Compilight: Fjellsmug Kompilation One!


It’s an older compilation, for sure, but it needed to be placed here. The Fjellsmug Kompilation One was released a year ago on the wonderful Cologne-based label Fjellsmug Rekords. Yes, just by reading the name I imminently understood its Norwegian roots. This compilation has something for everyone, from wondrous ambient to echoing acoustic. From electronica, to more beat-oriented music. Likewise, their main focus isn’t to categorize things into genres, but rather into “sound-scapes“, “melodies” and everything related to musical terms. Which becomes perfectly clear when you listen through it. Conceding to the terms of variance, settling with a general impulse of musicality to attract from the broader spectrum of people. Head on over to their bandcamp, or listen to it down below. You can also buy it in CD-format, limited to an edition of 50 copies, for 5 euros if you live in Germany – otherwise you can get it for 7 euros, including shipping.