Listen: The Anxiety Of Love discography!


The Anxiety Of Love, made up by former members of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Certain General, Joan Of Arc Family, Treehouses and other bands – have just put up their discography for you to stream. From their first release “One E.P.“, which was released in 2012. To their latest release “The Anxiety Of Hate E.P.“. From having their releases put out by the notable Berlinian label aufnahme + wiedergabe, to having their releases put out by their own independent label The Essence Of Soul Limited, Vocoder Tapes and Peripheral Minimal. They’re actually one of the few bands that carry the earlier wide-spread tradition of no-wave into a whole other world, together with their rather long and drone-inspired songs plus releases, to the shorter versions riddled with what Michael B. Wood (the singer) of the band calls; “meth rock“. A most noticeable influence however, would be the looming cold wave atmospheres that knit their no-wave tighter to the most unbearable point of listening, but that is the point of what they are. Another interesting thing about them letting their discography be streamed properly, is the fact that the earlier unreleased tracks that are of compilation-variety, have been put up as samples to be listened to under the collective name of: “So Lonely In Your Crowd“. Before and after they got hinged with different labels, they actually self-released a couple of releases.


The<<Nausea Libido>>“-single is a reminder of how great their self-released tracks got play-time through their D.I.Y-ethics, but also the live-document “soap in the blood” which features tracks from their live-performances. Another release that is probably seeing the day of light on a physical edition of vinyls, is the release that originally was scheduled for Tujunga Flats, but unfortunately never happened. This release, “The Swarm.“, is a nice reminder of how you can make it without the help of both major and independent labels – unless you’re making it darn sure to do it on your own. A lot of their music is unique in different kinds of ways, never leaving the ultimate darkness in which they brood, staying true to their core principles – makes for a different kind of listening experience – and it shines through. Their music is not that easy to categorize at best, but can be put into the goth rock, meth rock, cold-wave and no-wave, pocket. Now when they’ve been kind enough to put up their whole discography for your listening pleasure, digitally of course, wouldn’t you mind doing them a service and stream it until you drop? Because I know that I would. There are a lot of things to discover and you can do that right now. Stream their whole discography here on Repartiseraren.

Exclusive Premiere: Suren Unka – Weather Science


Suren Unka. You might’ve heard of him, or you might’ve not. He’s a descendant from India living in New Zealand, raised in the town of Opotoki, currently living in Auckland. The name he’s chosen for himself is derived from his real name, which is Suren Raj Unka. Earlier, he’s been a part of the group Ponnyfight together with Fergus Burnett, and now he’s released his own album on CD titled “El Chupacabra“. We re-visit some kind of bizarre turn into ambient dubstep of some sort, where the atmosphere is the most important for the almost clerical melodies that can be heard. It stands clear that it’s influenced very much by the modern electronica that has sprung up in the 2000’s. Currently, Suren is educating himself at MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand). Even though his music seem to be far from what I’ve been doing, I just had to have something to do with it. I must say that I despise dubstep as such, but this modern variant which clings to some of the elements of that genre, it also lets free some IDM influences, danceable ambient and other very interesting combinations. The build-ups in the structure of the tracks come from a heavy melodic content which is supplied with sampling, just to hit the climactic peak together with the baseline that itself – also is melodic as hell. So this might turn some of you off, but I guess that others will listen to it with an “open” ear, if you know what I mean. He actually contacted me via e-mail and we came to the conclusion that a track should be put up by me.

So, that’s exactly what I did a couple of days ago. The track “Weather Science” from his newly released debut-album “El Chupacabra” was put up on my Soundcloud. Just so you could hear it from yourself and get a taste of what was to come from this release. The unreleased track is up and running, and the album itself has just been self-released by Suren. Listen to this bizarre mixture of different genres and stream, but listen to, this track so you know if you want the whole album or not. It has been put out on iTunes so you can buy it. But make up your mind first and listen to the track down below.

Support: To Live A Lie Records!


To Live A Lie Records have long been a smaller independent label that you could count on. This American label has since 2005, and maybe even earlier then that, supported and made way for bands within genres such as grindcore, fastcore, hardcore, power violence – and every suitable sub-genre you could think of, within these extreme genres. Since a day ago or so, the label-boss Will Butler decided to put out every release from his label in the shape of a .ZIP-archive with .MP3’s. He didn’t do this just because, but because he wanted to shine a light on how the machinery works with smaller D.I.Y. “franchises” if you will, but also as a call to support every band that is featured within this archive. He wanted to mark the love that was involved in doing what he do, and in what these bands do. Therefore, we’ve decided to list every band, so you can find your way to support them in every way you can.

The following bands are featured in this archive: Godstomper, Magrudergrind, Rhino Charge, Unholy Grave, Archagathus, I Object, FxPxOx, AxRxMx, Final Draft, XBRAINIAX, NoComply, Terminal Youth, LxExAxRxNx, Mehkago N.T., Athrenody, Agathocles, SMG, Bloody Phoenix, Proletar, Hip Cops, Gate, Kakistrocacy, Nux Vomica, Sakatat, Mesrine, P.L.F., Malparido, Party By The Slice, Hummingbird Of Death, Deathrats, Arctic Choke, Mondo Gecko, D9, Get Destroyed!, Thieves, Axed Up Conformist, Charogne Stone, Sick/Tired, Conga Fury, Shitstorm, Disciples Of Christ, Agathocles, Violent Gorge, Sex Prisoner, Pizzahifive, Asshole Parade, Magnum Force, Backslider, Dos Amigos, Suffering Luna, Sissy Spacek, BearTrap, Sidetracked, Capitalist Casualties, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Mind As Prison, ACxDC, Lapse, Eddie Brock, Fatal Nunchaku, Chest Pain, Downtrodden, Wretched Existence, Bleak Future, Roskop, Needful Things, Tinnitus, Nak’ay, Unholy Grave, Nashgul, Malpractice Insurance, Protestant, Suffering Mind, Rape Revenge, Torch Runner, Six Brew Bantha, Cathether, Mass Grave, Mindless, T.F.D., The Kill, Last Words, Seasick, Abuse., Suppression, Bastard Noise, Cave State and Impulse.


These bands, and probably some more that haven’t been listed, have all been a part of the To Live A Lie Records – and many of them still may be. So for those that want to support this label, please head on over to their Facebook and like them. For those of you that like a release or two, don’t hesitate to donate money to those bands or buy their releases if you like them. In times like these, it’s even more important to support the independent alternatives that really deliver – and I consider this label to be one of them. In fact, it’s probably been somewhat of an indirect inspiration to me. At least when it comes to the working morale of the label-boss who continue to churn out great records together with great bands. If you want to download these archives, don’t hesitate to head on over here. Down below, the latest releases are featured to be streamed. You can also head on over to Bandcamp to check out more.

Exclusive Streaming: Mørkt Kapittel – Gro Igjen


Norrmännen återkommer, som vanligt. Denna gång ett band vid namn Mørkt Kapittel, som är relativt nya inom hardcore punk-scenen i Norge, då de tidigare endast släppt ett självbetitlad sjua. Däremot, om man ser till deras livslängd, så har de funnits sedan 2007. Tidigare har även medlemmar från bandet spelat i band som Vi Gruer Oss, Dominic, Vanskapt, Evasion, Catena Collapse och The Last Ninja. De huserar i Trondheim, och deras ihärdiga melodier samt fasansfyllda framtoning – är två beståndsdelar som lär sätta det mesta i rullning. Förutom detta, så huserar de även inom Skandinavisk d-beat, något som skandinaverna inte varit sena på att mästra. De är även mer mångfacetterade än så, men resten får ni utforska själva, helt enkelt. Hur som helst, let’s get down to business, som man säger i staterna.


Invisible Guy har fått äran att streama hela deras kommande EP, som går under namnet “Gro Igjen“, här på bloggen. Det är en 12¨:a, vars omslag har skapats av Ingri Hareldsen. Själva EP:n kommer med utvikningsomslag. Allting har skapats via D.I.Y-vägen, och vinylskivan kommer att finnas i färgen; exklusivt vit. Nåväl, vid det här laget har ni väl tröttnat på att läsa, så jag erbjuder er en exklusiv streaming av EP:n här nedanför. För den som känner sig manad, så släpps albumet den 31:a Maj, av dom själva – så ni kan förbeställa på deras hemsida. Men för den som bor i Norge kan den även återfinnas hos välsorterade skivbutiker i Trondheim, bland annat.

Frenchlight: VVVV – Cuerpo EP


Some of the French are always up to something new. At least this isn’t an odd thing, thankfully. Other things could be said about the band VVVV, which fall into this category. They’re odd, or at least their blend of different genres, in becoming a somewhat supreme experience. Currently, they’ve released an EP titled “Cuerpo EP“, which is just an endeavor in itself. Think of modern electro, not as it should be, fixated with krautrock and tightly knitted to a psychedelic sense of post-punk avant-gardism. Yes, this is the decadance that you’ll shake your shaken hips to in a matter of seconds. At times, it’s too electronic for my taste, but it doesn’t stop oneself from digging the monotonic, albeit sufficiently layered cream of the crop – namely the witty synthesizers, clinging to the beat. From the first song and on, it just gets weirder and weirder. Hear the percussion garner itself in the hellhole that can be VVVV, as the modesty of the singer’s voice turns your frown upside down. A moment ago, decay and darkness would seem to be the only thing alive. But when you cut the corners, they blend those elements with an unused sense of appreciation, channeled into the atmosphere. So there’s a sense of hope, at the same time things come to a grinding halt. Rhythms couldn’t be more unconventional and the mixture of the different genres blend into a weird kind of psychedelic notion, a notion that is originating from their original idea. Simply something you couldn’t think of yourself, so you need to hear it first. Yes, this is something you must listen to, whether you prefer it or not. It’ll change a lot of things. This release feature three songs and was released on the 15th of May, almost totally D.I.Y.

Intervju och mixtape med Johan G. Winther!

JGW - Promo2013 copy

Johan G. Winther är någon som många känner till, men som många egentligen inte känner till. Han är en slags doldis, men finns egentligen överallt. Denne man står bakom projekt såsom solo-projektet Tsukimono, men har varit eller är, delaktig i grupper vid namn Blessings, Scraps Of Tape, Heathers/Hollows – och många fler som ni förmodligen kommer att ha tagit reda namnet på, vid det här laget. I samband med sitt musicerande, så skapar han även konstverk, oftast sketcher. Som han antingen säljer eller låter vara omslag på något av sina släpp. Omloppsbanan inom musiken började med projektet Mnoki, innan år 2001. Men även innan dess, så hade han gett sig fan på att lära sig använda instrument. För inte så länge sedan var han aktuell under sitt förstnämnda namn, nämligen Johan G. Winther, och fortsätter att vara det – då han den 15:e Maj kommer att släppa albumet “The Rupturing Sowle” på Zeon Light Kassett. Förutom detta så släpper han kontinuerligt material under sina olika alias, men även inom de grupper som han är verksam i tillsammans med andra musiker. Resan verkar aldrig ha ett slut, och nu kommer även ni att få åka på samma resa. Invisible Guy har haft äran att få intervjua Johan G. Winther, vilket i slutändan blev en väldigt lång intervju. Där vi gick in på rötterna, men även skrapade på ytan, för att få en helhetsbild över vem han är och vad han egentligen gör, samt vad detta innebär för honom. Utöver det, så har Invisible Guy komponerat ett mixtape, där ni kommer få höra äldre låtar, osläppta låtar – men även kommande och precis släppta låtar. Nu har ni hört nog, så jag föreslår att ni börjar läsa istället.

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Exclusive Stream: Ghost Legs – Suit & Sloth


As we dream of hardcore, the most vile and nightmarish experience is nearby. With psychedelic strings attached, no frills and straight up post-hardcore deliverance – I deliver Ghost Legs upon you. They’re going to release their forthcoming album “You Have Been Found” all by themselves, on the 20th of April. This American fever is nowhere near to be over, since we’ve caught one of their songs in the net. It’s an assault on your mind, in the best uptempo and down-tempo hardcore mode – that you’d ever appreciate to experience. So, therefore, Invisible Guy presents to you a stream of their song “Suit & Sloth“. You can listen to it down below.