Interview with the Thrill Warriors!

Thrill Warriors is a band based in the rockier parts of Sweden. They first started out in 2007, and after numerous changes in their line-up, they’ve managed to have a relatively stable group consisting of Luvan Loud, Linda Lockdown, Fist for Fight, Jenna Jail and Honey Highway. With straight-forward bluesy rock ‘n roll carnage, they’ll continue to plow through the underground scene. Unfortunetly, they haven’t released any debutalbum yet, but in the future they’ll maybe consider it. I got the possibility to interview Luvan Loud, who told me all the great stories I needed to hear. Are you still reading this? Down with your eyes, focus – and see what she had to say!

Hey Thrill Warriors! Could you give me a brief history of your band?
– Thrill Warriors was formed back in the spring of 2007. The previous bass player (Mini Maneater) and Luvan (Loud, drums) knew each other from a previous band and after that band split up Mini suggested they’d start a new one. By Valborg (April 30th, big holiday here in Sweden. Basically just another reason to get shitfaced without feeling guilty about it) there were 4 members – Mini Maneater, Luvan Loud, Jenna Jail & FF Fight – and material was being written. Since then we’ve gone through quite a few line-up changes. Linda Lockdown has been with us on bass for about 2.5 years now.

What made you pick names like “Luvan Loud”, “Linda Lockdown”, “Fist For Fight”, “Jenna Jail” and “Honey Highway”? Are these names representing
different aspects matching the rock’n’roll attitude, or is it merely a reflection of your personal attributes?

– Well, it all started as a joke at some point way back. I can’t even remember now but surely we must have been quite drunk. It’s become a big part of what we are now though and these “characters” are our alter egos. We step into these roles when we hit the stage. Trust me, these alliteration-warriors are not people you’d like to meet in a dark alley at night. They’re violent, nasty and loud, but they put on a hell of a live show, so we’ve kept ’em.

It seems like you’ve drawn a lot of influence from the movie “The Warriors”, was this intentional or not?
– To be honest, we hadn’t even seen that movie when we formed the band and named it “Thrill Warriors” but a year or two ago we started getting alot of those “Oh, were you inspired by ‘The Warriors’?”-questions. We grew into what we are quite unintentionally. What we are and what we play comes from influences all over. It’s taken us 5 years to really understand what music we want to play. Today the whole ‘The Warriors’-influence is not so unintentional though, hehe. We do use a soundclip from the movie as our intro before we go on stage and a lot of our lyrics are influenced by gangs and all that may mean.

When I scoured the internet I didn’t find one single interview with you, how is this even possible when you play such awesome music?
– First off: thank you! We haven’t done a lot of interviews, really. Mainly for local news papers and such, I think.

I also saw that you’ve been played over at FatCat Radio, did they contact you or did you submit your music to them?
– I’m trying to remember how it started… I should mention I have the memory of a gold fish. I think we got contacted by Fat Cat… ‘The Swede’ has always been very supportive and has been playing us on there for years and for that we’re really grateful! Internet-radio is a great way to reach out to a lot of people and I think people (in bands) in general tend to underestimate that medium.

Are you still unsigned or have there been anyone that wants to sign you yet?
– We haven’t felt ready yet, but I guess you never do, haha!

What gig has been the best so far since you’ve started, and which one has been the worst?
– Best one is easy: We did a gig on ‘Alarmscenen’ at Sweden Rock ’09. Most fun gig to date, definitely! Really good crowd. The whole gig just had a very good vibe to it. Worst one is a bit more difficult but for us on stage, there was this one sound tech guy right when we had just started playing. Let’s just say… he was a bit of an ass. Lately we’ve been blessed with really good and kind sound-techs though.

I really dig your band-picture with the moustaches, how and why did you come up with that idea?
– We really dig mustaches. Most of us would probably grow one if we could. Unfortunately none of us were blessed with the genes for it though. There were a few different reasons for the mustaches. The first one being, well, we really dig mustaches. Another big one was we’re incredibly sick of being labeled as a ‘girl-band’ or ‘all-female metal band’ – those labels really say nothing about the music. We see ourselves as a heavy metal band.

What do you think about the current state of music, primarily in Sweden? Could you recommend some lesser known but rocking bands that you listen to yourself?
– Sweden has a really good music life. Always had and hopefully always will. There are so many good bands here just waiting for you to turn up at their gigs! Friends and favourites of ours from our old hometown are the ‘Pikkadolls’. Their singer really has an amazing voice! I usually describe their music as “doom punk”. (make sure to listen to ‘Diminished life expectance’ if you think doom punk sounds interesting) Some other bands we really dig are: Brutus, In Solitude, Bombus and Antichrist.

It’s really a shame that your Holland-tour didn’t go as predicted, you say you’ll be “back with a hell of a summer”, what do you mean by that? Will there be a new tour?
– Oh yeah, jeez. This was last year. A lot of people were really bummed that the tour got cancelled, as were we of course. There are no current tour plans for now.

Is the album “As heard from hell” your debutalbum or have you released material before that?
– ‘As hears from hell’ is actually the intro for ‘Witchin” which is on the ‘Fuel for rage’ cassette. We have yet to release an album.

You’ll be releasing new material this year, could you tell me more about it?
– We hope to! We have a few ideas in mind. Nothing big probably but we do have quite a lot of unreleased material. Best way to hear any of it is to catch us live because we’re always too broke to go into the studio, haha!

Where will you be playing this year and what do you have in mind for the future?
– Well, right now we’re trying out stand-in guitarists for Fight who’s backpacking her way through South America all throughout the summer. As soon as we’ve found the perfect stad-in-warrior we’ll start booking gigs again. Everywhere and anywhere! We love to play.

Do you have any last words of wis(beer)dom?
– You get what you deserve, not what you want. So fight for what you want until you deserve it.

Here’s the Thrill Warriors with the song I Do:

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