Exclusive Premiere: Bad News From Cosmos – Akira


Ukrainian improvisers Andrii Hrachov and Iryna Bodnar are two-dimensional in concept; life and death, but three-dimensional when producing, musically; free improvisations, analogue synth commanders and bound to no certain genre. For them, it’s important to conjure a narration that binds together an otherwise escapist, avant-garde free-form of music with its’ static topic. Not to say that it necessarily means that the motive itself isn’t open for various interpretations – but just so the music doesn’t go too far away into abstraction. They themselves say it’s an “eternal experiment” – which makes you wonder if and when they’re going to finish experimenting? Maybe that’s the point with the project and when it ceases to exist—so does the experimentation.


Bad News From Cosmos have been alive and kickin’ since 2010, releasing their first album in 2013 called “kongogumi“—which may be a reference to “Kongō Gumi” (株式会社金剛組)—Japanese construction company, and one of the oldest independent companies still existing in the world. The album artwork features a White Cherry Blossom (Sakura) – Japan’s national flower, which represents different aspects of Japanese history, but also their culture. Here’s where they seem to have started to wander into a certain topic, whether they like it or not—or maybe, just maybe it’s a reference to bloom (life) and withering (death)—could it be? We’re not sure, but it is a possibility due to their strict enforcement when it comes to topics, but not as strict as not being re-interpretable within the linguistic possibilities of the words.


The same year when Autumn turned into Winter, “Fjord EP” was released on the Russian label Simphonic Silence Inside. Etymologically speaking, the references sprawl into obscurity, where it not for that we in Sweden have fjords and our brothers in Norway also have it—calling it: “Fjord“; (“a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs“). What comes to ones mind is the landscape of Oslofjord, a rocky landscape, an inlet (or fjord) which seem to metaphorically strew and divide the Islands Hovedøya, Lindøya, Nakholmen, Bleikøya, Gressholmen, and Langøyene on either the left or the right side. We’re not so sure if their reference is even close to ours, or if they simply had a different take on it considering the artwork’s display of a mountain. We would however wish it was true. Or maybe it’s just a reference to Norway and their highest mountain – Galdhøpiggen. We as Swedes would’ve wished for it to be Kebnekaise, so we could take pride in being interpreted by their avant-garde.

We didn’t want to delve any further into their releases, it’s just that those two in particular interested us more and that we would be writing much longer, not getting to the main point of this article, if we were to cover everything. Which we’re not interested in. However, they’ve released three albums since the aforementioned releases and they’re titled (not in order): “Laid down to earth“, “Kids of the Soviet Tree“, and “Turquoise Hearts“—their latest release so far, on Amok Recordings. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got to the point now? Yes. So let’s begin.


French label Anywave Records recently created a sub-division, or sister-label if you will, composed of a palindrome of Anywave—called Evawyna. The purpose was to have a label for digital releases only. So far Heather Celeste have gotten her single-track release “Austere“, re-released on on Evawyna. In this article we’re focusing on the second release, the continuation of Bad News From Cosmos, their forthcoming album “Pearls for Guttiere“—by now down below the sea, if we reference the artwork. Here they’ve taken “nippon-pop” from what we think is their debut-album (“kongogumi“), polished it and put it as the sixth track on this coming album. The mellowly sounding and beat-orientated experimentation relax our senses—feels like diving into the sea, snorkeling, seeing the beauty of the fabric in the ecosystem—and all the wonderful creatures living there. As it is sung in Japanese, we’re vaguely reminded about “Kaneda’s Theme“—from the by now legendary Akira 『AKIRA』(アキラ)(1988) film’s soundtrack, due to the sound but also the name: “Akira“. We’re proud to be streaming it exclusively from our blog-zine and we hope it fascinate you as much as it did for us.

Listen: Ostrobothnian Noise Orchestra – ONO101014


Österbotten?” Straight from western Finland, a multi-linguistic haven for both Finnish and Swedish alike, comes the Ostrobothnian Noise Orchestra. A rather small orchestra with eigth members; Heidi Kenttälä (vocals, harmonium), Ilkka Hänninen (electronics, engineering), Johanna Lönngren (fiddle), Julia Hansson (accordion), Marko Aalto (drums, percussion), Mikael Mattila (vocals, electric guitar, bass, percussion, engineering), Tiia Vartio (grand piano, harmonium) and Tuija Puurunen (baritone horn). But the music they create is grandiose and masterful – as it is ambitious and creative. Forming a unique output together with traditional folk-melodies, which they borrow from both their Finnish and Swedish musical heritage – I suppose. With that in mind, they’re avant-gardists with a sense of meddling between the genres – from pure ambient, to a droned out fantasy, thrown in metal – and various other peculiar merges of noise, industrial and minimalistic thinking in a grand setting.

Before their first real release which is the one I’m writing about, namely “ONO101014“, they also had a three-tracked bonanza called “HOMOSAATIO” put out more than a year ago. Where they focused more on dissonant and chaotic noise than anything else, and they probably weren’t an orchestra back then – or so it seems. Their proper album is a huge leap away from their first and a relocation to another part of the world – as their first was more orientally focused – at least if you take the song-titles into consideration. The best thing about this orchestra is how they don’t stray away from using different genres separated from one another, as well as together. You can go from the most chaotic environment to a hauntingly beautiful landscape of sound. You can stream the release in its entirety down below, do also buy the digital version so you can support this wonderful orchestra.

Watch: Little Trouble Kids – Haunted Hearts

If you’re hungering for some noise to your late-in-the-afternoon tea or coffee, look no further. As we dot the line in Belgium, a band called Little Trouble Kids e-mailed me about the fact that they’ve got a music-video out for their latest single “Haunted Hearts“. I haven’t actually heard of them until this popped up in my browser. Interestingly enough, they’ve got a nice approach to both pop-music and noise as such, together with their “grandiose minimalism“. Grandiose I say, because their percussion-focused track “Haunted Hearts” deliver a somewhat minimalistic sound, in one aspect at least – and that is the semi-acoustic atmosphere and the vocals. Resonating throughout the sound-scape is a new form, but albeit old form, of avant-garde expression. However, what makes their song interesting as such, as I haven’t heard anything from them but this song – is the fact that the percussion takes a leading role. But also the fact that their landscape of sound is shaped around the fragmenting parts that make it feel so completed. This, together with the different elements of both a female vocalist and a male vocalist. This is also where the appropriate tagline for them appear, namely: alternative. Little Trouble Kids is Eline Adam and Thomas Werbrouck.


Watch their haunting and mystical music-video up above and download their first single “Haunted Hearts“, taken from their forthcoming album with the same name, for free from their website. The album itself will be released on the 17th of March, so I’d tell you to look out for whenever it comes out, because they’ve got a pretty interesting sound. For those of you that are interested in their discography I’d suggest that you’d check out their second album “Adventureland“, released on Little Trouble Disks in 2012, and their debut-album “Little Trouble Kids“. Both can be streamed and listened to down below. Their new track “Haunted Hearts” can be downloaded for free from here.

Premiere: Dúo del Sol – Never the Same River Twice


This is something really unusual for Invisible Guy. I got a mail from Dúo del Sol, which is a classically trained duo consisting of Tom Farrell (Guitar) and Javier Orman (Violin). I must admit, I didn’t really see myself delving into the sphere of classical music, even though I like it. Anyway, these two gentlemen have a history of playing classical music after college, touring around the USA and winning awards for that. However, they felt like something was missing and Dúo del Sol, according to themselves – set them free of those bonds and added the thing that was missing. Instead of being locked into that dome, they broke free and set improvisation and creativity in the first room. LA Weekly have called them “avant-sonic acrobats“. Another thing that needs to be added, is that this particular album came out after an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter-campaign. Without any words used, this first release; “hello Kaleidoscope” symbolizes just what they were missing earlier. It is a mixture of raw talent, being channeled into an open landscape of sound, breaking free from every little constraint and barrier that can or could be found. Over here at Invisible Guy, we were offered to premiere a track from their album. It’s a track that wasn’t meant to be on the record at first, but they included it anyway. The track is titled “Never the Same River Twice” and you can read for yourselves about the process behind it, from the band themselves:

“This is a track that almost didn’t make it. When we first started writing it, we were excited about the moods and harmonies, but soon after that we were stuck. One day we gave it space, made the phrases longer, let it breathe. And it came to life.

Now it’s one of our favorite songs to play (we use a loop station for performances, but recorded all the tracks separately at the studio for this album).”

Frenchlight: VVVV – Cuerpo EP


Some of the French are always up to something new. At least this isn’t an odd thing, thankfully. Other things could be said about the band VVVV, which fall into this category. They’re odd, or at least their blend of different genres, in becoming a somewhat supreme experience. Currently, they’ve released an EP titled “Cuerpo EP“, which is just an endeavor in itself. Think of modern electro, not as it should be, fixated with krautrock and tightly knitted to a psychedelic sense of post-punk avant-gardism. Yes, this is the decadance that you’ll shake your shaken hips to in a matter of seconds. At times, it’s too electronic for my taste, but it doesn’t stop oneself from digging the monotonic, albeit sufficiently layered cream of the crop – namely the witty synthesizers, clinging to the beat. From the first song and on, it just gets weirder and weirder. Hear the percussion garner itself in the hellhole that can be VVVV, as the modesty of the singer’s voice turns your frown upside down. A moment ago, decay and darkness would seem to be the only thing alive. But when you cut the corners, they blend those elements with an unused sense of appreciation, channeled into the atmosphere. So there’s a sense of hope, at the same time things come to a grinding halt. Rhythms couldn’t be more unconventional and the mixture of the different genres blend into a weird kind of psychedelic notion, a notion that is originating from their original idea. Simply something you couldn’t think of yourself, so you need to hear it first. Yes, this is something you must listen to, whether you prefer it or not. It’ll change a lot of things. This release feature three songs and was released on the 15th of May, almost totally D.I.Y.

Exclusive Stream: ‹‹ʘ›› – I’m Not Done (feat. Nijah)


Maybe you’d like a little bit of scaled experimental, or an avant-garde sense of perception. If you’re a fan of Karin Dreijers solo-project Fever Ray, you might be engulfed by the concrete ambition of re-discovering them in a different sense. The sound-scape is ambiguous in one sense, under produced in another. As ‹‹ʘ››, also known by the Japanese name of Kurogokegum (meaning ‘Black Widow’) – is the moniker of polish-born Nigel Kills. Originally, his music was intended to be inaugurated in the now more fashionable witch house genre, which arrived in late 2008 and early 2009. His outfit is also part of never being seen, never being heard and to mask himself from the eye of the public.

Since this has been the case for a long time, I decided to contact him and write about his music. Though this wasn’t only the case, two songs from his forthcoming acoustic mini-album; “The Wolf: Acoustic Sessions” – will be released on Invisible Guy. Today you’ll get the opportunity to listen to the song “I’m Not Done (feat. Nijah)“, which is an even more scaled cover, of another Fever Ray song called “I’m Not Done“. This is the last song being premiered and you now have an opportunity to stream it, exclusively, here at Invisible Guy.

Exclusive Stream: ‹‹ʘ›› – When I Grow Up (feat. The Kid’s Corpses)


Maybe you’d like a little bit of scaled experimental, or an avant-garde sense of perception. If you’re a fan of Karin Dreijers solo-project Fever Ray, you might be engulfed by the concrete ambition of re-discovering them in a different sense. The sound-scape is ambiguous in one sense, under produced in another. As ‹‹ʘ››, also known by the Japanese name of Kurogokegum (meaning ‘Black Widow’) – is the moniker of polish-born Nigel Kills. Originally, his music was intended to be inagurated in the now more fashionable witch house genre, which arrived in late 2008 and early 2009. His outfit is also part of never being seen, never being heard and to mask himself from the eye of the public.

Since this has been the case for a long time, I decided to contact him and write about his music. Though this wasn’t only the case, two songs from his forthcoming acoustic mini-album; “The Wolf: Acoustic Sessions” – will be released on Invisible Guy. Today you’ll get the opportunity to listen to the song “When I Grow Up (feat. The Kid’s Corpses)“, which is a somnambulist showcase, and cover, of the Fever Ray song “When I Grow Up“. Another opportunity and another song will be premiered tomorrow, but for today, you can listen to that track down below.

Spotlight: Insect Ark – Long Arms


Resistance is futile, surrender yourself to the atmosphere. Everything will be fine in the end. With Insect Ark, the debutante Dana Schechter, is slowly but surely morphing us into intellectual beings. Earlier, she’s also worked with Bee and Flower and M. Gira’s Angels of Light project. She’s got her base of operations Brooklyn. To be frank, she’s already released a 7¨ titled “Collapsar” on Somerset Records. However, she’s releasing her first EP, titled: “Long Arms” which feature swirly doom-passages, calmly oriented ambient, naive drones, a hint of sludge and noise rock – with a tip on the iceberg dedicated to the jazz-induced hallucinations that simply wants to shape you up. Experimental is the codeword, avant-garde is the common denominator. You’ll be indicted into the world of Insect Ark after you’ve listened to the EP, she will never let you go once you’re hooked on this wonderfully eclectic music. The EP itself can be bought for 11 USD over at bandcamp and you can listen through it down below. See you at the opened gates down below.

Intervju med Revolving Records!

Revolving Logo

Revolving Records startades först upp år 2002, av Christine Owman, främst för att ge ut sina egna alster. Genom åren har skivbolaget grott och inkluderat fler artister, så som If They Ask Tell Them We’re Dead, Kama Sutra och Affictionados. Med tanke på hur länge skivbolaget har varit aktivt, så bevisar det ett eller annat angående fristående verksamheter i Sverige idag. Fokuset har aldrig legat på att konkurrera med de större bolagen, det har snarare legat på själva kärnan av musikkulturen. Hon aspirerar till att bli en slags innovatör, snarare än en kugg i ett hjul som drivs på av musikindustrin. Dessutom så tycker hon även att det är misstagen, snedstegen och bristerna som gör musiken, då detta kan addera en slags personlighet och djup i musiken. Invisible Guy intervjuade henne via mail och ställde bland annat frågor om starten av bolaget, vilken roll Revolving Records har tänkt sig att spela, inspirationskällor och mycket mer!

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Showcase [#5]: Battlehooch, Standish/Carlyon and Zap Dragon & The Attack!

2878273584-1You’ve got some electronic sugar running down your throat, but instead it turned out to be a bug. This time around the first one to be featued is the band Battlehooch, which have released an album titled “Hot Lungs“, one day ago. What could be said is that it’s probably one of the more avant-garde bands I’ve featured here, blending pop with quirky psychedelic rock, increasing itself to orchestral proportions. Yes, they’re like a mini-orchestra that you’d want to play tunes for you before you go to school or work. Sometimes it feels like they’re making a musical cabaret out of my own life. They’re also a reason to wake up in the morning, instead of having angst right before you’re supposed to wake up. Or at least so I felt when I played their record while brushing my teeth. Probably one of the better findings this year alone, bordering to mainstream, but actually to weird to be categorized in that category. So, what are you waiting for? You should listen to their music now when you’re having the chance to discover them. Tracks featured on this album range from “Joke” to “Organic” and it’s been released on Chuur Records.

3862554652-1Unfortunately only featuring one track, but what the heck, I’ve done this before. The band Standish/Carlyon is releasing their album later this year and they’ve put out a track for us to enjoy. Also, you might want to know the name of the upcoming album, and here it is: “Deleted Scenes“. It’s got a vibe to it that is hard to ignore, it’s versatile in both instrumentation and the atmosphere is well built. Nothing in the foundation seems to be scrawny, the synthesizer utilize its own presence in the sound-scape to give you a lingering feeling, before the percussion suddenly strikes you down with it’s bombastic sound. Simply an astounding combination of post-punk, art rock and different atmospheric electronica that will make you feel harmony within but also a slice of melancholy. Deliverance is only an option, everything is out-ruled in this particular song and I cannot wait until more songs are available from the same album. There’s also a neo-soul feeling in the singer’s voice, as he in the lower and higher keys deliver a total soulful and meaningful aura. The track that’s being featured here is titled “Nono/Yoyo” and the album will be released by Felte Sounds.

3848532998-1I might not agree with some of their lyrical content, but the overtly happy feeling convinced me to feature them. The band Zap Dragon & The Attack! might sound ridiculous if you just gaze upon their name for a second, but they’re actually in all seriousness very skilled at what they do. Recently, they released their latest album “Pain Waves” which has got a cover that made me lay my eyes upon them the first time. Remember, covers are also important, if you know how to make them look great. Well, what can be said about this band? All I can hear in my head is: “You are a sick, sick, sick – fuck!“. It’s hard to pinpoint their sound, but it’s a remarkable journey from the entrenched wonder of folk music, to the more basic punk rock outfit that you’d probably encounter everywhere else. But they’ve got some pretty great lyrical content, which has got an edge to it and an attitude you shouldn’t miss out on. This folk, indie and punk rock concoction simply makes an awesome combination, if the lyrics don’t really suck. I think the lyrics are one of their strengths, which make them stand out of the masses, in turn making me feature them this time around. Tracks featured on this album are from “Sicko” to “Little Reminders” and can be bought from their bandcamp, totally D.I.Y. So I suggest you support these people.