Could it be Max and Mara?


Swing your minimal hands to this shit. No, we’re not shitting you. Max and Mara is a duo made up by Max from such acts as Brotman and Short, or the solo-project of his own – Business Etiquette. Mara, on the other hand, is known for her solo work under the alterego of Group Rhoda. No wonder, these people seem to spring out of the ground like mushroom. I’m not talking about people this time, because I’m talking about those that seem to have bought into this whole minimal wave thing. Needless to say, I’ve known absolutely nothing about Max and Mara and I’ve been such a delusional fool. This is your ultimate mix of acidic techno vibes, minimal synth shenanigans and intravenous synthesizer symphonies. I see myself bobbing my head back and forth as I listen to their latest track “Unseen“, which is one of those tracks that simply grow on you. If you peek in from the outside, the track doesn’t seem to be much at first, but after a while – you realize how complex it actually is, from the ground and up. Their first track that was put up, namely; “Hands” – is more of a psychedelic, or rather enigmatic experience, which is to say the least – superior when it comes to the atmosphere as such. Even more minimalistic, but it pertains the mood that seems to dwell within each track. Even though I’m sorry to say this, I haven’t been able to get more out of this than what was possible. But you can gladly stream both tracks from here, as if you couldn’t do it from their Soundcloud alone. You can now pre-order their forthcoming debut-album “Less Ness“, from Dark Entries Records.

Part [I]: Back in the hemisphere of Nostilevo!


Nostilevo is still one of my favorite labels from America. In the beginning, when they came around, industrial once again got revitalized. I asked the label-owner a few questions back then, and reviewed the whole she-bang of releases. At first, I thought it resembled Nestlé, but then I slapped myself and got myself together. Khristopher Reinshagen have had this label since 2011, and now he’s got a lot of releases out, that haven’t been payed much attention to from my side. More than the branching out from Nurse Etiquette, which was his earlier label. Which is why I decided to ask him a bunch of new questions and review the whole May batch of tapes. This includes Pure Ground, Mammal, Ritual Howls, The Glass Path and Church Shuttle. Not in that direct order, though. Hope you enjoy reading this and return afterwards. But first up is the interview I conducted with Khristopher himself, in Part II you’ll get the reviews.

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Exclusive Stream: A.P. Felix – Electronic Tonalities


Back again, for another round of I Had An Accident Records. Hopefully, you’re not getting fed up by these marvelous presentations, because I am getting fed up myself. However, something that will not be tiresome is all the great music that is flowing our way. Especially in this collaboration, since there’s such a wide-range of inspiring artists, groups and what not. IHAA holds the banner high, since releases seem to come fairly regularly. Since it’s only one day left before everything is released, there will only be one more exclusive stream. We’re down with you, going way down into the experimental hole. Disturbing electronica, seeping through every door and window of your house. Better close them, because something supernatural might heed the call, and try to come into your domains. This is clearly atmospheric, malevolent, and distressing in its essence – but still a magnificent work of art. I would say that you could picture yourself with Alice in Wonderland while listening to this music. Remember, time is everything, but it’s slowly floating away from you. In these lands, your meditative conscience will be your only guide. A.P. Felix, who’s real name actually is Andrew Felix, resides in Los Angeles, California. He’ll take you on a trip which you’ll never forget, with this new release titled “Electronic Tonalities“, which will be released on the 9th of July as a C37 cassette. If you need more information, please look down below at what IHAA has written about the release:

Inspired by electronic components and the early history of electronic music/sound, A.P. Felix constructs Electronic Tonalities. The 37 minute experiment pays tribute to the pioneers of the genre and is programmed on modular synthesizers and other hardware synthesizers. The end result features blips of atmospheric waves and tones that gently dance with layers of synth and beats. Felix masters the modular components and develops a rare style of historical significance.

A.P. Felix, aka Andrew Felix, is from Los Angeles, CA. “Superchrome” tape was used in making this album.


1. Crystal Tuning Stability

2. Tempo Cave

3. Rabbit Hair

4. Busy At Manhattan Research

5. Roymond’s Playground (FM)

6. Triangle Tripod

7. Jungle Show Time

Sweating Tapes release-party and more to come!


Since the debut-album of the much renowned dark esoteric electronica meets post-punk was sold out, Sweating Tapes are re-releasing Deathday first album “Deathday“, on a limited edition LP. Those of you who are lucky enough to order the first 50 batches, will also receive a limited edition patch and button. We’ve also written about their split with another LA-based band, by the name of Bestial Mouths. It’s still available and you can fetch both releases from their bandcamp, the first one here and the aforementioned split-release here.


If you’re a resident living in the LA-area, I advise you to come and join the Sweating Tapes Night 001. Which is a party that is to be hosted by Bestial Mouths and Deathday, for their latest split-release titled “A Split Release“. You’ll be able to hear DJ-sets from WMX (Bestial Mouths), Alex Guillén (Deathday) and Remy Marc (Sweating Tapes/VSSL). The party is free and is being put on in Los Angeles, California – in The Lash on 117 Winston st 104, 90013 and it’s 21+. So get in your right gear and head in to California for this night, because it’ll be worth it. But you’d better hurry up, since it’s going to be on the 1st of May – which is today and tonight!

Sweating Tapes are readying up for two more releases, which will be the continuation of the “A Compilation” series. You can listen to Volume 1 and 2 over here, and here. Their current aim for this will be in the bulls-eye of Los Angeles and Texas, as they’re trying to document a section of the North American synth-artists. They will go from city by city, to region by region. So if you’re interested, feel free to hook up with Sweating Tapes by dropping them an e-mail to this address. Also, listen to their currently released volumes down below.

Some questions for Glimpse Trio!


Glimpse Trio is an experimental rock band from San Leandro, California. In other words, it’s another American band. They’ve been around since 2009 and have been at the forefront of the experimental music-scene in Bay Area. Up to now, they’ve released two full-lengths and have just finalized their third full-length, which feature an all-star setting when it comes to people whom have helped out to produce the album. They’re a trio consisting of Mike Sopko (Guitar/Vocals), Hamir  Atwal (Drums) and Chris Lopes (Bass). So, as I normally do with these questions, or this feature – I ask some questions to the band. This time around, Mike Atwal from the band answered my questions, ranging from the bands history to their new album. Feel free, scroll down and enjoy!

Since you’ve been at the forefront of the Bay Area’s experimental music scene for some time, I was wondering – what is Glimpse Trio’s perception of the whole meaning of “experimental”?

– The bay area has a tight knit group of improvisers ranging from free-jazz to noise rock. Mike and I came from this type of “experimental” background and decided to fuse our influences from the past which included rock, free-jazz, with folky songs and lyrics, not to mention an emphasis on improvisation.  We started “experimenting” and jamming in the garage for the last 3 years to come out with all this material.

When it comes to the band at hand, you’ve named yourselves “Glimpse Trio”. As you started out a couple of years ago, what was the catalyst that got you into experimental rock as a whole, as this trio?

– I was a big fan of free-jazz like Ornette Coleman, and Don Cherry. I also started getting into modern day experimental rock bands such as Battles, Don Caballero and the Nels Cline Singers. I felt that Glimpse Trio was a way to fuse improvising and rock all in one. Our friend Chris Lopes (bass) plays bass with us.  Chris has played with Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane and Jeff Parker’s Trio (Tortoise).

You’ve currently finalized your third full-length album. This time around, you’ve got Oz Fritz (Tom Waits/Primus) that mixed your album and Doug Sax (Rolling Stones/Pink Floyd/The Who) whom mastered it. How was it possible to get these people on board with your album and how did it go by until it was finished?

– It was funny, I called up Oz last summer and ask if he was interested in working with us. I was a big fan of his work and was intimidated to call him, but I decided to suck it up and ask. He wanted to take a listen to the music first so we mailed him a sampler CD of material that we have worked on for the last couple of years and he took interest in working with us. Oz has worked with all sorts of musicians ranging from Ornette Coleman, Buckethead to Trey Anatasio and Stewart Copeland. It was an amazing experience working with him and he brought out all sorts of sounds from our recordings that we never knew existed!

Oz recommended his friend Doug Sax to master the album, and that really took the record to another level. Mastering an album can make or break the record, and Doug really put in a lot of work to make it sound great. Mike and I are very fortunate working with Doug and Oz, we felt like they put their two cents into making this album

After you’ve gotten out your album, you plan on going out for a tour in April/May. Which cities are you touring?

– Mike and I play also play as a duo on the road called “Glimpse Duo.” Our next tour will feature this format, and we are excited to be playing in this format as well, this all falls into the Glimpse Trio umbrella. We will be playing all over the northwest.  (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado). We have made some good friends along the way on the road, and are excited to get back out there and play for some folks!