To Pull – Green To Red
7. Die Hausfrauen – Bellevue Affair
8. Girls Under Glass – Reach For The Stars
9. Hysteria – Love Thine Enemy
10. The Sisters Of Mercy – A Rock And A Hard Place
11. Leitmotiv – A Meeting
12. Bab – The Elephant Man
13. The Caves – Darkness
14. Marquee Moon – Angst + War
15. DA – Dark Rooms
16. Ultime Possibilité – Errance
17. Echo And The Bunnymen – The Pictures On My Wall