Christmas – 24th December

Now its Christmas for you and Yule for me. I have designated one of my favorite bands for this day. Which would be the band The Associates, headlined by the wonderful man Billy MacKenzie (R.I.P). I had trouble choosing a favorite album, because I reckon that plenty of them fit that category. Actually, one of my favorite albums is the compilation that was released in 2000 called Double Hipness which features some of the best tracks they’ve made. Like the tracks “Do The Call Girl“, “Not Tonight Josephine“, “I Never Will” and “International Loner“.

If I had to recommend any album that they’ve made besides compilations, I’ll first have to mention Fourth Drawer Down as I think it’s the epitome of what they were and could’ve been. It’s sad to say that they’re not around anymore and that they released so much great material. Another album that you should check out would be their next album, which was released a year after the aforementioned and also were their third album. It was titled Sulk and had some of my other favorite songs, like “No“, “Arrogance Gave Him Up” and “Party Fears Two“.

As Christmas comes to an end, I hope you’ve had a great one. I had and I will await the next time I’ll do anything like this extravaganza. Hope you’ll continue to check my blog out and stay here for a while.

Invisible Guy recommends: 80s New Wave! (Part I)

Now that we’ve come this far, I’ll be showing off some must haves in the new wave region of the 80s. This serie will be in four parts, ranging from today up until Sunday. Featuring both well-known and obscure gems from the new wave past. Just so that you can have your obligatory reading and some well-needed tips for your music-pool. Not that you’d have a need to expand it after visiting Invisible Guy, but I’ll show you some things that you’ve never heard of but should’ve heard. Hopefully this will be a listening pleasure and hopefully you’ll find tips suitable for yourself. As I said in the latest episode featuring minimal wave: the numbers mean nothing.

You’re now entering Part I of the recommendation.

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