Some questions for Image Of Life!


Image Of Life is an interesting person, whom you may or may not know, but that’s irrelevant. According to himself, at least. He heavily indulges in what he calls “nihilist pop”, a sub-genre which he himself has coined. Not much can be said about him, but the overtly misanthropic and nihilistic music that he makes. The first album that appeared was a self-released cassette titled “Last Letters From Leper Colony“, which featured ten songs, all written between the years of 2010-2012. After being featured on Kristopher Reinshagen’s list in “favorite musiks of 2012“, on the ninth place – he delved into further anonymity. Until he surfaced once again, now to be featured on the Chondritic Sound roster, as he released a double-single in 2013, by the name of “Weight Loss In Wartime / Walking In The Dark“. This original minimal synth purveyor is not to be known, but we shall make sure to know him a little bit better. Therefore, I asked him a few questions, ranging from his albums, his person and a little bit of everything you’d ever want to know about nihilism.

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Interview with Jeff Southard of Swoon Records!


Swoon Records is an independent record label located in Tacoma, Washington. It was founded back in 2010 by the recording, mixing and mastering engineer Jeff Southard. It’s the home of several artists and bands, like Makeup Monsters, Santee and their latest addition Tangerine, just to count a few. But it’s not your regular independent label, because he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Amongst one of the benefits for artists and bands that are hosted on his roster, is that they get to use the Swoon Records studio for free – meaning that they’ll also have unlimited access to the studio and its equipment. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also got a 50/50 policy when it comes to sales. He takes fifty and the artists take fifty, fair and square. I decided to contact him and interview him, so I asked him about his label, the history of it, the music industry and much more. You can read it in whole, down below.

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Intervju med Adora Batbrat!

Det här är en äldre intervju som jag gjorde för en sida som hette, som dog ut på ett mysteriskt vis någon gång vid årsskiftet. Jag intervjuade Adora Batbrat som är en mångsysslare men framförallt är hon en alternativ modell. Hur som helst så är det här en av mina första intervjuer någonsin och jag tyckte det skulle vara roligt att lägga upp den igen och här kommer den!

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The Invisible Tape Nr. 2 – Selected Few (Part I)

It was time for Invisible Guy to have his own mixtape. This is the second one in the series, and it will be extended even more in the future. However, I’ve made room for seven wonderful artists on this mixtape and the other seven artists will be featured on the next one. Therefore, make room for these aspiring souls. Amongst one of those are Unwoman whom you’ll find an interview with over here. The others include Structural Disorder, where you can find an interview with (in Swedish) over here. Mat Dryhurst, whom also goes by the name of Total Accomplishment, you can find the interview with him over here. The wonderful alt-classical punk-band Birdeatsbaby have also been featured on this site and you’ll find the interview with them over here. Also, dive deep into the ocean of synth-pop and accompany Seacrypt in their interview over here. The hungarian artist Piresian Beach will make you love lo-fi, find the interview with her over here. Ever wanted to be a star in the Masquerade? Find the jokers from Pink Narcissus over here.

A nice blend of different styles and genres are going to be introduced to you. Enjoy!

Track list:

Unwoman – Is She Secretly On My Side (Soundtrack Of Her Life) (Unremembered, 2010)

Structural Disorder – Rebirth (A Prelude To Insanity, 2012)

Pink Narcissus – Masquerade (Block Your Ears Shield Your Eyes, 2011)

Mat Dryhurst – Deep Packet (2012)

Birdeatsbaby – I Always Hang Myself With The Same Rope (Here She Comes a Tumblin’, 2009)

Piresian Beach – Keine Falle (Alle Falle, 2012)

Seacrypt – Edge Of Time (A Momentary Rift, 2012)