Nyplockat (#1) – Rundgång med smak av Vånna Inget!


I denna nya serie som kommer att ha premiär på Invisible Guy så tar jag mig till olika skivbutiker. Med tanke på att utbudet i Malmö inte är det bästa, så tänker jag börja med en serie av nyplockat som kommer att handla om skivbutiken Rundgång. Som ni alla vet är det en otroligt uppskattad och omskriven skivbutik som ligger i Södra Innerstaden och i det delområde som kallas för Möllevången. På Kristianstadsgatan 14 ligger denna nästan pittoreska skivbutik belägen och de avhandlar allt från glammig synth-pop till den mörkaste dödsindustriella farsoten du kan finna. Tjusningen med den här butiken är själva utbudet och faktumet att de tycker om att premiera lokala band. I butiken finns det beläget bland det nyinkomna och är oftast någonting man lägger ögonen på när man vandrar in i butiken. Nog för att den är liten, men den levererar och den gör det med god marginal.

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What is Invisible Guy and how did we get here?

invisible guy logo

It’s been a great year for this blog and I can’t thank my readers enough. Since the start in the end of 2011, there’s been a constant surge and I believe I’ve put this blog on the map. To compare, this blog isn’t a journalistic blog at all, it’s a hobby or a zine if you’d stretch it that far. All this year, I’ve been working hard to keep up with everyone else and came up with my own material. There’s been a lot of in-depth interviews, reviews, promos and articles featured. Even though my project was meant to be and still is a hobby, I believe that I’ve outgrown my own shoes and I’m planning to do some new stuff in 2013. Some people have thought that this blog has many authors, but I’ll have to burst that bubble and tell you that I’m the sole writer behind all this material. Which means that I have put some real time and effort into this. I also think that I’m one of the only blogs that do track-by-track reviews, but I hope that someone will prove me wrong. The one thing I’ve been missing on Invisible Guy is the contact between me and the readers, which I hope that I can improve. Feel free to send me a mail. I’d like to thank every reader, associate, musician, blogger, friend and basically everyone that has supported me and kept me doing this for so many months. I promise you, there will be many more. Hope you have a Happy New Year and settle down with more great releases of this year, brought to you by Invisible Guy. A huge thank you to everyone.

Dream Affair – Aborted State

A somber combination of the best in post-punk, goth rock and dark wave. Scouring through the more traditional sphere of the music, picking up on the newer vibes, making it a delight to listen to. I only wish that it could’ve been a little bit longer and feature more tracks, but it certainly keeps you on the edge and reminds you of some great acts. This is the time for rock noir.

Momentform – Yearn

Blissful but moody dark wave, featuring some minimalistic synth-pop. Coming from the newly founded New Ideals label, this french act taught me well. It may not have reached the bottom, but it certainly hammered the lid and got it off in time. A sullen, yet emotional piece of music that make you waltz around in the middle of the night, as the rain is blaring on the window.

Suffer The Pain – The Last Massacre

Metallic punk, which will drive you nuts. Forcefully taking upon the mission of plaguing your ears, with some pretty decent co-operation between punk and metal. Even though it’s repetitive, I would say that I had a certain attraction to the record as a whole and I enjoyed it pretty much. It might not be a favorite, but it affected me in one way or another.

White Blush – S/T

Probably one of the more interesting genre-hopping this year. I’m not at all into pop, but this album changed the game for me. She walks in between genre, plucking stuff that seems to fit in and making it fit. Even though it was released not too long ago, I think it affected me in many ways. Amongst other things, Carol Ryu’s voice would be one of them. I suggest you check this out, because it’s a much bigger endeavor than pop.

Beyond Pink – Pride and Prejudice

One of the most powerful acts in the hardcore-scene as of today, at least when it comes to Sweden. This album has it all, it’s catchy, driven and they do hardcore the way it should be. Everything is in its place, the vicious momentum of the riffing and the drums make you want to go at it. The vocalists are also great, as almost everyone in the band sings at one point.

Night Sins – New Grave

Heavier post rock, blended with loads of other genres. A nostalgic piece that looks down the aisle and continue to walk down. Besides the lyrics, the baseline and the bonecrushing sound-scape, I also enjoy the delicate riffing that goes on in the songs. There’s really something about them that is fantastic, it also brings back glory to genres that should’ve been shelved a long time ago.

Rättens Krater – Den Stora Stöten

Some edgier stuff that haven’t been tried out for years. Reminds me of some good ole’ Onkel Kånkel, but with some new wave attachment, also add some dadaism. It’s really hard to place them anywhere, because they’re so straggly with their sound. However, one of the better releases this year and they deserve some recognition for that. Pretty original.

Barren Womb – On the Origin of Fæces

This is also some weird stuff. Country mixed with black-metal and noise-punk? Only Norwegians could think something like that up. But it works and they deliver their music with a strong hand and they’re something you should count on when browsing music online. Be sure to check them out.

Structural Disorder – A Prelude To Insanity

A fantastically skilled progressive metal band from Stockholm. Producing some of the finest quality metal to date and even though it’s an EP, I think they deserve a place here and hope you understand my situation. Looking forward to hear more material from this act in the future.

Institution – Domen Är Satt

Do I even need to say anything else? Fine Swedish hardcore blended with crust. I ended this year with a bang, as I did my last review. It is one of the best sounding hardcore albums from this year alone, with a little bit of competition from here and there, but they manage to stay alert and hold their ground. This is definitely something you should check out.

Övervarning – Mellan Rummen

I don’t really like dark ambient, so when I stumble upon an act that I like, I tend to like it a lot more. This dark ambient act from Sweden(?) surprised me a lot when I listened through it. As the sound galloped through my headphones, I couldn’t do anything but to immerse myself into the sound-scape. A notable success for someone that doesn’t like the genre.

E. E. Engström & The Twin Street Tree Trunk Love Ensemble – Loving Fog Fiends

Sweden needs some real dark jazz. At least a band with the ambition of being a little bit more eccentric and experimental, when it comes to the sound. It reminded me a lot of the great eras that have already passed, imagine yourself sitting down in a shady bar, somewhere in New York, with a whiskey being poured down in your glass, listening to this music.

Soundmeds – Hospital EP

Yeah, I know, it’s another EP. I changed the rules before the end of this year. One of the better acts within the rock-sphere. This is some ambient stuff, that will make your head turn around in a 360, waiting for the next doses of psychedelia, alternative rock and post-rock being served straight into your ears.

Notable mentions (albums/EPs/singles):

Nocturnal – Until the morning light

Dalaplan – Ta mig när jag faller

Paranoid – Hardcore Addict

V/A – Dimmorna Skingras Vol. 2

In Death It Ends – Forgotten Knowledge

Imiafan – Old School Surprise

Ekman – Kalla Rytmer Att Dansa Till I Ensamhet

V/A – The Peter Out Wave

Agent Attitude – Never-ending Mess

Thank you to everyone for making this blog what it is. I couldn’t have done it without you. Hopefully my work here has paid off and I hope that you’ll check it out in 2013 as well. Let’s hope that this year ends with a bang and that I get on track as quickly as possible, so I can supply you with more interesting reviews and in-depth interviews. I would also like to do a shout-out to Jesper Bjerke also, who made the logo and the design for this blog. Thank you for everything this year and let’s hope that you have a Happy New Year!

Best tracks of 2012 according to Invisible Guy!

10. Seacrypt – Other Worlds

Taken from their debut album A Momentary Rift which I found randomly while browsing bandcamp. Certainly also one of the greater albums this year, with a roster of eight powerful and mind-numbingly great tracks. An ode to the greatness of darkwave, synth-pop and ambient – all in one.

9. Curxes – Spectre

One of the better bands this year and definitely one of the greatest songs I’ve heard this year. The noir pop-esque feeling that never seems to let go, wherever you lay your eyes, they’re there observing you. An emotional wonder that will hopefully stand the toll of time, and that also have lived the post-destruction era that is and was 2012.

8. Inkvisitionen – Dö som lejon

Knuckleduster hardcore from the city of Gothenburg, representing their city with a monstrous track, demanding complete annihilation of everything. One of the fiercest hardcore tracks I’ve heard this year, fortunately released before next year so it could be included in this list. Like it was meant to be.

7. INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ – The Banishing

A softie from this phenomenal constellation. Featuring my favorite genres, done completely right, with absolutely no regard whatsoever for labels to be smacked upon them. Which is an attitude I mostly support, so you should support them by tuning in and buying their stuff. With that said, this track (and the other one) are totally different from their earlier material, featuring a highly ambiguous (and) ambitious effort from their side.

6. Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift (INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ Remix)

I must say that I enjoy the regular version as much, but I had to choose, so I chose the remix by INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ. Why? Because there’s so much energy in this remix, which overshadows the original song. I’d like to say that they’re good in different ways, but this one is (by far), superior.

5. Black Table – Heist

One of the more surprising tracks in this list. I must say that I have a feeling when I’m about to hear something extraordinary. So, I will have to say that this progressive metal/black metal/post-metal act deserve all credit where credit is due. This is their best track on the EP they released recently. I don’t know why, but the lyrical content and the musical ambitions are outstanding. With a pretty unique vocalist, whom I thought was a man at first. Sorry, Mers, I should’ve known that you’re a she and not a he.

4.TSTI – Love & Truth

Straight from a bedroom somewhere in New York. A man with a quest to enhance his own sound, release his creativity on analogue machinery and be a part of something organic. This track have all the little details, every influence and a feeling that shouldn’t be underestimated. Synth-pop from the glory days, but with a new twist and certainly not a copy of a copy. Deserving everything and definitely fitted for this list.

3. Niels Nielsen – Shadow Twin

I’m going back to the drawing board, I’m hoping that Zeigeist will re-establish themselves, but until then; Niels Nielsen is adequate with this wonderful track. Even though it contain some lethal doses of mainstream, I have endured and must say that this is one of the best tracks this year. Nostalgia may have gripped me by the balls, but I don’t really care. This track will be played on New Year’s eve.

2. Henric de la Cour – Grenade

Calm yet bombastic. One of the tracks I’ve wanted to get a hold of physically, but failed due to my own incompetence. Along with everything else he’s done, I would say that this is probably the epitome. This track is the best that I’ve heard from him yet, so let’s hope that he continues in this fashion.

1. the Hex Dispensers – Parallel

What can I say? I’ve been playing this track non-stop since it was released. The record has been reviewed thoroughly and there’s probably nothing that can match this. Also, it feels good that someone decided to accompany Gérard Depardieu with this track, it enriches it even more.

The runner-ups are the following tracks:

10. Alina Devecerski – Jag Svär

9. Damage – Keeping It Wild

8. The Foreign Resort – Buried

7. Agent Side Grinder – Wolf Hour

6. Övervarning – Det heliga korset

5. Monozid – rita, you know we are doomed

4. Bombangrepp – Skuggan Av Dödens Sändebud

3. Beyond Pink – Statements on statement

2. Xiu – Life Is A Lie

1. Linea Aspera – Malarone

The top 5 interviews on Invisible Guy in 2012! (Part I)

I really suck at writing introductions and I hate to do them too. But I will do it for you, so you understand what this is all about. I created this blog in the end of 2011, but it didn’t really pick up steam until May this year. Since I’ve mainly been focusing on interviews on reviews on this blog, there’s a lot of those here. The interviews that I’ve done for this blog is now certainly above at least thirty. Some of them have been great and others have been an absolute disaster. I don’t even know if I’ve developed my interviewing skills throughout the years, but hopefully I have so it will be worthy a read. Therefore I’ve decided to rank the best interviews on this blog exclusively for the readers of this blog. Since there is a lot of content that isn’t displayed on here, you might see a lot of interviews that I’ve done earlier this year. Welcome to Part I!

5sm-press5. Interview with Sofy Major published 2012-07-27

This interview was actually supposed to be on another site, but since I hadn’t gotten it back for ages, I decided to publish it on my blog instead. It’s actually one of the interviews that I decided to conduct via mail and I also did it while I was sick. So I think it’s great to get this result, since I wasn’t in my best shape when coming up with the questions. Everything went better than expected and I got the questions back at a vital time for update on my blog. It might not be the best interview when it comes to the questions, but I think I got some relevant and long answers to my questions. This is what brightens you up when you’ve worked on these questions for some time, even though you’re not supposed to do it at that time, but had to do it because of a deadline. I would like to quote an interesting question and answer from this interview:

So you’ve started up your own label, could you tell me a little bit more about Solar Flare Records? What makes this label unique? Will future Sofy Major releases be featured on this label?

Mathieu:Well, this was pretty unexpected; at the beginning, when we first worked with Andrew Schneider, I know he and his band PIGS had a record to be released and I asked them if I could help putting something out. I didn’t realize the amount of time which was necessary to handle such a big release and didn’t have the opportunity to listen to the whole master, but the few songs available on Coextinction Rds (they self-released an EP through their own label) and the other ones on Slutspace were killer. So I just said “Ok, let’s see what I can do”, as I’ve already put some money in some other previous Sofy Major related records, I knew how boring and time-wasting it was to take care of the PR work.

Then I finally got the final master and artworks, and I thought this record was obviously going to be a real blast. This plus the fact that I was releasing something for cool guys who’ve always been working hard, that’s why I began Solar Flare Records and decided what artistic direction this label should follow: releasing vinyls and digital versions of records from awesome bands not having the opportunity or time to do a worldwide release. I’m also interested in re-releasing LP versions of albums which were only released on CDs, some albums are really worth having a second life, you know, those forgotten gems… The artistic direction is : “We cover a part of the Rock’n Roll field, surprise me, make your own stuff, sound original, be sincere and you’ll be welcome here”. Also for Sofy Major’s upcoming record, I don’t know if we’ll release it on Solar Flare at the moment, probably not or I’ll just give the album some additional PR support but we’re actually looking for some labels to release it.

225879_173275482726128_3201622_n4. Interview with Beyond Pink published 2012-07-11

I can’t really recall the premise of this interview, because I was up at my heels in stuff to do. So I conducted an interview with them which I got back in some months time, but what was interesting is that it turned out to be great. There are a lot of insightful things into the band Beyond Pink and their members. Also a lot of stuff that I decided to ask questions about were their earlier releases, labels and stuff that has anything to do with hardcore. Since we live in the same city, it’s also a blast to do an interview with such a great band that you also share the same city with. This interview was also re-published (in part) on the polish label Emancypunx Records, that released some of their latest albums. The interview also gives a pretty good background story all-in-all and you get to know them a little bit better and the thought behind their music. I would like to quote an interesting question and answer from that interview:

What is your opinion about the hardcore-scene in Sweden?

Clara:It’s interesting when you tour in Germany because then you realize what a huge scene they have, such good places for shows and a big audience, but – no bands! Here it’s the reversed: small scene, no places for shows and often very small audiences, but –  a lot of great bands! The Swedish audience is kind of snobby compared to the rest of Europe, it’s like “don’t DARE to move unless you know that this is a band that all of our friends think is really cool and has a lot of cred”, but still, there is a few ups on Swedish audience compared to rest of Europe: we have a sense of humor, we dress better and in many cases we smell better. But as a band of course we prefer to play in front of happy, dancing people than well-dressed ones.

Cajsa:Compared to Germany, it´s also a “no dogs on shows” kind of scene, which I prefer.

..to be continued in Part II! Otherwise, happy new year!

Svensk Punk och Hardcore – Avsnitt 5 – Malmö Hardcore Festival

Nu är jag i ett vägskäl så detta är antingen början eller slutet. Men i vilket fall som helst blir det ett intressant slut om nu så är fallet. Tänker inte skriva mycket mer om det här, utan kommer direkt till vad innehållet kommer att vara. Var över hos Kalle Hallqvist och intervjuade honom som arrangör till Malmö Hardcore Festival. Så detta avsnittet handlar mest om det och förmodligen kommer detta avsnittet även att avsluta serien för gott. Men det beror på, helt enkelt. Kanske nappar fler eller så nappar mindre, vi får se helt enkelt.


Intervju med Kalle Hallqvist om Malmö Hardcore Festival


1. Hårda Tider – Crime City Hardcore
2. Primitive Rites – I hope Malmö is the first place they nuke
3. Uppgång & Fall – Partyt Är Över
4. Svart Städhjälp – Lägenhetsbråk
5. Terrible Feelings – Another Night
6. Hårda Tider – Här & Nu
7. Beyond Pink – Grannsamverkan
8. Bäddat För Trubbel – Arlöv Park Hotel
9. Svart Städhjälp – Beatrice Ask
10. Vånna Inget – Tickande Bomb

Svensk Punk och Hardcore – Premiäravsnittet – Avsnitt 1!

P.S. – Förtydligande! Ungefär två timmar in i podcasten så har ett stycke hamnat fel, första låten där är alltså Undergång – Reptilians vilket är den osläppta. Låten efter det är Massgrav – Va Ere För Fel På Socialen och den sista låten är Final Exit – And Never Again.

Det här är fortsättningen och egentligen det första avsnittet någonsin av Svensk Punk och Hardcore. Efter mycket blod, svett och tårar är det äntligen klart och kan visas för de vida folkskarorna. Nåja, alla kanske inte tycker om den men många kommer nog att göra det. En av mina mest ambitiösa projekt hittills som tog en hel del tid att göra och klippa ihop. Tack vare vissa störningar på Skype gick det lite knackigt, men det löste sig till slut.

Ett stort tack till D-Takt & Råpunk Records för låtar och promotion av både avsnitt noll och detta avsnittet. Den kommer att finnas med i deras zine på ett hörn, som de släpper inom kort. Ett stort tack till Staffan Snitting för att han lät sig intervjuas och för att han valde låtar åt detta avsnitt. Egentligen skulle fler av hans låtar vara med, men på grund av att avsnittet blev större än det ursprungligen skulle vara så tog jag mig friheten att välja lite till. Ett stort tack till Affe och Crippe från Undergång som också bjöd på en hel del intressanta svar och för att de lät sig intervjuas för detta avsnitt.

Måste även inflika att Lukinzine har peppar upp mig, har även fått lite inspiration från just den bloggen. Stort tack till Linus Kuhlin & Sista Dansen för att du ville vara med och bli promotad i podcasten. Tack till alla andra som varit med och gett mina avsnitt promotion, det uppskattas väldigt mycket. Tack till alla för era fina ord om det första avsnittet, jag tog åt mig av den konstruktiva kritiken och försökte att förändra lite i just detta avsnitt.

Det som kan tilläggas är att Staffan Snitting är maestro för detta avsnittet. Tyvärr kom inte alla låtar med, men han guidar oss genom dåtid till nutid. En stor del riktigt bra svensk oldschool men även nutida låtar som är grymma.

Vad kan man då förvänta sig av detta avsnitt?

* En bastant introduktion med två osläppta Thräshers låtar.
* Den hårda marknaden: promotion med Linus Kuhlin & Sista Dansen.
* Intervju del nummer ett med Staffan Snitting.
* Låtar!
* Intervju del nummer två med Staffan Snitting.
* Den hårda marknaden: GBG Straight Edges arrangemang den 26:e Juli som inkluderar Undergång / Coke Bust / Sick Fix / Gust / Urbanoia på Skjul 46 (gamla Truckstop i Majorna).
* Intervju del nummer ett med Affe och Crippe från Undergång.
* Låtar!
* Intervju del nummer två med Affe och Crippe från Undergång.
* En osläppt låt med Undergång vid namn Reptilians som är inspelad samtidigt som deras senaste platta The Mother of Armageddon LP men som inte togs med.
* Ett (o)värdigt slut!

Avsnittet återfinns här: http://invisibleguy.podomatic.com/entry/2012-07-18T13_17_34-07_00


1. Regimen – Lämna kniven hemma (02:24)
2. Thräshers – En Nagel I Ögat (Osläppt) (1:12)
3. Thräshers – Flyter Med Strömmen (Osläppt) (2:04)
4. Commitment Crew – We Are Nothing (0:58)
5. Diskonto – Den Retoriska Nollpunkten (1:03)
6. Hårda Tider – Writers (2:20)
7. Martyrdöd – Paranoia (4:49)
8. Beyond Pink – Statement On Statements (3:10)
9. Agent Attitude – Got No Brain (1:07)
10. Inkvisitionen – Alkemisten (1:31)
11. Out Of Vogue – Flag (1:56)
12. Skitsystem – Maktens Murar Rasar (2:36)
13. Undergång – Keep Jesus Out Of HC (1:45)
14. Undergång – Order Of The Armageddon (0:52)
15. Undergång – Reptilians (Osläppt) (1:09)
16. Massgrav – Va Ere För Fel På Socialen (0:46)
17. Final Exit – And Never Again (1:01)
18. Angers Curse – Ragnarök (Armageddon) (0:31)
19. Anchor – Testament (3:02)
20. Section 8 – Fightstarter (0:37)
21. Obnoxious Youth – Virus (1:29)
22. Moderat Likvidation – Nitad (0:55)
23. Guilty – Hollow Path (2:58)

Avsnitt nummer två kommer förhoppningsvis ut inom tre veckor. Arbetar just nu även på att pilotavsnittet till en annan podcast ska se ljuset innan dess. Så “stay tuned” som man säger i staterna.

Vill du vara med i ett avsnitt om Svensk Punk och Hardcore? Tveka inte att höra av dig!

Interview with Beyond Pink!

Beyond Pink is a band that’s lasted since 2002 and is pretty old in the game by now. They’ve released a bunch of albums, but their later additions include The New Black and their newest release Pride and Prejudice. Consisting of Clara, Ida, Patricia, Tijana and Cajsa. Playing rather humorous hardcore with a punk-edge to it. I got the opportunity to interview Clara and Cajsa about the band and I asked them about their latest record, their earlier ones and much more that you’ll have to find out about below. Stick around and read this, you won’t regret it!

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