Exclusive Premiere: ARM – The Coldest Room


How can not a cold room be a metaphor for the state of your heart? It is when ARM extends himself for a jab at creating a debut-album by the name “Enheartened“. He came from nowhere when he got entangled in anger, letting his synthesizer create a graveyard where the bones of skeletons—are metaphorically used to bang loudly—on tribal drums coated in industrial waste. The melodies are gloomy and not so delightful for the ear, but in a way the chorus have a cheerful tone amidst the atmosphere of doom and haze. With his EP “Bloodbeat“, everyone including us seemed to wonder who this might be and we had no idea until Thomas from Beläten revealed in his presentation, press-text, that it in fact were Dan Serbanescu (Alone In The Hollow Garden/Tanz Ohne Musik). It’s a fresh cut from Pure Ground and Believer/Law, stripped down and put together in Serbanescu’s own imaginative ways.

We must say that his first release was melodic in a way that his forthcoming album isn’t. This one’s more stale and focuses logically on the rhythms, shaking you to the core with his cold-blooded disheartening whispers. A lot more ambition went into conjuring an atmosphere that make you freeze with fear. Reverberated, disgruntled screams and a looming beat – with charred manipulated sounds – wreak havoc as his vocals are present – until distorted away further to ambuscade—waiting for the perfect time to strike. How are you not reminded of The Shining when you hear this? It seems to be a projection of Jack Torrance’s deranged mind. A chilling observation and not something you would like to have in your head. We applaud ARM for masterfully creating such an aversive and frightening sound-scape. Not our cup of tea to be listening to on a daily basis, only to get that first impression of what it actually is.

So in collaboration with Beläten we unleash “The Coldest Room” – a track from ARM‘s forthcoming debut-album “Enheartened“, for your listening displeasure. We find it to be a summary of what horrors you might expect once you’ve put it in your cassette-player to listen to. You could say it’s his anthem for the new guise of how he’s changed his sound, just the slightest bit, to stricken fear and bad feelings into you folks. We say you listen with caution and if you’re interested in industrial music, morphed with synthesizers and a noise-overdrive – this might be the release for you. Stream the song exclusively from Repartiseraren and share this article from our Facebook-page – so you’re able to be one of THREE winners of a download-code for this whole album.

Spotlight: ARM – Bloodbeat


Certainly, a mixture you wouldn’t have heard of, either way. As the Romanian fellows from the band ARM, grace us with their presence – they deliver a poisonous and noisy message. Currently, they’re at it with their debut-album “BLOODBEAT“, which in turn is a mix in between two genres that are far and wide away. At least if you think of it from a linear perspective. Those genres are power electronics and post-punk, which makes it much more interesting when you think about it. With crushingly heavy drumbeats, fierce noise and a distorted landscape of apathetic sounds – ARM navigates from non-electronic to electronic in a whim of dizzy electronica, meets regular post-punk. At times, it’s also militaristic when it comes to the style of the whole thing. Stylized as a concrete jungle of marching men, taming the wall of noises. Going from minimalistic and monotone, to grandiose á la the splendor of a grandeur mind. Structurally, it’s a steady shape-shifting, with a gauging bottomless pit of frustration, alienation and emotional outbursts of staleness. Their album was released by themselves on the 19th of April, featuring four tracks.