Interview with Minor Birds!


Minor Birds is a long-living duo that have been around since 2004, in different shapes and forms. It consists of the siblings Chelsea Wilde and Joel Wilde, and what separates them from everyone else is their unique output of music. Ranging from baroque pop to experimental classical music. They’ve released a lot of records since they got into making music again, in 2009. Since then, they’ve released a specifically great album titled “Hold Back All My Dark” – which I would consider to be their current epos. Instead of being a long introductory to them, I want this interview to speak for itself. When I asked the questions, Joel Wilde answered them and they’re ranging from what they did in between 2004-2008, and what went into recording their latest album, to everything else.

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Premiere: Dúo del Sol – Never the Same River Twice


This is something really unusual for Invisible Guy. I got a mail from Dúo del Sol, which is a classically trained duo consisting of Tom Farrell (Guitar) and Javier Orman (Violin). I must admit, I didn’t really see myself delving into the sphere of classical music, even though I like it. Anyway, these two gentlemen have a history of playing classical music after college, touring around the USA and winning awards for that. However, they felt like something was missing and Dúo del Sol, according to themselves – set them free of those bonds and added the thing that was missing. Instead of being locked into that dome, they broke free and set improvisation and creativity in the first room. LA Weekly have called them “avant-sonic acrobats“. Another thing that needs to be added, is that this particular album came out after an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter-campaign. Without any words used, this first release; “hello Kaleidoscope” symbolizes just what they were missing earlier. It is a mixture of raw talent, being channeled into an open landscape of sound, breaking free from every little constraint and barrier that can or could be found. Over here at Invisible Guy, we were offered to premiere a track from their album. It’s a track that wasn’t meant to be on the record at first, but they included it anyway. The track is titled “Never the Same River Twice” and you can read for yourselves about the process behind it, from the band themselves:

“This is a track that almost didn’t make it. When we first started writing it, we were excited about the moods and harmonies, but soon after that we were stuck. One day we gave it space, made the phrases longer, let it breathe. And it came to life.

Now it’s one of our favorite songs to play (we use a loop station for performances, but recorded all the tracks separately at the studio for this album).”

Exclusive Stream: Crystal Soda Cream – Shot By Both Sides


There is much to be told, between the new and the old. Invisible Guy has received the opportunity to exclusively stream the track “Shot By Both Sides“, from the forthcoming album “Escape From Vienna“, constructed by the band Crystal Soda Cream. With nuts and bolt, they are the engineers of a transcendental cold-wave and post-punk experience. Levitating in between the cold harshness and the shady presence of sincere punk, titubanting into a ‘classical’ state of mind. Always steady, fearless, consequential – but somewhat apathetic. In the shades of the minimalist, to his joy, their ode is fulfilled to a degree of noteworthiness. Now, you get the possibility to stream the track from here. The album itself will be released on the 20th of April by Totally Wired Records.

Aktuellt: Testbild! och Zeon Light Kassett ger er ett mixtape!


Blandbandet är ett faktum. Ni som lyssnar kommer att få återgivna dikter i ljudvågor, som tidigare varit en del i Henrik Möllers kortfilmer. Denna gång i form av ett mixtape, vid namn “20 Poems – Ett Blandband“. Zeon Light Kassett och Testbild! har sammanstrålat och den sistnämnda har jobbat hårt och gett den förstnämnda ett mixtape. Detta är en del i det intressanta imperium som långsamt byggts upp, där slottet svajar i vinden och där artister samt band som Sophie And Peter Johnston, Sudden Sway, Kenny Wheeler, Ludus, Gilgamesh, Ny Akustik och många fler kämpar om utrymmet. Det är måhända inte dikter i sin renaste form, men rent poetiskt så ingår låtarna i ungefär samma definition som om det vore just så. Låtlistan kan ni se nedanför om ni har lust att återgå till ursprungskällan denna förgätna Februaridag.

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