Spotlight: ZX Electric and Asesina!


Time for your daily Spotlight. It’s been lacking from my side, since there’s been a lot to cover when it comes to exclusive premieres – but not much when it comes to regular bands that you stumble upon – or artists. Since it’s been a long time, I want to introduce two of the more peculiar acts that I have found when scouring the internet: specifically Bandcamp. One of the bands are from the UK and the other is from Spain. ZX ELECTRIC is a band that plays weird krautrock with the occasional stab of minimal synth and post-punk, whilst Asesina are the Spaniards whom has a singer that really can’t sing – but all the better that he can suffer, because that’s what it’s all about – it seems.

a3200966171_10Negative Outline” is the latest release that ZX ELECTRIC can offer to the world, having released two other albums earlier, titled “Obsolete” and “Fixed Unknown” – a rather odd blend of genres that shouldn’t be mixed, really. But there’s something about the latest album that signals to me that they’re serious. How can you even manage to fit in krautrock with minimal synth? I get that it can be applicable when it comes to post-punk, but not the other way around. However, they manage to create a rather melancholic image which they spit upon, managing to fit a semi-acoustic environment somewhere in between each track. I like the singer’s voice, it’s sincere but rather goofy at times. All the better then – that his rhythm is intact and his groove is where it should be – when the synthesizers slowly grace him and fill up the sound-scape. Not to mention how cold-wave helps to keep the semi-acoustic trance to a pleasurable level, where you just nod your head to everything you see around you.

a4144603658_10What striked me when I browsed Asesina, were their marvelous aesthetics. The slick lines that are pleasing for the eye to watch, alongside a rather odd – almost dragon-like – goose that feeds her youngin’. Maybe this has something to do with where they’re from in Spain, or maybe not. I, however, really like the way this becomes their insignia. Enter bleakness with “EP“, their first release. Together with the bleakness that appears through using black and white. When it comes to their music, I must say that I don’t know if I should hate or adore the singer. He can’t sing. But thanks to the psychobilly, surf punk or whatever they’ve mixed together into a mish-mash of difference and alikeness – his voice gives a touch of severe angst that doesn’t go away. The best thing about it is when he screams in his own language and I don’t really get anything. I don’t really want to know, either. Noise rock goes well together with every other genre they’ve plucked asunder. The good thing about it is how their low-keyed sound-scape makes you wonder when they’re going to step into black metal territory, but that really never happens – full-scale. A good listen to anyone whose interest lays in any of these more obscure genres – especially when mixed together.

Premiär: The Chrysler – All Guns Blazing


Tidigare så har Flora & Fauna släppt de tre fullängdarna från The Chrysler, på de udda åren 2003, 2005 och 2007. Tidigast ute var de med “Failures And Spark“, och senast så släpptes “The Benelux Years“. Denna blandning av alternativ folk-pop är både semi-akustisk och nostalgitrippande. Bandet, som består utav Anders Rudström, Henrik von Euler, Saemi Grettison Karlsson och Pelle Lindroth, består till fullo av alla medlemmar från Moder Jords Massiva – som bytt medlemmar fortare än de släppt musik. Nu är de tillbaka igen, denna gång år 2013, med låten “All Guns Blazing” som är tagen från det kommande albumet “Hands Across The Sea“, som släpps den 10:e Oktober i år. Denna stämningsfyllda blandning påminner rent textmässigt om gamla goda bluesdängor, eller whiskey-hes country. Utan det hesa, förstås, och med en mycket större nypa folk-pop. Vilket gör det mycket mer intressant, eftersom att det är sällsynt att denna blandning letar sig fram bland Sveriges massiva skogar. Men när det väl kommer, så kommer det. Dessutom så gör Rickard Jäverling ett enastående inhopp med sin banjo. Ni kan lyssna till låten här nedanför och ladda ner den gratis.

Spotlight: Vundabar – Antics


Sometimes, it’s hard to come by a really quirky but serious band. Sometimes, you’ll simply have to fish in a sea – empty of fish. I threw a grenade down into the sea and up came a jolly fellow. Their name is Vundabar, a band from Boston, consisting of the duo Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald. Their debutalbum goes by the name of “Antics“, which is a neatly packaged and at times, tricky concoction of both electronic influences in their almost exclusively non-electronic music. Feel the vibes of dance(eable) garage rock, with nothing but soft-spoken – and at times; ridiculous lyrical content. Imagine the mightily, and accentuated eccentrics from The Pixies, meeting a whole range of both unemotional and emotional contemptuous gadfly, surfing in with higher speed and energy. Fused with the soft-outspokenness of acoustic splendor. We’re certainly caught in their spiderweb, in the midst of their working shift, where they produce tracks with the swift motion of their hands. Surely, if you’re looking for a duo – you’ll probably hear an orchestra. They sound much larger than they should, since they’re only two people. Technically, there’s nothing you could complain about. Sometimes they venture into rare surf rock territories, with the eccentric overlook of a more outlandish attack on your freakishly generic brain – which craves generic garage rock. But you’ll get something completely different. Probably one of the more enthusiastic and bright-minded music I’ve heard for a while. The optimism, but also snarky cynicism shines through their hallow casket. For now, it’s up there in the top with some of the releases that I’m anticipating in the near future. You’ve outdone yourselves, bright boys – with your snickering smiles and uniquely diverse music. Conquer my heart and I’ll lock you in for at least a short time in my continuum, which is more than anyone else can bargain for, ever. There are eleven tracks on this wonderful album and it was released by themselves on the 24th of April.

Spotlight: Chelsea Rainwater – Blood & Bones


Totally spellbound, by this clever release. It’s in total awe, that I am writing this. Everything seemed to be in its ordinary place, as this asteroid hit me in the head. I am not a fan of country per se, but when you start mixing it with other genres – I’m all there with you. This is the case with the singer-songwriter Chelsea Rainwater. If I weren’t in awe of the acoustical parts of the songs, it would increase when I heard her voice. There might not be an odd edge to it, as I am used to, but it surely fits the premise. At times, it’s hard to find someone like her, because either the voice is the greatest they usually have – or simply just the acoustic. As this is entirely different, I am flabbergasted by the singing and the acoustics. Everything that seems to hit me these days, seem to somehow be connected with spring or summer. But as this mixture transcends the boundaries, it takes with it a bit of everything – folk, country and folk. It makes me want to write poems when I listen to it. All that swelling energy, all that sincere emotional outburst that knocks you over – would be something to die for. Anyway, if you’re not yet convinced, I challenge you to at least listen to it. You can do that down below. This was released by Roadside Records on the 1st of April.

Barren Womb – On the Origin of Fæces 10¨

The Cover?

A menacing cover, showering you with the smell of dead and rotten corpses. Barren Womb decided to have the corpse on their front page, with a less intriguing and unenthusiastic look than ever. Well, guess what? It seems like she’s semi-dead or that she’s just had her last breath. The rest of the cover is ridden with a smoky layer of dimming lights, some grayness and overall a very dark cover. What I feel when I look at it is that it might be some kind of crossover act, since they’ve apparently crossed over a lot of influences and made it their cover. For instance, the lettering and the overall atmosphere is very different depending on where you choose to lay your eyes. There’s a sense of doom there too, which is grasping for the dagger to put me down with. Or maybe trying to invite me to a decadent dance-party, with skeletons, bats and dead corpses. Hopefully I’ll get some clearance in this matter, so let’s continue with the songs.

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Streaming the upcoming EP “On the Origin of Fæces” by Barren Womb!

You’ve probably heard about the Norwegian band Barren Womb. They mix some unorthodox genres together and make it happen, more precisely somewhere in between black metal, hardcore punk and country.

Their EP titled On the Origin of Fæces will be out on September 14th, on a label called The Perfect Hoax. But since I can’t hold myself, I’m going to stream the whole album here on Invisible Guy. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it thoroughly and appreciate it for what it is, a pretty unique mix in between good genres.

Listen to it and stream it below.