Promo: Believer/Law – Matters of Life and Death


The long-awaited vinyl-release of “Matters of Life and Death” have appeared on Chondritic Sound just now, on the 4th of March, as I’m writing. Consisting of two songs from earlier releases, and two completely new songs, whom have been premiered at Pitchfork (among others) and Invisible Guy. This eccentric mixture of the best from the world of body, shaped into a dynamite-charge of industrialized evilness – have made a huge impact on those whom have taken Believer/Law for what they are – a pretty damn unique act. Add a little hint of minimal wave and other notable influences such as noise, psychedelia and experimentalism – and you’ll have the final product. The release itself is made up by 600 copies, whereas 100 are on limited white vinyl, 200 on gray and 300 on regular black. The digital album costs 7 dollars and the physical LP costs 15 dollars. A must-have for anyone even remotely interested in their music, and for those whom are interested in the resurgence of new body mixed with industrial elements. The tracks are as follow: “Ashes“, “War Story“, “The Task At Hand” and “Contrition“. Digital release can be bought at the Chondritic Sound-bandcamp, and the physical edition can be bought from the Chondritic Sound-store.

World Premiere: Believer/Law – Ashes


The former duo Believer/Law has since their epiphany been an interesting act since way back in 2012, when Erik Proft and Michael Berdan got their first two tracks released on Cae-Sur-A. Since then, a lot has happened. The enigmatic duo changed from two to four, included a half of Pure Ground, namely; Greh Holger, but also Sean Ragon of Cult Of Youth. So that they could muster an even larger force, making themselves something to be recognized, for real. “Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand” were the tracks that spawned an entirely new following amidst the originally rather mysterious, at least at a first glance, group. This rather unique (in a sense) concoction of the harshest elements, but most concentrated EBM available, shot through the roof together with the uncanny combination with industrial. A post-apocalyptic vision channeled through viciously distorted vocals, following the pattern of a rather sublime atmosphere, and an obvious assault of heavy beats – all in differentiating rhythms.  They garnered a lot of attention from Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork – and many other sources which handle alternative music. Whilst these tracks set the premise for what would be a greater task at hand, “War Story” was the track that blew them through the roof. A track that was later on streamed on Pitchfork, taken from the forthcoming four-tracked release “Matters Of Life And Death“, which was supposed to be released the same year on Chondritic Sound. Unfortunately, things got in the way, and it never saw a day of light in 2013. Having released two cassettes in 2012, it was probably time for them to do something bigger.

Now, in 2014, their forthcoming release is just around the corner. “Matters Of Life And Death” is in the spotlight once again, as it is being put out on Chondritic Sound on the 4th of March. This release includes the rather popular track (by now) “War Story“, as the second track of four. Together with “Ashes” as the first, “The Task At Hand” from the 2012-release “Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand” as the third, and finally “Contrition” as the last track and fourth one – taken from the release with the same name: “Contrition“, which was put out by the label Robert & Leopold the same year. As people have been waiting a long time for something new from Believer/Law, Invisible Guy can present to you – the world premiere – of the track “Ashes” from this release. Since it’s around the corner, you’re getting the whole track to stream, so you don’t have to wait until it is released. This is a completely new track that you haven’t heard yet, and should listen to. Imagine yourself swept away by the hypnotizing waves of the synthesizers rather mellow but sublime melodies, when paradise is lost in between this and the industrially-driven machine that tear up your eardrums. Unearth the true character of their sound, as you slowly descend into oblivion. This track feels like a representation of what they’re all about. Stream it down below and look out for the release on the 4th of March of “Matters Of Life And Death“. Support your local dealer Chondritic Sound.


Label: Chondritic Sound

Artist: Believer/Law

Tracks: Ashes – War Story – The Task At Hand – Contrition

Exclusive Track: Ashes

Title: Matters Of Life And Death

Format: 12¨ Vinyl

When: 4th March

Listen: Believer/Law – War Story


I can’t keep up with every trendy music-site out there. But I can write my words without pencils, as I sharpen them before they’re out there – coming into cyberspace. When these New Yorkers, that call themselves Believer/Law, came out with their somewhat original industrially charged electronica – everyone started to freak out. But it’s not there where the story begins. Not that I thought they went unnoticed before that, but I don’t think that “Foxhole Prayers/Task At Hand“, a release that came out on Cae-Sur-A, is as widely spoken about as this track is. What track am I talking about? Their latest single “War Story“, of course. The same year that their first release hit the aforementioned label, Ryan Martin of the experimental label Robert & Leopold – released “Contrition“, a two-tracked cassette with the gloomy tracks “Rock Fucking Bottom” and “Contrition“. Even though I certainly get why they’ve gotten this hype because of the track, a lot of unnerving stuff has started to appear in conjunction with it. Enough about that. Anyway, I’m not here to overshadow this excellent track with not so meaningful nonsense. This track has got the iron fist that a lot of the older era industrial-acts had, packing in their own topics – with no remorse. “War Story” is a post-apocalyptic mayhem brought upon you by the harshly delivered vocals, together with continual rhythms that makes your adrenaline turn on. Add to that a melodic content that is such a trip back in time, blend it with 21st century antics and you’ll be set with it. Listen to it down below and await their release “Matters Of Life And Death“, out on Chondritic Sound sooner or later.